Change is Good!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Now I know these three little words can sound so scary to some people (LIKE ME), and trust me they are. Personally for me I hate change, I can not stand it. I really hate when something or someone changes, I become really upset and frustrated and I just want things to go back to what they were like before. I know it might sound weird but it is true.

But now I have realized that CHANGE IS GOOD and sometimes you can not control it and you just have to accept the change and move on with it.

So as I have been recovering from my eating disorder one of my goals has been to accept changes happening around me and adapt well to them.

Now, usually I have been having the same boring foods over, over, and over again and I AM SICK OF IT. ED will only let me eat the same foods each day but I am getting so bored :( I want to try new foods because I know it really is not good to eat the same foods each day, your body needs a varitey. And besides eating the same foods every day gets a little boring! So trying new foods will bring some excitment into my life.

I have learned to ignore ED and all of his ridiculous ideas, and I am listening to myself. I have been trying hard to incoprporate different foods in my meals and snacks. At first I am real hesitant and ED is telling me to go back and eat what I usually eat, but then I tell myself I can do this, and I eat it and then afterwards I feel accomplished and proud that I tried something new for a change!
"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies."

My morning eats were:
glass of milk, english muffin w/ 1 tbsp Skippy pb, and a Chobani yogurt w/ a smashed nana

This morning I worked more on my blog (of coursee). I recently did a post about me and my two younger sisters, Krista and Alexa :) Check it. I also had a Vanilla Boost (gotta go to Target and restock) with a Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bar. I feel ever since I started this blog I have been on it non stop! I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing?! hah. But like always, when you first get something new you become so attached to it but then after awhile you totally forget about it. I don't think this is going to happen in this situation because I totally love blogging!

For lunch today I had some milk, a turkey sammie, pretzels, and a PEACH!

So speaking of change, I usually always have an apple with my lunch. But today since we did not have any more I had to substitute and have another type of fruit. So I had a peach! I kind of forgot what peaches taste like so I was a little hesistant about trying it. But my first bite was divine! The peach was oh so sweet and soft and I loved every bite of it! Can't wait to have some yummy peaches soon :) And ya see...nothing happened to me, I am still here writing on my blog. Change is not gonna kill ya, I promise ya!


This afternoon as I was hungry I headed downstairs to the kitchen to grab me a snack. I was planning on having a Cranberry Apple Cherry Clif Bar until I went into the cabinet and discovered it was gone. I know I defs did not eat it (at least I don't think I did) so I am guessing one of my family members must have gotten their lil hands on it. They are always curious as to what I buy at the grocery store because I buy such cool stuff ;) And so they probably wanted to try it out themselves! I will just have to hunt them down and see who ate it on mee.

Toasted Nuts & Cranberry Luna Bar

This bar was filled with little pieces of cranberry but not a lot of nuts. This flavor was not all that exciting but I would definitely try this bar again as well as other Luna flavors because it is a perfect snack sized bar that filled me up.

Since I am just soo sick of power bars (because I usually have one nearly everyday) I settled for a Toasted Nuts & Cranberry Luna Bar with a G2. Now I know I should have probably had the power bar because it has more cals which I need but they are getting old. So now I have to make sure at dinner tonight I make up for those extra calories.

Okay so ever since I have been recovering from my eating disorder I have kind of developed my own cabinet in the kitchen. No Lie. Well ya see I have all of my Boost drinks stocked up there, my bars, and all of my other foods. I like to keep them in a separate cabinet rather than the family snack cabinet so they don't eat it on me. Because believe me anything in that cabinet is "fair game" as my dad would say ;o)


Carly in Wonderland said...

have you ever tried cascadian farms brand? Its organic and heaven! They make the best granola bars and cereal and all sorts of stuff

Jenna said...

nahh i have never heard of it, but i will obvs check it out online right now of courseee :)
have a nice tuesday carly!


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