I'm alive!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

HELLO! Does anyone still even read this little blog of mine anymore?! I know I have been M.I.A. for quite some time now since being back at school but I have honestly been sooo busy these last four weeks! It has been unreal! But I totally LOVE being busy!

Anyways, being back at school is just amazing and I love every bit about it. I knew the transition from home to school was going to be a change and may possibly be hard but I did not want it to interfere with my health. I wanted to stay on the same upwards path while at school. I must say I have been doing such that! The transition back to school was pretty easy. The only day I really struggled was move-in day because I was just anxious and scared for everything to go smoothly! But nothing like the help of my roomie and friends to calm my nerves down, gotta love 'em!

So I have just been so busy with schoolwork and Nursing (which I absolutely LOVE!!!) that I haven't had time to blog nor did I really feel like blogging either. But now that have things have somewhat calmed down I finally want to blog again...so I am!

I have been meeting with the nurse practitioner here at school weekly for my weight and vitals and so far each week my weight has been increasing and everything is going well, it couldn't be any better!

Eating at school has been going well. Since I mean, my college is 16th ranked in the nation for best dining hall food! It's okay to be jealous ;)

I haven't really been taking many pics of my food just because I don't feel like it or I forget or simply because I just don't want to! But here are some of them...
Strawberry Yoplait yogurt :) It's all they had the first week until they stocked up with greek yogurt! So until then I just ate the yummy flavors of yoplait.Many yogurt messes have been consumed, well pretty much like everyday ;)And some mornings they don't have bananas so I just roll with what they got and have me some sweet 'berries! It's good to switch it up sometimes.Lunches have been mostly wraps/sandwiches with chips/pretzels and some sort of fruit...you get the picture. They have this new toaster oven at the deli, just like at Subway and it is amazeee!

Dinners have been going great! Ya know how last year when I was deep into my ED and all I would get was a protein, chicken, and veggies?! How boring. Well, I am pretty sure I have gotten that like ONCE so far. How did I eat that like every single night?! UGH! Well I really don't want to think about the past, I only want to learn from it and focus on the present!
So anyways, here are some of my dinners lately.
Pacific Rim Noodle Bowl! Noodles with chicken loaded with alll the veggies they offered mixed with some type of soy sauce!Some type of fish (is it bad that I forget?! I wanna say Mahi Mahi), rice, green beans, a roll with butter on the side and a glass of milk.Pasta Primavera! whole wheat rigatonis with sauteed veggies topped with cheese and chicken!

OMG so the salad bar here at the dining hall is simply...AMAZING!The salad bar has so many different items like all sorts of veggies, cheese, pasta salads (some I have never heard of but are soo good), and toppers! When I get a salad for dinner I load it up big time and then put grilled chicken on top with dressing, and salad toppers :) I usually will have some sort of bread on the side with a glass of milk as well. My friends and I went out to sushi twice so far since being back at school, yeah we love it that much and we found a really nice place right near school. Now, I have a new love for sushi since this past summer but whenever I have it I never now what to get and if I am ever getting enough, so frustrating! The first time we went I got a California roll and seaweed salad, which was NOT enough. But then last week we went I decided NOT to order sushi and to try something new! I ordered the Mongolian Chicken, which was sliced white chicken sauteed with red bell peppers, onion, bamboo shoots, and broccoli in a rich hot sauce with a side of white rice.

This dish had the perfect amount of spiciness for me and I loved it. It was huge but I did manage to finish everything besides a few pieces of chicken. I was glad I got this dish because it fill into my meal plan quite well, it was delicious, and I was satisfied after!

So yeah, that is what I have for you on this Tuesday afternoon. I am so happy I finally found some time to post again. I haven't been reading blogs like at all, like I did last year. Before, I felt like I had to read a few blogs everyday to see what's going on in their lives and I got so wrapped up in reading them they were taking up all my time and were coming over my school work :( This school year has been totally different and better since I am busy with nursing, school work, & friends. I have realized I can't just sit behind a computer all day reading about food and other people's lives while they are having fun, I need to embrace it and LIVE MY LIFE! So that is exactly what I have been doing while at school :) I have been going out with friends on the weekends so much more than I did last year! The first weekend back I school I went out Thursday, Friday AND Saturday. Party animal, yeah I know ;) I have learned that college is supposed to be the best time of your life and that is how I want to remeber it as, and so far I have definitely have been succeeding in doing so!

Well I am off to grab some lunch with friends! Hopefully it won't be too long until I post again!