Boca Babyy

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boca Babyy
So tonight for dinner yes (hence the title of this blog) I did indeed have a Boca burger! I wasn't all that hungry and I didn't start cookin' dinns till about quarter of 8. I didn't feel like making myself a strenous meal so I decided to make a nice and simple one! I had a burger in a bun, a side salad with dressing, and a glass of milk. Yeah I know what your thinking...milk with a burger? gross...but hey i gotta have milk, it's on my meal plan. gotta have calcium for them strong bones!

The first time I ever had a veggie burger was when I was inpatient. I never had one before then, I would always just have a regular burger with real meat and I was kind of skeptical trying a veggie burger at first. But I tried them there and turns out I liked them! I first tried these Original Vegan Boca Burgers about a month ago and I just bought another package again because I really enjoyed them! They are simple to make, just pop them into the micro for a minute thirty and you've got yourself a nice veggie burger. These babies actually smell really good when they are cooking! There are four Boca burgers in a package and they are a fairly decent size! Overall, I enjoy eating these burgers and next time I want to buy some of the other flavors as well!

Original Vegan Boca Burger (looks like I actually grilled it, but you all now...i didn't!)

Okay now aren't these lil babies so cute? I absolutely love these new inventions. They are individual salad dressings made by Kraft! One of my fear foods is salad dressing so to get me to incorporate dressing back into my meals I use these! Even though they are LIGHT salad dressings and not real I feel as though they are good for me to feel comfortable with using salad dressing again!

For my Boca burger I used a Fiber One Hamburger Bun. These buns are not as big as your average hamburger buns are though. I feel so weird saying "BUNS" because i call them rolls? idk, i am just going by what the package says! Each bun has 20% of your recommend daily value of fiber, gotta make sure you get that fiber in each day. I usually just throw the package in the freezer to make them last longer, put them in the microwave for a minute, toast them up, and then throw a burger in between, and that's how i roll ;)

quick and simple dinner!

Gonna go catch up on some e-mails with a Vanilla Boost, and then call it a night!

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Lexi said...

I LOVE Boca burgers! Delish! Your simple dinner looks like it just hit the spot :)

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