Can you say indecisive?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can you say indecisive?
Indecisive? Yupp that would be mee! if you all don't know what it means then you might wanna go look it up on-line. i am probably one of the most indecisive person you will ever meet. i have a wicked hard time making decisions for myself (it sucks sometimes) but i am workin on it.

Anyways let's get back on track, to my eats for breakfast. i had a lovely ripe banana, Chobani yogurt, english muffin w/ PB & Co. Smooth Operator, and a glass of milk.
nice ripe banana
Chobs yogurt w/ sliced banana...i decided not to smush it up, i just later mixed it together!

the whole breakfast

english muffin w/ melt in your mouth pb =)

Okay so this morning as I went to get me some pb, it looked like someone else got their hands on my goodies and fed their lil tummies with my yummies ;) hmmm...they are always wanting to try MY new foods, but hey it's all good...there fam :)

So this morning my mom and i are taking a trip up to my college to meet with my lacrosse coach. we are all meeting together to see what is going to happen with me and lacrosse this fall and next spring. i hope everything goes ok, wish me luckk! i will obvs let ya know what happens later on today. this will be my first time being away from my blog for a long time since i got one just like last week! i won't be back until around 3 probs.

so don't miss me that much ;)

so speaking of indecisiveness, i am still debating on which college i will be attending this fall. either my old school where i went last year for my freshman year or a college the town next door to me. and yeahh i know school is in about four weeks and i still haven't made up my mind...but that's how jenna rolls :) i don't know which will be a better fit regarding my health. i am gonna wait to see what my lacrosse coach says today and then go from there!


Genesis said...

good luck! i hope its all good news!

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