Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy TGIF fellow bloggers!! This week absolutely flew by, anyone else with me?? I love Fridays because it is the last weekday and the weekend is finally here! But, I also like Fridays because I get my PEOPLE magazine in the mail every friday ;) For some reason I kept waking up thinking today was Saturday for some reason...but it's only Friday, even better!
For breakfast this morning I had a Vanilla Chobani yogurt w/ banana slices, an english muffin w/ PB & Co. Smooth Operator pb, and a glass of milk.

wonderful yumminess almost gone :(

After breakfast I watched the funeral of Eunice Kennedy Shriver on tv with my mom, it was all over the news stations. She really was a successful woman in life. Did you know she created the Special Olympics nearly forty years ago? Well, she did. May she RIP <3

I showered and then had my morning snack which I know love! I had 1/4 cup Planter's South Beach Diet Recommended Mix (SBDRM?) and a Vanilla Boost. I have found a new love for nuts, yeahh me!

It is just me and my mom here at the house today, so who knows what we are gonna do today, but I will tell ya all about it later ;)


Jenny said...

i look forward to Friday's just because of People magazine! i do the crossword puzzle right away :)

Jenna said...

haha i love the magazines with the crossword puzzles in them, especially PEOPLE...even though i am really bad at them ;) i read the whole magazine then i save them for last!

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