Naturally Good Day

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Naturally Good Day

Heyy bloggies! Hope everyone is having a "naturally good day" because I sure am :) This morning my mom and I went to have a meeting with my lacrosse coach to see what is going to happen this fall with me and my lacrosse situation, and all went fairly well :) meeting with her was a big motivation for me to get healthy and be able to play the sport i truly love once again! she brought her two lil twin girls who are only 11 months and they are adorable. we were there for more than an hour just talking and i am glad we took the trip up there today, it really cleared up a lot of things!

Before we headed home we stopped at TARGET in new hamshire, boo yeahhh. Why do you think we stopped there? Well you see since MA just got an increase on taxes, to 6.25 %, we decided to save a few bucks by shopping in NH because they have NO sales tax! whatt whatt?! and omg this target was kinda cool, it had two floors (never seen that before.) and do you know they also have SUPER TARGETS in fl? been there, done that...simply amazing. What could be better than a super target?...well nothing!

On the way up to the meeting I had a Vanilla Boost with a Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bar in the car.

Then after the meeting it was close to 2 so we stopped at D'Angelos to get me some lunch. I got a turkey pocket w/ lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes with a serving of pretzels and milk. Mom got the same as me but on a sub roll, if you cared?!

Then when I got home I had some lovely packages waiting for me =) My sister texted me in the car while on our way back and asked me if i ordered more food, and i was like whooo i got more packages! So when I came in the door I had a 5 pound package and a letter addressed to muahhh!

letter from Food Should Taste Good!

...with 3 coupons to try their chips!!

package from NATURALLY MORE peanut butter :)

Naturally More was so generous they sent me three of their products to sample, Naturally More, Almond Naturally More, and Organic Naturally More. I am soo excited to try all of these peanut butters!

Someone else wanted to get their picture taken with the new products ;) She said she wanted her picture on my blog, how cute! She will probably also try the peanut butters too!

My peanut butter collection coming along slowly but surely! Lots of good stuff heree :)

I would like to thank Naturally More and Food Should Taste Good for their generous samples to me! I can't wait to try them out :)


After my excitement of TWO packages today I had a snack and checked my e-mail and stuff since I was gone all day. I had a Chocolate Power Bar and a G2. I was away from my computer for like 5 hours todayy...but i survived ;) I said I would be back at 3 but i came back around 4, whoops sorry i lied :P

Oh yeahhh that picture above is just the guy who is washing our house to be painted soon, just thought i would snipe one of him since i had my cam. yeah i know, don't askkk.

So overall today I had a NATURALLY GOOD DAY ;)


burpandslurp said...

WOW! Lucky girl! I wish I had a naturally good day, too :-)
But I still had a good day, nonetheless!

Lexi said...

You are so lucky!! I had no idea naturally more made almond butter! I love that stuff! Glad you had a great day :)

Learning To Relove :) said...

Yayyy for all the amazing packages! Im sure that brought a huge smile to your face! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the comment on my having new readers! :)

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