Hopefully College bound...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hopefully College bound...
Good Morning love doves! It is finally Friday, woot woot! Ever since I went back up to my school yesterday with my mom I felt an urge of excitment to finally go back to college. I just hope I will be ABLE to return back to school this fall due to my health. I am pretty positive all is going in the right direction with my health, but I just hope it can stay like this :) My coach told me yeaterday i have one strike then I'm out and that's it! she told me there is no more fooling around with ED and i totally agree with her!

college dudeee

My morning eats were a typical JENNA breakfast :) I had a Chobani yogurt w/ a sliced banana on top and an english muffin w/ PB & Co. Smooth Operator with a glass of milk.

Well there ya have it my typical breakast. I am now off to pick up my sister at field hockey camp with my mom. For a snack later I am gonna have a Boost and a Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bar.

You are probably wondering why I tend to have the same morning snacks each day and I will tell you why. Ever since I developed ED I have a lot of fear foods and a lot of foods I am comfortable with. You can clearly see which foods I feel comfortable with ;) I have learned to eat the foods I am most comfortable with and then start to venture off and try new foods. This is still one of my goals that I am currently working on right now! I will tell you each day it gets a little bit easier and I love trying new foods now! My taste buds get very excited ;)


cardiovegsular said...

hi jenna! thank you for the sweet comment. and hooray for new foods! love your blog. :)

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