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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ok so this is really really big news! This morning as you know I was waiting by my front door for the mailman and the UPS guys to come around the neighborhood. Well, the mailman came with nothing good, just bills. But then THE UPS guy came!! Now you probs are wondering why I am so excited. Well that is because I was waiting for a package from Vitalicious =)

me scurrying to open the box...i was so excited :)

I was really excited because it was my first product I received to review about since I began blogging last week! The delectable package consisted of:
4 VitaBrownies
2 Chocolate Fig VitaTops NEW!
2 Banana Nut VitaTops NEW!
2 Double Chocolate Dream VitaTops
2 Deep Chocolate VitaTops
2 Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTops
2 Golden Corn VitaTops
2 CranBran VitaTops
2 AppleBerry VitaTops
2 MultiBran VitaTops
2 BlueBran VitaTops

Now I just could not I just had to try a vitamuffin, as well as my mom and two sisters! Of course they wanted to try these bad boys and they all loved them. They thought they were yummy and unique! Even though they are supposed to be kept frozen and then heated before you eat them, i didn't care! I tried the Fudgy Peanut Butter Cup :) We all had a bite until I realized I needed to take a pic of this beautiful gem! It reminded me of a regular muffin top but with a better taste. It was soft and moist, and I bet it would have been even better if heated up for a bit :) The Fudgy Peanut Butter Cup was chocolatey but there weren't many peanut butter chips. Not only are these vitatops a good little snack for only 100 calories, but they also provide tons of vitamins and minerals as well and are a good lil snack that will fill you up and not make you feel guilty! These vitatops are good for your body and delicious both at the same time! I highly recommend trying Vitalicious products and I can't wait to try all of the other flavors :)

Check out more of their products and information at!

Has anyone ever tried any Vitalicious products, and if so what are your favorites??

Thanks again Vitalicious for the samples!


mary said...

I was just wondering, how do companies find out about you so that you can review their products?

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