What will ED let me do?

Friday, August 7, 2009

What will ED let me do?

On a better note to this stressful day I got some coupons from MaraNatha Nut Butters!

some coupons
To keep my mind of off things I did some cooking! I actually baked a lasagna for my family for dinner tonight.
all the ingredients

the finished product before cooking in the oven
sliced italian bread

Now the big question is WHAT WILL ED LET ME DO? Will he tell me to eat lasagna for dinner or will he tell me to have something else? I don't know because I haven't had dinner yet. Pasta is still one of my fear foods and lasagna all together scares the crap out of mee :( I know I really should have lasagna for dinner tonight because I COOKED IT and my body needs it! Let's just hope for the best and I will let you all know what happens.


Lexi said...

Don't ask what ED will let you do, ask what you will do without ED! You can eat the lasagna! You can break away from ED. I believe in you. Good luck with the dinner! Let us know what happens.

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