An Epic Deal!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Epic Deal!
Guess what I tried for the first time this morning? BROWN COW GREEK YOGURT! I was waiting to try this bad boy out until I finished all of my other yogurts, I was saving to try this last!I tried the Vanilla Brown Cow All Natural Greek Yogurt. This yogurt was delicious! This yogurt was very creamy and thick, it was not liquidy at all. This yogurt is filled with tons of protein! It also had a bit of flavor to it since it was vanilla, and that really added a nice touch. This morning I added a sliced banana with my yogurt and it was ahh-mazing! I would definitely recommend trying this Greek yogurt and I AM going to buy this product again soon :)An Epic Deal?
Yes, you heard me epic deal! The inside cover had a lil coupon waiting for me :) It is buy TWO yogurts and get ONE FREE! So not only did I get a delicous yogurt this morning I also got a great coupon! I can't wait to use it.The whole breakfast. I had Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt with a sliced banana, and an english muffin w/ 1 tbsp. PB & Co. Smooth Operator pb.
blurry pic of my engligh muffin...sorry!


For a morning snack I had a Vanilla Boost and a Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bar.
Lunch was a lot earlier for me today because well it is Tuesday and ya know what I have everyyyy Tuesday...a weigh in :)

For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and apple slices, serving of pretzels, the rest of the apple, and a glass of milk. Lately, as you can see I have become obsessed with paninis and apple slices in my sandwich. I just love them :)

my pics have been really blurry and bad lately because the past few days I have been trying not to let my family see me taking pictures of my food. So when they are around near the kitchen I have to take them quick. But when they aren't around I tend to take much better pictures and a lot moree!

So I had my weigh in today and this week my MOM actually came with me! I don't think she went with me for the whole month of July, I went by myself because she kind of gave up on me so to say?! But today she decided to come with me and I didn't mind at all because I know I have been doing well so there is nothing I should have been worried about. My regular doctor was not there today...AGAIN!! i swear it seems like every other week this woman is on vaca, gahd! but anways my nurse had to report to another doctor and she suggested that i add more to my dinner meals to help gaining because my dinners are not big enough. this "fill-in" doctor is A LOT stricter than my regular doctor.

After my doctors appointment we did a few errands, including the grocery store of course ;) i picked up a few necessities.

6 Chobani yogurts
Carrot Cake Clif Bar
5 Power Bars (2 vanilla, 2 cookies 'n cream, 1 chocolate)

Oh yes and how could I possibly forget to mention the wonderful package I received this afternoon from Nature's Path! In my package there was a box of Toaster Pastries, Optimum Strawberry & Yogurt Cereal, Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch, Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise Cereal, and Sunflower Agave Plus granola.

Thank you so much Nature's Path for these wonderful products, I cannot wait to try them all!


On Tuesday nights I also coach lacrosse with my two friends so we had that tonight, and we ended just in time for the downpours! This afternoon I had a chocolate Power Bar and G2 to hold me over, because dinner is always wicked late on nights with lacrosse.

And we were all very sad, but we did not make it to Panera tonight for dinner :( So I had to come home and make something for myself. I cooked up a Boca burger and mixed it in with pasta and tomato sauce, with a roll w/ butter, and some milk. I did not take a picture because I was just starving since it was soo late, sorry kiddos! I am gonna go relax for the night and have a Vanilla Boost for a dessert :)

Have a nice night!!


The Fit Collegiate said...

I feel you about the whole blurry pic thing when family members are around. My family finally knows about my blog after 2 months of oblivion, but even still I am very furtive about my photo-snapping. Which is why half of what I eat doesn't make it onto my blog!

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