Welcome to Cape Cod

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to Cape Cod
Hey lovies! I hope you all had a fabulous Saturday! I am currently blogging from CAPE COD! This morning my mom and I left for the Cape to meet up with my family who went down earlier this week. It took us nearly four hours to get there when it should have only taken us TWO HOURS! There was a lot of traffic, it was backed up for nearly 9 miles.
Early on in the ride I snacked on a Vanilla Boost with 1/4 cup Planter's South Beach Diet Recommended Mix.traffic :/We were planning on grabbing some lunch once we got there but since there was lots of traffic we decided to stop and get something because we still had a bit more to drive! We stopped at Subway and I got a 6" turkey on wheat bread w/ cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Along with a serving of pretzels and an apple with milk.
After a snack, some traffic, and lunch we finally arrived at the Cape :)


For dinner we decided on Captain Parker's Pub! This place is one of the best on Cape Cod and is voted for having the best clam chowder. If you ever visit Cape Cod this restaurant is a MUST! I have been to this place a couple times before. Before we went I looked on-line to see what the menu had to offer which was a good idea. Once I got there I knew exactly what I was getting.

I ordered the Baked Scrod with rice pilaf and green beans. This meal was delicious and I ate all the rice and beans and half of the baked scrod. The scrod was melt in your mouth! It was white and flakey! Yummm. Tonight I did much better with eating out than I did the other night and I was very proud of myself! It went much better.

I just went for a nice walk on the beach with my dad! Now I am spending time with my family and having a Strawberry Boost! Good night everyone. I gotta get my beauty rest for a nice day at the beach tomorrow!


Genesis said...

way to go on the dinner!

have fun in cape cod!

Liza said...

HEy Jenna, awesome job with eating out!!! If you can learn to eat out now it will be easier for you to transition into being able to eat out with freinds on like the spur of the moment when you get to your goal weight ( maintence) and fully et healthy.
I eat basically the samae breakfast everyday, its almost like I am scared to eat anything else, I notice that you eat about the same meal everyday, do fear variety in your meals, like are you scared your weight gain may get out of control like you may gain over your healthy weight and get tooo big. Because even though I am at healthy weight, I still will eat the same breakfast everyday??? Love, Liza

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