Appointments, Appointments, Appointments

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Appointments, Appointments, Appointments

After my package came I was utterly excited and forgot I had to get going because I had a doctors appointment in a bit and I still had to eat lunch before. So I quickly threw together a turkey paninied sandwich with cheese, tomato, and lettuce, with some pretzels, an apple, and a glass of milk.
the lunch

i scarffed down my lunch and then felt stuffed and left for my doctors appointment for my weekly weigh in and vitals w/ CANDACE!

Now let me tell ya a little bit about her...candace is my nurse I see every tuesdays who weighs me and checks my vitals and then reports to my doc to tell her how i did. she is wicked nice and always brings a smile to my face each week when i see her. when i don't do well (like either stay the same or lose weight)...let me tell you, it is not a pretty sight, especially if my mom comes with me that week. ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE. my mom will get really mad and upset, then i will get upset and start crying. she will tell me i need to go back inpatient because i am not doing what i am supposed to, but then i tell her i don't need to and i can do it on my own. for a couple weeks in june/july i was not doing well AT ALL. for three consecutive weeks i kept losing weight. but then later in july was when i really pulled my $h!t together and told ED to shut his trap and that i was going to conquer this battle. so for the past few weeks i have been doing really well but i just hope i can continue. regardless of how i do candance always chases me out of the office with a hershey bar and tells me i can't leave until i eat it (of course she is kidding but she is a real comedian) but i obviuosly don't eat it!

but luckily today i went on my own to the appointment and there were no tears or yelling (well that was because my mom wasn't there) so everything must have gone alright?! i hope. before i left i had to talk w/ ashley (secretary) to see if i can squeeze in a physical with my doc by the end of this month because i need one before i go back to school. now seeing that my doc is just that cool, she has nearly 500 patients and is booked until the nearly the end of january. so yeahh, let's just hope they can pull some strings for me?! and yeahh i am pretty much on a first name basis with all the nurses up there because i am up there every week. you could say we are pretty tight ;)

then i came home for about an hour (stared at my VITATOPS!) before heading off to yet another appointment. this one was with my nutritionist, ILZE who i absolutely love. i hadn't seen her since the end of june so i was in desperate need of meeting with her. i met with her for more than an hour and it went really well. i just love talking to her because she is really knowledgeable and funny to talk with. we talked about pretty much everything and i really enjoyed seeing her today!

then i had to rush home, pick up my lax gear and then go and get two of my gals, nicole and claire for lacrosse. on the way there i snacked on a Vanilla Crisp Power Bar and a G2. every tuesday we coach lacrosse for out lil cherubs, they are so cute. then they coach and i referee the game for the older cherubs. we are there until 8 o'clock every week. so ever since last week we decided we should go the PANERA after since we are starving. so went and i got the you pick two dealio, can't go wrong with it ;)

1/2 chicken dijon sandwich w/ lettuce, tomato, and mustard on country bread with half a strawberry poppseed salad with an iced cold water. soo yummy! (didn't eat the chips tho, brought them home)

Then for dessert when I came home I had a Vanilla Boost. Alright so enough of me talking about my whole entire day with every little detail, I am gonna go and get me some beauty rest :)


bananasun said...

Hey Jenna!
Thanks so much for the comment, I really like your blog too! Mind if I add you to my blogroll? :)
I was reading your about me, and it seems we went through pretty similar things. Its tough, but I am happy we are both on the right track to getting better :)
I'm also so happy to hear the appointment went well. Its also so good that you have a good relationship with your recovery team. It makes all the difference when they are a supportive force in your life, as opposed to an opressive one.

And I am most definetley a Boost girl. One a day right now, though it will probably be bumped up to two sometime soon. Which I wouldn't mind too much cause they taste pretty damn good eh? haha

lots of love girlie. xx

Lexi said...

So glad everything went well at this most recent appointment. Use this as motivation! I did! I was like, "If I get better sooner, I won't have to go to these damn appointments anymore!" And it's awesome now. I only have to go when I don't feel good, not every week. You can do this :) Stay strong love.

Jenna said...

Hey Bananas & Sunshine,
Thanks for the comment girl! I would be thrilled if you added me to your blogroll =) Yes, after reading your about me I can totally relate to your story. We seem to have a lot in common. I really enjoy your blog, it is really good. i will defs add you to my blogroll and i will continue following it.
Gotta love them Boost, and they are actually pretty good! haha. Hope to hear from you soon and have a great day love :)

Anna said...

Yummy panini action you got goin' on there! Yum! And don't you just love Panera???

Glad to hear your appointment went well! Keep it up!

nicoleishappy said...

hey! thanks for following me on twitter!
i will be adding you to my blogroll asap! i like your blog you are very honest which is awesome. and if you need to talk to someone just give me an email i dont judge! cant wait to talk to you more you seem really sweet! have a great day girl!

Jenna said...

omg ana yes i really enjoy panera, i used to not be a big fan but now i am!

hey nicole! no problem, you seemed pretty chill and i have seen your blog before EZPZ and it is soo cute! i will defs be adding you to my lovely blog roll girl, talk to ya sooon!

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