Octomom admits regret...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Octomom admits regret...

Octomom admits regret? NO, YA THINK! uhhh duh. it's about time! did she think it was going to be easy raising octuplets?...yeah rightt. let's be real here, i could not even imagine raising one baby nevermind octuplets plus her other six children.
but anyways onto more better stuff...like my EATS :) For breakfast i had the usual (obvss). but ever since i have been into the blogging world i have seen so many new ideas for meals and snacks that i am DEFS gonna have to try them real soon ;)

I had some milk, Chobani yogurt w/ smooshed banana, english muffin w/ 1 tbsp. PB & Co. Smooth Operatahhh while watching regis & kelly :)

the whole breakfast

english muffin w/ PB & Co. smooth operator

Now this is only my second time having PB & Co. smooth operator peanut butter. This past Sunday was my first time trying this lovely product. At first, I thought it was just like any other regualar peanut butter...until this morning when i had it for the second time. and boy let me tell you, the second time around trying something can seem so different. and that is exactly what happened to me with this peanut butter:) i gave the pb a nice mix in the jar this morning and spread a delectable 1 tbsp. pb onto my english muffin and it was divine, it started melting and it spread so nicely. the first time i tried this pb i thought it would be a lot creamier than it really was, but today for some reason it was! i think by mixing it in the jar really helped! lovesss it.

chobani with smooshed banana


For a snacker this morning i had a serving of peanuts and a glass of OJ (haven't had this in awhile). I couldn't have my usual snack because I ran outta Boost (have to go grocery shopping today w/ mom). so i had to find something else in the kitchen to meet my calorie needs for my snack.


Kristi (sweet cheeks) said...

I have not tried that PB and Co peanut butter yet!! It looks amazing on your english muffin! Mmmmm :D

Jenna said...

haha yeah it was really good. i just had to get it because i have seen it on so many blogs! and they have so many unique flavors! you should check them outt :)

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