New Jersayy babayy

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Jersayy babayy

New Jersey?! Yes, New Jersey. Why am I talking about New Jersey...well because of two reasons, well three i guess. So lemme rewind...a couple weeks ago my lil sis Alexa (who is getting so old) had a lax tourney in New Jersey for a few days. When I found out we were going to NJ, I knew immediatley 2 places we HAD to visit...



You may ask why we had to stop here and I will tell you because I absolutely love these two shows, that's why :)

Cake Boss crew

Real Housewives of New Jersey

So my myself, Alexa, and my mom all packed up for the trip to NJ. Krista and my dad had to stay home because she had a field hockey tourney. So on the way down to NJ we stopped at The Brownstone, a successful catering facility Caroline Manzo's hubby Albert owns. I have more pics but there on Alexa's camera. I will put them up laterr.

And on the way home from NJ we stopped at Carlo's Bakery from Cake Boss. We went inside and got some pastries (but of course I didn't have any because ED told me N-O). It was a bummer but I was happy we stopped at the bake shop. Alexa and I also got to take a pic with two of Buddy's sisters, Grace and Mary. We also got to say hi to Mauro! The day we went there they were actually filming upstairs with Buddy. His sisters said he would be down shortly but we could not wait we had to get back on the road because we still had a long drive ahead of us!


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