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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Squawk Box may you ask? Yes, that's right that would be my lovely DAD. he came home from work in one of his weird moods where he does not stop talking from the minute he steps in the door. he came in and just talking about everything and anything. he started questioning me about college this fall and the whole 9 yards...i was like enough already, gahd. do you ever stop talking? and i will tell you...NO. he will talk to anyone or anything. we go on vacations and he will be gone for hours just talking to people. what can i say my dad is just so sociable and lovesss talking! it is not a bad thing until he gets like wicked annoyinggg!

He finally took my dog Bella for a walk around the 'hood and I was able to enjoy a nice dinner in the piece and quiet :)

For dinner I decided on a frozen meal from Healthy Choice, one of there Cafe Steamers. It was one I just picked up at the store today and thought I would give it a shot!

This Cafe Steamer from Healthy Choice was reasonably good. It had nice slices of chicken, a good amount of pasta and veggies compared to other frozen meals. One thing the picture on the box lied about is the MUSHROOMS! they show mushrooms on the box...but there weren't any in my meal :( The one thing I have noticed about frozen meals expecially the "diet" ones, the portions are really small and as a recovering anorexic it simply is just NOT enough food for a meal. ED will tell you that it is PLENTY, but again...just ignore his stupid comments. As i am in the process of recovering i know i can have a frozen meal but if it is small, i know i must ADD something in with the meal to make sure my meal meets all of my requirements. for instance like tonight i added a dinner roll with some butter for more calories because this meal was not enough for me...

you just do what you gotta do!

It was Chicken Marsala, chicken tenderloins & penne pasta, asparagus & red peppers with marsala wine sauce

bowl of pasta with yummy veggies!

After dinner my mom soon came home and she asked me what i had for dinner anddd...i didn't answer her! you wanna know why? because i am sick and tired of my parents asking me so many questions about my dinner. i'm like helloo we aren't playing the 20Q game here, gosh.

20Q, a game my sisters have where it tries to guess what you are thinking by asking you 20 questions...

it gets really annoying and i know they should probably know what i ate but they are treating me like i am five years old and i am getting tired of it! they need to realize that once i go back to school they are not going to be there watching me eat every snack and every meal. no one is going to be monitoring me and telling me what to do besides myself!

I am peacin' out to do...i don't know what! i think i may go on downstairs to see what my mom and sister are watching on the tv. i think they are watching that show on TLC, I didn't know i was pregnant! I just can't make myself watch that show, i think it is beyond stupid. i'm sorry but if you don't know you are prego for nine months...then idk! maybe it's just me since i have never been prego (thank god) and i don't know?! but i think they may be watching toddlers and tiaras which is on later, now THAT is my kind of show!

but anyways i will talk to you all latahh ;)


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