Weekend Recap!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap!

Yesterday I took a day off from blogging because I was spending some time with my family enjoying the beach all day :)
My morning eats yesterday were a Vanilla Chobani yogurt, an english muffin w/ PB & Co. Smooth Operator, a sliced banana, and a glass of milk. It was a nice enjoyable breakfast outside on our porch!
Cape Cod is such a beautiful relaxing place! the oceanthe beach :)the beach and dad ;)

My morning snack was a 1/4 cup of Planter's mixed nuts and a Vanilla Boost to hold me over until lunchtime.

For lunch my dad and I went out to D'Angelo's to get us all lunch. I got a 6" turkey on a wheat sub roll w/ american cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with a serving of pretzels, and an apple, with a some milk.
The afternoon I layed by the beach read my book and did some SUDOKU! Then later had a snack, a Cookies 'n Cream Power Bar with a G2.
As the beach day came to an end we were all sad to pack everything up and head back home. Before we left we went mini-golfing at our favorite place, Pirate's Cove! And who do ya think got 3 HOLE IN ONES? ME! And obviously who do ya think won? ME! Ya, so I pretty much kicked @$$ :) I have to say I have always been good at mini golf ;)

My mom headed home early while the rest of us grabbed a bite to eat for dinner before the car ride home. We stopped at...PAPA GINO'S. Now you must be thinking oh boy it must have been another disaster. But I tell you wrong, it was great! It was my dad, two sisters, and myself. I ordered two yummy slices of Vegetable Pizza and ate every single bite and I am not regretting any of it! The pizza was hot and right out of the oven filled with mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and olives, with just a pinch of cheese on it, just the way I like it! Then we were headed home sweet home, after a bit of traffic and a little over two hours later...we were home!
Happy to be home but sad to leave the Cape!
After a good nights sleep I woke up to a nice breakfast. I had the usual so I really don't need to explain, you can tell by the pics ;)

smooshed naner

Vanilla Chobs in the smooshed naner...yummmm :)

english muffin with peanut butter

I am happy to be home but luckily we are going back to the Cape later this week =) I didn't take many pictures of my food this weekend because I wanted to spend time with my family at the beach and take a break from blogging! Hope you all understand!


Michelle said...

YUM! All those eats look great! And that veggie pizza sounds amazing! I bet it was tasty! Sounds like you had fun on the Cape; I hope the rest of your week is just as fabulous!

Meg said...

Duuude someone's jealous...I think it might be me. From the beautiful sights, to the amazing eats (veggie pizza is the way to go!) I'm glad you had a lovely weekend!


Jenny said...

isn't the cape gorgeous?! i love it there!

glad you had such a great time and whipped some major tush in mini golf!!

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