Hate it when that happens...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hate it when that happens...

Don't you just hate when your day is going so well and then you feel like blahhh? Well, I certainly do :( This morning I was so happy about going back to college and everything but then this afternoon I wasn't so happy. I am stressing about which school to go to in like 4 weeks and about lacrosse, my health, and my roommate situation. It is so overwhelming and I hate it!

On better terms I made a turkey wrap (panined of course) with a serving of pretzels, a peach, and a glass of milk.the lunchh

close up of the wrap

I did something kind of strange with my lunch! So I decided to give peaches another shot because the last time I had one it was SO bland, not sweet, and just yucky. But this time it was soft, sweet, and delicous. As I was cutting my peach up I decided to be a lil creative on my part. I put about 4 cut up slices into my panini! Yupp, you heard me right, then I simply pininied the little bad boy! It actually tasted pretty good :)

I also like putting sliced apples into my turkey sandwiches! yummm :)

After lunch I was still upset so I thought a good nap would do the trick. and yes it did help, i usually NEVER take naps, but this time i took one and i actually slept for like 1 half hour! hah.

Then for a snack I had a Toasted Nuts & Cranberry Luna Bar with a G2.

Later this afternoon I had a voicemail from Health Services at my college. I knew they were going to be calling but I happened to be napping when she called. Her name is KAREN who is a nurse practitioner and I worked with her all last spring with my ED before i had to leave school. I checked my voicemail and she left the sweetest message and it really made me happy :) I can't wait to call her back on Monday to talk with her!!


Genesis said...

hang in there jenna. you'll work things out!

Jenna said...

girl i wanna leave some comments on your blog but it won't let me :(

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