Relaxing Monday

Monday, August 3, 2009

Relaxing Monday

I love Mondays when I don't have work or any appointments, it is so relaxing!
ok well not that relaxing!

All I have to do later this afternoon is babysit all night long and make some easy cash money. hollahh ;) Before lunch I headed to the supah mahket (i don't know why i am writing like i talk like i have a boston accent but i am). I got a few staples I needed.

2 peaches
4 Fuji apples
pack of Boost
2 Chobani yogurts
Chocolate Power Bar
Amy's Black Bean Vegetable Burrito
Birds Eye Frozen Mixed Vegetables
Clif Bars (Apricot, Cranberry Apple Cherry)
Nature Path's Optimum Energy Bar (Pomegran Cherry)

---------------------------------------------For lunch I had a turkey sandwich, serving of pretzels, apple, with a glass of milkclose up??

paninied of course


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