Lil Rascals

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lil Rascals
Well hello fabulous friends and Happy glad the weekend is finally herrre! Today I babysat allll day for my lil cousins aka the lil rascals from 7:30am to 4:30 pm, yup you heard that right, 9 hours of h-e-double hockey sticks. Well actually it wasn't thatttt bad, but they are a handful fo sureeeee.

And no I am not talking about The Little Rascals, I am talking about my cousins the lil rascals Owen, Keira, and Olivia!!

My morning eats were:
*glass of milk
*english muffin with 1 tbsp. Skippy Natural pb
*Chobani yogurt and a very mushhhhy naner

After eating breakfast I was watching the Today Show (obvs) and the beautiful Channing Tatum was on...loooovveeeee. Can you sayyy "stud?"

there he issss!

with his gf, and guess what her name is? yupppp you guessed right.....JENNNA!!

on the cover of GQ mag

To get me through the morning I had a Strawberry Boost w/ a Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Bar. Then I hate a lil date with Tinkerbell ;)
i mean seriously whats a girl supposed to do for 9 hours with three lil ones? crayons + coloring books=jenna coloring tinkerbell while watching hannah montana all dayy.

I dont have many pics of my eats today because I was watching the cherrobs all day. But my lunch was veryyy boring anyways nothing special, milk, turkey sandwich, apple, and pretzels.

After being released from babysitting I came home showered and relaxed!! Had a cookies & cream powahh bah w/ a G2 for a snack. Oh yeah and obvs checked up on blogs, e-mails, fb, and twitter. YES, I do have a twitter acount, even though I said they were wicked stupid and that I would never get one...but I totally did and now I am officially addicted to it :)


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