Good Morning to you too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

This morning as I was walking down the stairs, the first thing my mom says is "You better not be taking anymore pictures of your food in this house!" Okay, Good Morning to you too mom! Obviously she was mad at me, so I ate my breakfast at the counter in silence. I tried Fage yogurt for the first time w/ banana slices, an english muffin w/ 1 tbsp. PB & Co. pb, and milk.
This was the first time I have ever had Fage yogurt and it was definitely NOT one of my favorites. I tried the Fage 0% which was probably the reason why it was so bland, no taste, very thick, and had no consistency! I would not get this again, I think next time if I were to try Fage I would try the 1% or 2% for more flavor perhaps. But at least I tried it! Ya know it was something new for me. You will never know if you like something unless you try it. Even though in this case, I didn't like it.

the breakfast

very blurry pic of Chobani yogurt w/ sliced bananas

again very blurry...english muffin w/ PB & Co. Smooth Operator

Then after breakfast my parents did some more arguing about me, college, lacrosse, and pretty much my whole life how my eating disorder ruined it! I then took a shower and got away from everyone. My morning snack was a Strawberry Boost and a Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bar.


For lunch I was adventurous because I DID NOT have a turkey sandwich, i repeat i did not have a turkey sandwich, ya i know shocker ;) I was feeling brave and decided to have a chicken sandwich instead. I had cut up pieces of white chicken with cheese, lettuce, a lil light mayo, with some apple slices, along with a serving of pretzels, the rest of the apple, and some milk.

The lunch. My dad was in the kitchen and i did not want him to see me taking a picture of my lunch (he would think i was a FREAK!!). So i began eating my lunch, as you can see half the sandwich was already gone, and then i quickly snipped a pic of the lunch!

For an afternoon snackie I had a Cranberry Apple Cherry Clif Bar with a G2. Sorry I don't have a pic :( I forgot to take one. Anyways, I like this flavored Clif bar and I would have it again. Cranberry Apple Cherry had little pieces of cranberries all in the bar, lots actually! Although I couldn't really taste a lot of apple or cherry but oh well, the cranberries made up for it. Overall, this bar was enjoyable, it was a good flavor.


Today I tried something a bit different, instead of doing a couple posts today I decided to just do one big post. It's just for today though! I was just givin' it a try.

Anyways, for dinner I had a nice piece of chicken, mixed veggies, a roll w/ butter, and some milk

I am off to relax and enjoy the night with a Vanilla Boost in my hand ;)


itsawrapteacher said...

What?! How could you not like my lover FAGE? That's ok...more for me:) What type of yogurt do you like?

Gotta love parents! I feel you. My parents have no idea about my blog b/c it would surely cause some arguments. Happy eating!

Amy said...

I know it must be frustrating to have your parents constantly harping on you. Just try to remember they are just looking out for you and are just concerned.
This too shall pass....

Amy said...

I know it must be a pain to have your parents constantly harping on you. Just try to remember they love you and are just looking our for your best interest, they are worried about you.
This too shall pass...
Keep your chin up girl!!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

try Fage 2% - its so much better!

Jenna said...

thanks for all the comments girlss!

haha yeah i wasn't a big fan of fage 0%,that does mean more for you! i am more of a chobani girl :)yeah i probably shouldn't have told my sisters about my blog because they told my mom, so now i am trying to keep everything private from them!

thank you, i will try to keep my chin and head up high!

i am defs gonna give fage 2% a shot, i think it will be much better!

Lexi said...

I can't believe you don't like fage! I'm obsessed, haha. I've never had chobani though, I'll have to try it soon! Have a great night girl

Jenna said...

yeahh im sorry for all you fage lovahss out there! it just wasn't for me. btw lexi, what fage do you like the best, 0, 1, or 2%??

BalanceisBeautiful said...

hi!! thanks for finding my blog, sorry it took awhile for me to respond, for some reason you were in spam, haha don't worry i got you out of there :)
looking over your story you are very right, we are pretty similar. and we will both rock recovery out!
& believe me my parents like to tell me my foodie pictures are weird too
happy tuesday!

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