Journal Decorating & Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Journal Decorating & Scavenger Hunt
Good evening loves! Hope you all had a good Wednesday so far! Humpday is almost over and then only two more days till the weekend :) Today was a pretty easy day for me. I only had two classes, long day...I know ;) Anything good on t.v. tonight?
To fuel me up to get through my classes this morning I had yet another yogurt mess with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, a sliced banana, and 1 tbsp. PB & Co. Smooth Operator peanut butter with milk. Simply perfection :)

Before I mixed it all together...

...and after!

For lunch I had a smoked turkey wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes along with pretzels, an apple, and milk.

I got some work done this afternoon then went to the mall with some girlfriends and then came back to school to get some dinner. Tonight planned we have Journal Decorating and a Scavenger Hunt, yes I am in college in case you forgot, I know! But yeah that is what my friends and I are doing tonight! It should be fun, I will let you know how it goes.


hopeinpeanutbutterandoats said...

have fun tonight girl! live up the college experience haha better you than me ;) i was never into the whole bonding thing like that but whatevs!
your yogurt looks divine as always!

Jenny said...

Have fun on the scavenger hunt! Me and my friends do a huge annual one every year! Last year involved going swimming in the lake... in November.! The things we'll do to win!

Kristi (sweet cheeks) said...

Hey girlie!

Your yogurt mess looks fab...I haven't made one of those is way too long!

Hope you have a fun night!


Julia said...

Hope you had a great time!

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

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