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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The rest of my fam just left for the evening to Boston to watch some more field hockey! Me on the other hand, I didn't really feel like going after last nights dinner adventure and it is kind of cold out, so I passed on going. But luckily that means I get the whole house to myself for several hours =) woot woot! It is just me and Bella (my dog) for the night.

So before they left I did have lunch but I have NO PICTURES :( The reason is because my dad was yelling at me and was mad at me so I thought it would be better if I didn't take out my camera and start taking pictures of my food because that would have really set him off! Don't ya agree?

I did have a turkey sandwich w/ cheese, lettuce, a lil light mayo, along with an apple, some pretzels, and a glass of milk.

I also REALLY didn't want to go to Boston because I felt as though my family didn't want me to go and they would have a better time without me :( I also didn't wanna go after my dad had been yelling at me earlier this afternoon about me, ED, college, lacrosse, and everything else about me. Basically how ED has ruined my whole life and my future. So I thought it would be best for me to take some time away from him and to think about stuff.

For a snack this afternoon I had an Apricot Clif Bar and a G2. This was the second time I have had this flavor and I enjoyed it. This apricot flavored bar was soft and had just the right amount of sweetness to it!

Then later I felt like I needed some down time so I layed down for a bit and watched some tv for once! I watched Giuliana & Bill for the first time and it was a cute show, i really like them two together ;)

For dinner I cooked up some chicken and had some mixed veggies, a dinner roll w/ butter, and some milk.

the plate

the chicken was white, soft, and melt in yo mouth good :)

I am off to watch WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE with my pal regis :) and later I am gonna have a Vanilla Boost!


Lexi said...

I was just watching millionare too! lol, regis is back! great dinner, babe. and hey, I know your fam wanted you there so don't think that they had a better time without you. Love always

Anna said...

I know how great it can be to have the whole house to yourself for a little bit, but I'm sure your family would have enjoyed your company too. Great food, and hang in there with your parents. They're tough to deal with, but eventually everyone will understand where everyone is coming from.

Have a great Monday!

itsawrapteacher said...

I haven't watched millionaire in forever!Glad you found my blog! It looks like we can learn and support each other. Keep reading and I've added you to my blogroll :)

lookingforserenity said...

I tried fage too & was very disappointed :(

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