Jon & Kate plus 8

Monday, August 3, 2009

Jon & Kate plus 8
So is anyone else as excited as I am for Jon & Kate plus 8 tonight?! Because I am, yeah I know I am a loser but whatevs. I love them! I am babysitting, blogging as we speak! Well, I mean I am babysitting right now, my cousins are so good, I can blog!! woot woot. We are watching the repeats of Jon & Kate and we are waiting for the new episodes to come on at 9!
Whose side are you on?

jon with new gf haley


Personally i like them BOTH, they both are unique in their own wayy!

For din I had a nice piece of Perdue Italian style chicken w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese in a Rosemary La Tortilla Factory wrap, serving of TJ honey wheat pretzel sticks, a peach, and a glass of Smart Balance milk.


the chicken was soo good! nice and white and melt in your mouth :)

trader joe's honey wheat pretzel sticks

Smart Balance milk

So I am off to watch Jon & Kate now with the cousins and later I will have a Vanilla Boost for dessert! Peace out.


Courtney said...

Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog... Jon & Kate's situtation is CRAZY! I feel so bad for the adorable kiddies... they're gonna be pretty messed up =(

Have a fun tuesday!

Jenna said...

hey courtney! thanks for visiting my blog. i just looked at yours as well and it looks really good. i will continue to follow it :)
have a nice tuesday!

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