Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM! Today she is turning the BIG 5-0 :) So it is a big birthday for her. I want to wish her a huge happy birthday today, i hope she has a fabulous day :) My mom means the world to me. She is more than just my mom, she truly is my best friend :) I share everything with her and she is always been there for me in thick and thin. From driving my sisters and I everywhere (i mean EVERYWHERE!), giving us everything we ever wanted, and loving us unconditionally, she is my mom, who I LOVE <3

typical family pic!


I woke up to NO SUN and it was cool out..ugh! What is this summer weather? I can't stand it. Is it that hard for it to be sunny out for just a few days! I guess so. For breaky I smushed up a banana and mixed it with a Vanilla Chobani yogurt with an english muffin w/ 1 tbsp. PB & Co. Smooth Operator with a glass of milk.

Okay so I am TOTALLY obsessed with breakfast! I just love breakfast foods and by far it is my favorite meal of the day :) Breakfast is the meal I enjoy the most because I eat it soon as I wake up and it is so relaxing to me!!

smooshed up naner


This morning I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't go on the computer until later this afternoon because I have been spending wayyyy to much time on the computer! Whoops. So I showered, had a snacker, Strawberry Boost and a Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bar then went off to Wall-dizzle aka WAL-MART with mom and sister. She did her school supply shopping and stuff while I picked up a few things.


I got some lovely Vanilla Boosts, Planters Mixed Nuts, Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread, Fruit & Nut Bars, and two Power Bars. I think that was it!

Then I came home and I could not wait to try the new bread I just bought! And today I did not have a turkey sandwich! I hud a tuna sandwich on my new oatmeal bread w/ light mayo, lettuce, and a tomato, along with a serving of pretzels, an apple, and milk. The bread was soo yummy :) Since I was having tuna I didn't wanna panini my sandwich because the bread was so fresh and soft, I didn't want to flatten the gorgeous bread, so I toasted them up to perfection ;)

my lunch

close up of my sandwich

Since today is my mom's birthday my dad wants to take her into Boston for the night for dinner! I however did already make plans with my two friends to have dinner at our high school lacrosse coaches' house tonight. I just made the plans last week saying yes and didn't really look to see the date...whoops! So now I dunno what I should do?

Of course I should really go with my fam into Boston for dinner but then again I already made plans with my friends and I hate to break them. And now obviuosly ED is kicking in! Telling me not to go to Boston for dinner because Italian food is all pasta and the restaurant portions are way too big and that I should just not go! But then if I go with my friends I hate to leave my family on my mom's birthday. I know if I go into Boston it is just going to be a catastrophe, like it always is when I go to restaraunts! They are just WAY too overwhelming for me and I always have bad experiences when I go and I ruin the whole evening for everyone! Now I am going to think about what I should do tonight! Any thoughts?!


Carly in Wonderland said...

Uh, thats a hard one! Going out to dinner is always so hard, and it is so overwhelming. ED loves taking advantage of those situations!! I'm sure your friends, and your mom would both understand. Youve probably made up your mind already seeing as how it is 5:30, but good luck!! If you do go, don;t get too overwhelemd, Just think about the portion sizes at walden and remember that anything can fit into your meal plan.

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