Fridays Food Finds

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Food Finds
Alright so yes it is a friday night and yes I went to shaw's at 9pm tonight and yes I know your completly jealous of me. I know! you don't have to tell mee ;) So I went to pick up a few things and came home with a bag full of goodies!

Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Bars
4 Vanilla Chobani yogurts
Power Bars (1 chocolate & 1 cookies 'n cream)
1 Vanilla Oikos yogurt
1 Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt

Ok so like I said before I was using Skippy Natural peanut butter and I just ran out of it today so I was excited about finally trying a different kind of peanut butter! I could not make up my mind in the store as to which peanut butter to buy! There are just so many good ones out there that everyone in the blog world keeps talking about! So I settled with Peanut Butter & Co. Smooth Operator, I thought I could not go wrong with PB & Co. because I have seem so many good reviews about all of their products!

I cannot wait to open this baby up tomorrow morning for breakfast! I am super excited. Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough!

I also picked up a Stonyfield Farm Oikos Vanilla yogurt to try out. I am a big Chobani girl and I am not very good with change but I have recently been trying new things and I have been working on switching things up because I have learned CHANGE IS GOOD! I am also super excited to try this new yogurt and i will let ya all know once I try it!

I have not really seen much of this Brown Cow yogurt around on the blog world besides my girl Jenny from PB & Jenny. She has been raving about it so I thought I would buy one and see what it is all about!

I am really excited about my new products I purchased tonight and I cannot wait to try them out.
Sweet Dreams Everyone!


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