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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can you believe it is already August 1st? Because I can't!! Hopefully August will bring some sun and NO rain! So this morning I got to try my new products I bought at the store last night, PB & Co. Smooth Operator Peanut Butter and Vanilla Oikos Yogurt. Yes, you can say I was a PB & Co. and Oikos virgin, but not after this mornings breakfast, boo yahhhh. And no Chobani yogurts, don't worry I still love ya to death, but I decided to try some Oikos yogurt today.
Oikos yogurt with a sliced banana
freshly new opened peanut butter!!

My breakfast looked like this:

glass of milk
Oikos yogurt with a sliced banana
english muffin w/ 1 tbsp Smooth Operator pb

As for the PB & Co. Smooth Operator Peanut Butter I really enjoyed it. I thought it was going to be a bit different from what I expected. I thought it was going to be more creamy, but that is because I am used to Skippy's Natural CREAMY pb and this wasn't creamy, so there ya go! hah. So I think I learned I like creamy peanut butter the best. But overall, I loved how it was all natural and the ingredient list was great. Smooth Operator was just like regular old peanut butter but I am now anxious to try the other cool flavors!

Okay so this morning was my FIRST time having Oikos yogurt. I thought it was kind of different from Chobani. Oikos had a different texture than Chobani. I would say Oikos is more liquidy and not as thick. Oikos also is a tad bit expensive, so budget wise I would stick to Chobani, plus it has more protein in it as well ;) But don't get me wrong I would have Oikos again. You also get more yogurt with Chobani in a 6 oz. container than the 5.2 oz. Oikos yogurt for the same amount of cals. So ya get more deliciousness for ya buck with CHOBANI:)

But for more info check out

No more Skippy left :( Time to try some new pb :)

So I think tomorrow to get rid of this last drop of pb I am going to use the container as my bowl. I have seen a lot of bloggers do this when there is only a lil pb left. It is such a great idea and I can't wait to try it!


Right after breakfast I did not waste any time, I hopped right in the shower and got cleaning on my room. I had a Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bar and a Vanilla Boost while cleaning. I dusted, wiped, cleaned, and vaccumed my whole room. You name it...i did it. It took me nearly 2 hours! But in the end after all of my hard work it paid off and my room is spotless.

perfectly clean room :)

my computer desk


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