"I lost 4 pounds"

Monday, August 17, 2009

"I lost 4 pounds"

Haha I probably scared all of you!! But thankfully it was not me who lost the four pounds! That would be very bad if it was me though!

"I lost 4 pounds" says my grandma as she came into our house this afternoon. So as she comes walking into our house saying that today I just kind of thought it my head like "Are you serious? Did you really have to say that in front of me?" As I am trying to gain weight in my recovery and as hard as it already is she comes storming into my house saying she lost four pounds, thanksss grammy! I know she is old and as older people age they tend to lose weight, which is normal. But I just kind of brushed her comment of my shoulder and forgot about it and moveeeed on with my day! I can't let her one little comment bother me! I love my grammy <3

Morning snacker was a 1/4 cup serving of my awesome Planter's Nuts (South Beach Diet Recommended Mix) I love along with a Vanilla Boost.

I think I finally got my camera on the correct settings to take food pics! I learned from watching the Healthy Living Summit LIVE on the website on Saturday! It was a really cool feature, it felt like I was actually AT the summit...but we all know i was not :/ I was reading all of the girls' blogs and they have already started talking about NEXT YEARS SUMMIT =) These girls truly are dedicated and love what they do!

But anyways back to my camera settings. I now use the button that shows the little flower on it to take my food pictures and it works fabulous :) So hopefully my pics will be much better in the future!

For lunch I had a turkey panini on wheat bread with american cheese, lettuce, and a little light mayo, with pretzels, and a Gala apple, with some milk. Ya see, these pictures are MUCH better (at least i think!) than on my previous posts.

Afternoon snack was a Cookies 'n Cream Power Bar with a G2. Like I said a few days ago I am getting SICK OF POWER BARS, I need some change!! Luckily I need to go to the grocery store soon so I will make sure to pick up some different snacks.


For dinner I had a breakfast meal, an egg sandwich on Oatmeal bread, a fruit cup, with a glass of milk. A perfect meal for a hot day!

perfect sandwich!

After dinner I went over to my cousins house and brought them and my sisters for ice cream, but obvviously I did not have anything :( I was gonna go for it but then ED kicked in. Even though I probably should have had an ice cream since I have not had one this whole summer! Now that is just NOT NORMAL and i know that! to go the whole summer without letting myself have ice cream is weird and i will totally admit that. Although I much rather have a Boost because I think they are healthier, I still should be able to get ice cream for myself. Even if I start off slow by just ordering a kiddie cup it is at least a start! I really need to get rid of this ED and start having the life i once loved, where i ate ice cream allll summer long and loved every bite :)


Liza said...

I could see how you feel when people talk about weight loss!!! My best freind is running a marathon and talks about how she is going to lose weight it gets to me hard!!!! Jenna your awesome!!! Cannot wait to get to know you more especially when I start my blog!!!! Love you girl!!! Ice cream will come, what about soft serve yogurt, all the other healthy bloggies get it, you should too???? hahaha Love, Liza!!! Love the pics

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thanks for the tip about the camera settings! I wish I could have watched the HLS from my comp...or even better, been there!!, but I had to work :(. Booo. haha I wish I could have gone though, all that granola and yogurt looked soo good! haha

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