Healthy Living Summit

Friday, August 14, 2009

Healthy Living Summit
No no no! I am not at the Healthy Living Summit in Boston this weekend, but I really wish I was!! But instead I am homeee. So basically since I am not at HLS I am pretty much stalking reading all of the lovely bloggers who are lucky enough to be there. They all seem like they are having soo much fun and the BIG day isn't even til tomorrow! And don't think I won't be watching it LIVE on-line because...i will ;)
Lunch today was a turkey sandich w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese, a little bit of light mayo, serving of pretzels, and a fresh Gala apple, with a glass of milk. I drink a lot of milk everyday, a glass at each meal of the day! I guess it's not a bad thing?!

close up of my sandwich, yummy :)

The afternoon was a bit boring. I just relaxed around the house and read my PEOPLE magazine and then I later had a snack. A Vanilla Power Bar and a G2. I am getting kind of sick of the Vanilla Crisp flavor, it is alright I guess. I used to only eat the Vanilla flavor because it had the lowest amount of calories and fat compared to all of the other power bar flavors. So that is probably the reason why I am getting sick of eating them. But now I also like the Chocolate and Cookies 'n Cream, those are my two favorite!

After snack my mom and I went out to do a few errands. We came back and I later had dinner. I had a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers meal, Cajun Style Chicken & Shrimp. I have had this meal before and it is okay. It was pieces of chicken and shrimp served over rice and vegetables with a cajun-style sauce. Overall, the meal was good and it had a decent portion.

Along with the meal I had a dinner roll with some butter and a glass of milk.

Can I just say I really don't like all! Dinners have always been my downfall in my recovery in ED, even while I was inpatient at the hospital. Ever since I have been recovering from ED I have always started my days out strong but then as the day goes on my lack of motivation seemed to dwindle down, especially at dinner time! By the end of the day I would just be sick of eating and would "take a break", but in recovery there is NO TIME for taking breaks that is for sure!

For the past month or so I have been doing well in gaining weight, I have not dropped in my weight at all. I am going in the right direction but just at a really slow pace, a much slower pace than my parents would like :/

So back to dinners...I just have a really hard time deciding what to eat that fits into my meal plan. There is just so many options to eat at dinner that my mind goes crazy. My dinners also seem to be quit smaller than my breakfast and lunch. Lately I have been trying to add to my dinners. I need to make sure I am getting protein, veggies, and now 2 servings of grains instead of just 1. It is definitely a challenge for me when dinner time rolls around but I try real hard to do what I need to do!

I am gonna go spend some time with momma and the Bells (my dog Bella) for the night and have a Vanilla Boost later!

Everyone who is at the HEALTHY LIVING SUMMIT have fun and I can't wait to read all the blogs later! Good night everyone :)


Anonymous said...

hey there! u have noo idea how encouraging it i to see u perservering. uve inspired me to bring BOOST action into my life. lol I NVER EVER would have considered drinking one otherwise... unless i was tied down! but i see u, beautiful (inside and out) and thin and i figure, hey if she can do it, and is surviving, so can i! tonight was a vanilla!!!haha
btw, its soooo funny u mentioned fridays and magazines!! its the highlight of my week. people, us weekly, etc....

xoxox katie anne

itsawrapteacher said...

I am stalking them right along with you sweets!They look like they're having such a fabulous time while I'm stuck here in Texas heat. booooo

Jenny said...

hey my love! i can completely relate to your anxiety when it comes to dinners -- but i'm really proud of you for maintaining your determination throughout the day as best as possible! though there are tons of dinner options -- that makes it all the more fun! experiment with different things, different flavors.. learn what it's like to experience food again!

and as far as the weight gain -- it is a slow process! be patient with yourself babe and try to focus your energy on doing the best you can each and every day -- thats all you can do! you're body is learning how to function again so in the beginning it will take some time -- but as the pounds come on and your metabolism starts working properly again it WILL get easier - i promise :)

hope your doing well my dear <3

Jenna said...

katie i am so glad you conquered drinking that BOOST! they are so delicous. anything else you need help on just lemme know :)

it's a wrap teacher (idk your name and i am really sorry :/) but yes i have been totally stalking the girls at HLS!

jenny-i am glad to know i am not the only one who has anxiety around dinnertime. Tonight i am going out to eat again, but this time i looked up on-line what i am probs gonna order, so we will see what happens! Hope it will be better than weds night :) i will blog about it laterr!


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