Don't ya wanna go swimmin?!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

So this afternoon was pretty layed back, didn't really do all that much. Just hung out around the house w/ mommacita and sisterss. Lunch was not all that exciting, turkey sandwich on Arnold's 100% whole wheat bread (yumm!), sliced apple, and pretzels all washed down with a glass of milk.
favorite bread right noww

But while I was enjoying my lunch inside I was totally ignoring all of the bickering from my mom and sisters trying to fix our pool. Yes it is August 1st and our pool is still NOT OPEN...typical us. As usual there was a problemoo with the pool, this year it had a whole in it. So momma finally fixed the hole (because my dad wants nothing to do with the pool anymore he says it is a pain in tha @$$). So my mom and sisters have been dealing with it lately. So this is what it looked like this afternoon, lovely ehh?

first the pool was a nice green color!

...then it turned into a lovely brown color!

Don't ya wanna go swimmin?

And that would be my youngest sis Alexa modelin' in the pic ;)

But I have to tell ya the pool is supposed to look like that right now, no joke! Because my mom just put loads of chemicals and stuff in it this afternoon so it will be clear soon (i hope so!)


For a snacker this afternoon I tried a Nature's Path bar FOR THE FIRST TIME!! I had the Optimun Energy Bar- Blueberry Flax & Soy with a G2. This bar was actually really good. It had the texture just like the Clif Z Bars. The bar was soft and had like a little coating of icing. It reminded me of a blueberry muffin ;) I have heard people microwaving bars like these. Maybe I should give it a try sometimee?!

couldn't wait to try this bar out, I started eating it before I took a picture...whoops!

For dinner I cooked up this shrimp lo mein stuff from Trader Joe's, it was alright. It had lo mein noodles, mini shrimp, and tons of veggies! The cousins just arrived at my house so I am peacin' outta hurr right now.


Jenna said...

Just making sure my comments work!! hah.

Carly in Wonderland said...

Oh, good you fixed it! I love your blog. I woke up at 5am and couldn't sleep so i decided to read all your posts haha (i am such a creeper).

Glad your pool is open! Hope you can enjoy it (when its clear) with amazing body image!

I was reading your book reviews- I really want to read gaining. I have read so many ED books! My fav is monkey taming. It isn't a helpful book like life without ed or anything, just a novel, but it's good.

I'm so happy you got a blog!

Jenna said...

Haha, ya i know i saw your fb message at like 5:20am, i was like damn what is this girl doin up that early?
My blog is coming along, it's alright i guess!
I am currently still reading Gaining right now, it is really good! I have never heard of monket taming, i will have to checkk it out. By far Life without ED was my fav book.

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