Finally have time

Monday, August 30, 2010

HELLOOO! I am back :) As you can tell by the post title I finally have some time to BLOG! To tell you the truth these last few weeks of summer I have been extremely busy with nannying pretty much every single day and I really had no time to blog nor did I really feel like I didn't. That's how I roll ;)

This post is filled with pics from the last few weeks of summer so here goes nothin'.
The Bee's Knees.New pb I had for quite some time but just opened it!OIAJYogurt Mess in a jar.

Yogurt messes galore...

Scrammbie eggs with HOT SAUCE (love this stuff), banana and an english muff with butter all washed down with a glass a milk. Perfect Sunday morning breakfast!Chocolate Deluxe Pure Protein Bar aka PURE $h!t. Not a fan at all.But this little beaut on the other had was pure for sure ;)...yeah I will stop trying to be cool right about now. Au Bon Pain iced chai latte. TO DIE FOR!Typical turkey sandwich with a peach and pretzels.Panera Bread Meditteranean Sandwich. I thought it was just okay, nothing special.TACO TACO TACO night!Do you really think I could go a post without my all time fav BBQ Chicken Salad?! I mean, let's be real.This bad boy would be a Moe's burrito!!

This was definitely one of my challenge and fear foods and I am proud to tell you one night last week I asked my mom if we could have Moe's for dinner and of course she obviously agreed!

I demolished the whole burrito that was filled with rice, black beans, avocado, cheese, and lettuce. I ate it all with NO regret! Loved every single bite of it.

My last night at home my mom, sisters, and I all went shopping and then had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I had the Chinese Chicken Salad and it was huge and so so so good!

And you are probably wondering what I am eating in this pic?...

Well it is just me eating an M & M Friend-z. No biggie ;)

And yes this would be another ice cream I also had one night! I went out with two of my girls from high school to chat before we all left for school and it was my idea to meet up at Friendly's. But there was something strange about this...I was the only one who ordered ice cream!! Yup, ya heard me right! I had Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and enjoyed every lick while having a nice time talking to my two friends :)

While at the mall the other night I bought myself a new purse. I really felt like I deserved it for all that I did over this summer as I made huge steps in recovery and was busy nannying all the time :)All must stuff ready to go.OUR NEW ROOM! I have the bottom bunk and my desk is in the left that you can't really see.Much better pic of my side.

And last but not least my desk!

Phew, that was a long post and if you read all of it then give yourself a lil pat on the back!

So right now I am currently back at college! I moved in this past Sunday and although I was a little emotional the first day I am doing much better today :)

Well I gotta do some of my homework and run some errands. Peace out!!

Love, Jenna xoxo

Is this really Jenna?!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey hey hey everyone! I can't believe it is already the middle of August and I go back to school in 13 days! I am excited, nervous, and anxious all at the same time!Even though I did the transition into school last fall and did pretty well, I need to make sure to do it again, but this time even better! I am in a really good place in my recovery and am doing well and I really need to continue in the right direction. I have a lot of things to look forward to this school year and I want to make the best of this year :)

I have been a busy girl lately and I just
got back from a lil vaca this past weekend with my cousins :) But without further ado I will give ya a foodie picture-y post ;)

First up is COFFEE!
Yes, coffee! I have never ever been a coffee drinker. It just never really seemed appealing to me and I didn't like the taste all that much. Honestly I never got what the BIG DEAL was! A few weeks ago I gave it a try at our hotel on vacation and since then I have been enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning :) I know a lot of bloggers drink coffee and say it is a nice "pick me up" so I decided to give it a try! It's good to try something new, right?! I also love how there are now so many flavors now! I mean come on...French Vanilla! Blueberry! Caramel! How could you go wrong? Oh yeah and I just bought some Mint Chocolate Chip coffee, can't wait to try it :)A girl can never have too much pb on her yogurt mess ;)Banana bread oats!Breaky at the Inn on vacation! Roasted taters, scrammbled eggs, engligh muffin with butter, a banana, and a glass of apple juice. 'Twas a great breakfast enjoyed outside with my cousins!Ok I don't know if it is just me or anyone else has the same reaction as I do to the Cherry Pie larabar?! I honestly think it is wayyy to sweet and it reminds me of eating sour patch kids. Not a fan, not a fan at all!But this Chocolate Peanut Butter Pure Protein Bar? Now that was something I was a fan of! I mean honestly, any bar with the words chocolate and/or peanut butter in them cannot disappoint...and it surely didn't!Again, another bar that lived up to it's name...Peanut Butter & Jelly Dipped Mojo bar.

Next up...Harrison's Roast Beef Sandwich!
Yup! Ya heard me right, I had a roast beef sandwich yesterday for lunch on our way home! Say what?! My uncle went to college nearby this famous roast beef place and he just had to stop! Hah. Now I have been here before pre-ED but when I found out we were going to stop here for some lunch I was quite nervous. I mean I hardly ever eat roast beef, and as you know I love my turkey and chicken! I was kind of hoping along the way we could stop at a Subway or a D'Angelos for me, but that was just ED talking me out of having a roast beef sandwich because it is not a "safe" food of me.

But the more I thought about it, I was not going to make my uncle and aunt make a "special" pit stop for a turkey sandwich for me. I was going to have a roast beef sandwich for lunch and that was that!
Even though I am not the biggest fan of roast beef and don't usually eat it, having it one day for lunch wasn't going to kill me and alas it was a good switch up and definitely a good challenge for myself! It was actually quite tasty cooked well done with melted cheese on a bun.Now here are my typical turkey sandwiches of mine ;)A buffalo chicken wrap that was just blah. I mean if you are going to call it a "buffalo" chicken wrap then at least put some buffalo on the meat to make it a lil zesty and my mouth burn just a bit...please!A very un-flattering (but very tasty) pic of a D'Angelo's Chicken Stir Fry in a pocket filled with grilled chicken, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and melted swiss cheese. Yum.Could I please have a Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato? Oh yesss! A cold drink from Starbie's is a must while spending the afternoon shopping on Newbury Street!

Last week was my momma's birthday and we went to The Texas Road House for dinner. I have never been before even though there is one right up the street from me but my sister has before and said it is a pretty cool place so it was where we went! They give you a bucket of peanuts and you can throw the shells on the ground, which was pretty cool I thought ;)
For my meal I ordered the Shrimp skewers on top of a bed of rice along with a huge sweet potato and mixed veggies. The lighting was really bad but this meal was HUGE and very good!
I was re-united with my favorite salad from Panera...BBQ Chopped Chicken salad and a baguette :)A lovely home cooked meal by momma. Gonna miss these back at school :( But luckily my college is rated number 16th in the country for the best college dining hall food!!! Yeahhh.

And then I will leave you a picture of this...
Friendly's BLACK RASPBERRY ICE CREAM! This was a HUGE step for me because I can't remember the last time I had any sort of treat, which is really sad :( Onee of my goals for myself LAST summer was to have just one ice cream and I couldn't even do it, that's how deep I was in my ED.

But one night last week I just beat ED I told my mom I was going out to get myself an ice cream and she just looked at me with a smile without saying a word. I knew it meant a lot to her to hear those words come out of my mouth. So we got in the car and drove to Friendly's were I ordered my long overdue ice cream that I enjoyed with my mom :) It was a special moment in my recovery and I am glad I got to share it with my mom.
Peace out girl scouts!


Livin' my life!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hey boos! Hollah atchya ;) I hope you all have been having a great summer so far now that it is near end :( I must say this summer totally flew by but recently I have just been so busy livin' my life! I want to keep moving in the right direction I am on now and continue for the rest of the summer and into the new school year.

I have just been focusing on the present and that is what really keeps me going lately! The more and more I recover it has been getting easier and easier and I have less ED thoughts. I used to constantly think of food and when my next meal was going to be and what was I going to have etc. But now I don't think about food as much and I don't think too much about my next meal, I just take care of it when the time comes around. Because worrying about the future is gonna get me anywhere!

I have also gotten to be very flexible now a days with what and when I eat which is a huge step and I am so proud of for. I used to eat on a very rigid time schedule and I would wait until the exact minute to when I could eat, or should I say to when ED would allow me to eat. I now try to eat every 2 1/2 hours or so but if I am hungry before that then I will just EAT! No biggie! And then before I would always rush to eat if I was late and not following my time schedule, ED would totally get me going and I hated it. But now the timing of when I eat doesn't all that affect me. Sometimes I am not hungry for dinner around 7pm so I will wait longer and then other times if I am out and we eat at 6pm I am fine with that. Time doesn't really bother me anymore. I have learned to just go with the flow and everything really does work out and if it doesn't then you just work around to fix it.

So enough blabbin' I will now show you some of my eats lately ;)
Typical yogurt messes of course ;)Scrambie eggs, banana, english muffin with buttah and milk. It was a perfect Sunday summer breakfast out on the porch!Snacks have been Zone and Balance bars.
The usual turkey & cheese on wheat bread with pretzels and a peach.

Sushi!! I was totally craving it one night so I ran to TJ's to pick up some.

Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken salad with baguette. Love this summery salad!

CHIPOTLE! Burrito bowl with rice, black beans, chicken, salsa, and cheese! Holy yum.

OMG! This might have been the best veggie pizza I ever had. It was topped with broccoli, tomato, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and ROASTED eggplant (which was soo delish) and cheese but not that much sauce. Could have used a bit more in my opinion. But overall it was yummay!

Asian Salmon Spinach salad from Ruby Tuesdays.

And of course summer cannot be complete without barbeques!! I must tell you I go to at least one just about every single weekend, no lie. My family loves getting together and I love it as well! We have so much fun

So enough with the food pics and like I said before I have just been livin' my life! I have been vacationing with the fam, nannying, hanging out, relaxing, eating new foods, and just loving life. There is just soo much more to life than my ED and I can't wait until further on into my recovery to live my life more!!

Here are just a few pics...

Yeah don't ask! My sister and I thought it was funny.Hanging out with my cutie (aka cousin) on the swings the other day.

Well that is all I got here on this hot Monday evening. I am off to watch some reality tv...Bachelor Pad and Housewives of NJ. You know it ;) Then gotta hit the pillow early because I got a early day of nannying ahead of me tomorrow and it's gonna be a hot one!