The Pizza Dilemma

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Pizza Dilemma

Okay so tonight ED was really pissing me off, especially towards dinner time. My mom told me this afternoon that she was gonna get pizza for dinner. Pizza has always been one of my fear foods. ED was telling me "No, you will not have pizza like the rest of your family, you will have something else!" So I just went along with my mom saying yeah yeah whatever you can get pizza but I am not gonna eat it.
So as dinner time so approached I became really upset because ED kept telling me to not have pizza but on the other hand I really wanted to have the pizza because it is so delicious. My mom got two pizzas, one veggie and the other hawaiian. I really wanted the two slices of veggie, I mean it was thin crust, whole wheat, sauce, little cheese, and lots of veggies. What could be so bad? It is just pizza! And it was perfect because it had protein, carbs, fat, and veggies, it met my food plan, so why not have it?!

I came down from my room and into the kitchen and stared at the pizza for a moment, and ED told me "NO WAY are you going to have PIZZA, that is soo bad for you." I took his side and went into the kitchen for something I felt more comfortable with and started cooking it until my mom realized I was not having pizza for dinner and pulled a nutty. So I felt bad that she was mad and I was mad at myself so I took a deep breath, told ED to shut up, and told myself I could do it! I took the two veggie slices I wanted and sat down at the counter and enjoyed every single bite of my meal :) I was so proud of myself!

There is something about pizza that makes it have a bad reputation. The diet industry seems to think of pizza as a forbidden food that you should not have a lot of. But why?! I have learned to pick apart what I am eating to make sure I have everything I need. I ask myself does it have protein? Carb? Fruit/Veggies? Fat? And if say yes to everything on my list then I am good to go. Forget about the calories and just give your body what it needs!

So next time you sit down to have pizza please please please enjoy every single delicious bite because only live once! Bon Appetit.


Emilia said...

I swear to god I just had the infamous pizza dilemma yesterday....and won!! oh yeaaa
btw I'm just reading through your whole blog cause I basically have the same story...u have no idea how much you've helped me!! :)

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