Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good evening everyone! Sorry for not posting at all today but I was moving into COLLEGE =) My mom, youngest sister, and I all moved me in today! I don't have any posts of my food today because understand!
I woke up to my last breakfast at home for awhile :( So I made sure it was a good one, so obvs I had a yogurt mess with a glass of milk then I had to finish all of my packing, which actually was not all that bad!
The fully packed car, organized by your girl Jenna ;)
On the car ride up I snacked on a Boost with a serving of South Beach Diet Recommended Mix.
Once we arrived it was time to start unloading the car and setting up my room! It is so weird how boring and bland the room looks before you set up all of your things! So this is what my room looks like after we finished :)my comfy bed!
my desk and bed

Don't ya just love my room? Because I do :) Everything is green and blue and I lovess it! I was both excited yet nervous moving back into college. The moving in went really well, there was just sooo much stuff and it was really hot!

After all of that hard work I did setting up my room (hah!) I had to get some food into me. I went over to the caf and got roasted turkey on a whole wheat wrap with mustard, lettuce, and tomatoes, pretzels, an apple, and milk.

Then the say good byes came along =( I hate saying good bye especially to my family who I LOVE <3
But I have to tell you I was strong and did not shed a tear unlike last year.

After my mom and sister left I met up with the wonderful CARLY! We all hit up Target and Wal-Mart to get things for college that we obvs forgot and then went to the coffee shop for dinner.

I was quite scared to eat at the coffee shop because the menu is pretty limited and the whole menu seems like "bad foods" but I did find something on the menu that I could handle. I had the Marinated Grilled Chicken Sandwich on wheat bread toasted along with a delicious fruit cup! And let me tell you it was really good, the chicken was nice and white and the fruit cups are also very yummy! I was glad I found something on the menu I like so next time I go there I won't be so scared!

Tonight I am gonna watch Kourtney & Khloe take Miami b!tch and finish setting up my room then go to bed! Today has been a really long busy day and your girl Jenna and I am a lil tired!

Good Night!!


peacelovelife06 said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. congrats on getting back to college and having a successful move in day.

i am def adding you to my google reader. much love

Genesis said...

i love your colors! its really a daring pair. i never would have thought to combine the two.

glad you;re getting situated at school!

jibbalibba said...

i am loving you room its so clean :) and cute i am happy you have found something on the menu that you enjoy, it does sound just lovely tasting

Emily said...

good luck at college! your room is adorable :]

Julia said...

Your room looks great! Good luck with everything and please enjoy it:) Love, xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

lizzy said...

SUPER CUTE room girly! Goodluck today! (is it your 1st day of classes?) you will do great this semester!!! Can't wait to read about your 1st week back!

Carly in Wonderland said...

yahoo!! looks good! and you have alice on your door! I hate the coffee shop too but im glad you liked your sandwich. they also have really good turkey sandwiches that they toast. :)

*One Step at a Time* said...

I lived in that SAME dorm! Haha, this is too funny!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

You dolled your dorm up--love it!!

I also like the green/blue theme--really relaxing and mod!!

I watched K&K Take Miami too..they are two crazzzy chicas for sure!

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

Such a cute room!! I love blue and green!

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