Viva La Vida

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Viva La Vida

For some reason I can't explain

Once you go there was never

Never an honest word

And that was when I ruled the world
Yes, those word the words my aunt was singing when they came from the concert. I think they had a good time :) They went to the COLDPLAY concert! So last night I was babysitting all night as you know for my two lil cousins (NOT the lil rascals this time, thank god!) these two girls are older and we kinda just chill and do whatever we want! we watched some hannah montana, wizardly of waverly place, jon & kate, and then the cake off. so overall a fun filled education night of watching tv (good babysitter i am). they were pooped from camp all day anyways so all they wanted to do was lay low.


Breakfast was some Chobs yogurt w/ a smooshed banana, english muffin w/ 1 tbsp. PB & Co. smooth operator, and a glass of milk.

smooshed banana
close up

Chobani yogurt w/ smooshed banana

the whole breakfast


Today on the agenda let's see I have a doctors appointment and a nutrition appointment this afternoon! Then I am coaching lacrosse with my two girls tonight. busy day today :) I am now currently waiting for the mailman and the UPS guys to arrive at my househoulddd.

Snack this morning was a Vanilla Boost w/ Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bar

peace out :)


Baylee♥ said...

haha sounds like a fabulous night of babysitting! i love just vegging out and relaxing like that!

good luck at your dr and nutritionist appts!

Jenny said...

have a great day my fellow boost lover <3

Anna said...

That's such a great song - I bet Coldplay must be awesome to see live!

Jenna said...

oh yes babysitting went lovely!

coldplay is a good band, i kinda forgot all of the songs they sing!

and of coursee jennayy i had two lovely boosts today! haha. can't go a day without 'em.

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