Nut Lovin'

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is anyone out there? Do I still have any readers? Well I sure hope so! I know I have been kind of MIA for the past week or so but I just really have been busy and truth be told I just haven't had anything important or fun to share so I really didn't want to just blog to blog and bore you. I have been nannying every weekday and this week I was dealing with some personal family issues but now everything seems to be well and now I am here ready to blog :)

The other day I made a quick lil trip to TJ's :)Got some naners, 2 frozen meals, eggplant parm, and ALMOND BUTTER!Yup that's right I bought myself some Trader Joe's Almond Butter. I have seen all over the blog world (especially this lovely lady) and heard great reviews about it and I cannot wait to give it a try!!
I also went to the grocery store with my mom that same night and grabbed a few essentials.
PB & Co. WHITE CHOCOLATE WONDERFUL! I was so happy when I found this beauty on the shelf because I haven't been able to find it but alas Stop & Shop had it :) So of course ya know me I just had to buy it! I can't wait to try this as well!

It was kind of funny because that same morning I was reading this lovely girl's blog and she mentioned how she couldn't find WCW peanut butter anywhere and then I commented how I couldn't either but then I later found it that day. Yeah, I know I'm weird ;) Just bear with me!

Some eats lately...Kashi Mighty Bites. Let's just say I have been consuming many yog messes lately since of the hot weather recently! But hey, I am so not complaining about the summer weather or my yogurt mess consumption ;)Yoplait Greek yogurt, Kashi Mighty Bites, banana, and Creamy Natural Skippy peant butter.Trader Joe's Os! Taste just like Cheerios but more light and air-y.
Enough pics of yogurt messes to bore you with? I think so!Yogurt Mess in a JarYoplait Greek yogurt, Honey Nut Cheerios, banana, and the rest of the pb in a jar. Love me some YMIAJ ;)
Yesterday I went out to lunch with my mom and grammy at a cute lil Irish pub :)For my meal I ordered the Baked Haddock with a side of rice pilaf and a house salad with Italian dressing. This piece of fish was awesome, lightly topped with bread crumbs and was perfectly baked!

I tried this Kashi Frozen dinner meal for the first time, Lemongrass Cocounut Chicken.Chicken with broccoli florets, carrots, sugar snap peas served over whole grains and sesame with red quinoa pilaf topped with a lemongrass coconut sauce and coconut flakes.Let me tell you this meal did not disappoint. Which I should have expected nothing less anyways since pretty much all Kashi products are delish! This meal was very good and will definitely purchase in the future!Chicken Kabobs with rice pilaf and grilled veggies. Delicious melt in my mouth cheeseburger with lettuce and tomatoes in a toasted bun. I must say my mom has been on a grilling kick lately which I don't mind at all because after all it is summertime and time for barbeques!

What a post that was! I am really going to try harder to post more and include more of my eats. Perhaps a post tomorrow? We shall see ;) I seem to be "gung ho" on my breaky meals and not so much on lunch, dinners, or snacks :O So I am hoping to change that as well!

Off to get ready for the day :) Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Do you have any fun plans?!


Obsessed With You

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well hello love pies! It feels great to be posting again!! Hope you all have been fabuloso since I last posted as I have been busy busy since then. This summer I am working as a nanny and I didn't waste anytime starting my job as I started it the day after I got home from college last Thursday!

Where are you workin' this summer?!

So you could pretty much say that I am now obsessed with oats ;) I mentioned it last week but I just wanna show ya how much I am.

I had some Oats in a Jar (OIAJ) which is not like me because since I am the queen of yogurt messes I tend to make yogurt messes in a jar, but not this time!
This was just a packet of oats cooked with water in the micro, then mixed with a banana in an almost empty pb jar, and then all shooken up. I must say that is the KEY to good oats in a jar. After you have everything you want in your jar, put the top on and shake it up to get it all mixed up. I swear, give it a try! It will not disappoint.finally took a picture as I was half way into it!Need I tell you how good it was?But it was not a sad morning to let that pb jar go in the recycle bin because I had a brand new jar waiting to be opened the next morning! I am also obsessed with Skippy Natural Creamy pb because it is soo good and creamy. This pb is so creamy and delicious when I eat it by the spoon I need to have a gulp of milk to wash it all down!Peanut Butter & Jelly oats!Maple Sugar & Cinnamon Oats topped wtih banana and Natural Skippy creamy pb with a glass of milk.I have been snackin' on many Kind Bars, as my favorite flavor is the Fruit & Nut Delight.Because I am a Subway kind of girl I have of course already been there since I got home having the usual turkey & swiss cheese on whole wheat with an apple, pretzels, and milk.

Are you a fan of Subway or D'Angelos?!
turkey & cheese panini with pear, pretzels, and milk.Lunch on the go. Can we just look at the ooey gooey cheese melting out? Holy yummm! Also can we look at how I managed to burn this beaut but none the less it was still delish. A lil burnt sandwich never hurt anyone!
Okay so you can also say I am quite obsessed with Panera Bread (as if you couldn't already tell). I know it's a problem and it needs to stop...actually hell no it does not ;) Who am I kidding? This would be the Salmon Mediterranean Salad with a baguette on the side while watching Miss. USA.

Now I know a lot of you are probably asking yourself why I let myself watch Miss. USA this past Sunday night as it could be quite triggering for me as I recover and I understand where you are coming from but let me explain.

Pre-ED I would have no problem watching these shows and pagaents with all the beautiful women flaunting their rockin' bodies as I wish I could be like them but then again I was quite satisfied with my body back then and never had a problem with food or anything! I was happy and healthy and loved my life :)

But now as I recover from an ED I still don't have a problem watching these shows with all the beautful woman. I don't find it all that triggering but I definitely watch the show in a different way as I did pre-ED. I now seet these women as beautiful and healthy. I noticed that NONE of the women competing in Miss.USA were ultra skinny or stick thin. They all carried healthy weight on them and looked great. But most importantly they looked happy in their bodies. It really opened my eyes and showed me that in order to be a beautiful healthy young women you do NOT have to be super skinny.

Now these are just my thoughts and opinions I wanted to share and I know everyone alse has their own! You may agree or disagree with me but that is what I think!

Miss. USA 2010 Rima Fakih from Michigan.

I am really interested on what your thoughts are about Miss. USA. Do you find it triggering to you?! Do you like this pageant or not?!

Now onto more eats...
This would be a Rustic Super Veggie Pizza topped with generous amounts of broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and olives. Can you say holy yum?! I haven't had pizza in so long and it was just what I was craving last Friday night. I had two big slices to fill up my tummy for dinner :) Another dinner was a bowl of elbow pasta with marinara sauce topped with a piece of breaded chicken.

Well that is all I got for ya today on this rainy cold Wednseday. Summer weather is comin' tomorrow and I could not be more excited! Hello 70 and 80 degree weather!


The first day :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well HELLO BLOGGIES! How are you all doing these days? It seems like forever since I last posted...well that's because it was ;) But anyways I am back in action!

Finals are finally ALL over with, which went well, and I am officially on summer vacation! Wahooo :)

So yesterday morning I had my last final and then I packed up and headed on home.
My room went from looking like this...
to thisss :(

At the same time I am beyond happy and excited to be on summer break (because I definitely need it!) but I am also sad that school is over. But to look on the bright side I have a nice long 3 1/2 month long summer to enjoy and then it will be time to head back to school and plus I still have 3 more years of college ;)

Note this is just some of what my eats have looked like since I have been very busy lately with studying and all. Now that I am on summer break and will have lots more time I am hoping to be posting LOTS more of my eats! Stay tuned :)

Yogurt Messes in a Jar (YMIAJ). My lil own creation!Vanilla Brown Cow yog, Kashi Go Lean, banana, and the rest of Mighty Mapes pb! and of course more yog messes.
currently addicted to almonds, just sayin'.Typical lunches have been turkey wraps with fruit, apples, and milk. love me some sushi!Bow tie pasta with marinara sauce topped with sliced chicken. 'Twas a delicioso dinner!Last night I went out to dinner with my best friend at Panera Bread and I got the Salmon Meditteranean Salad with bread on the side. Now the first time I had this salad it was just okay but this time around it was much better! It was probably because last time I got it to go, but wo knows. I was so excited to see my bestie as we were able to catch up on each others lives!

This morning I had to get up at the crack of dawn to babysit and get my cousins of to school on the bus. Now of course I would have rather slept in since it was my first night back at home! But let's face it...this girl needs money, so I was up and at 'em!

But to look on the brighter side, my morning breakfast was something to look forward too! Now I know I have said this multiple times before that I was not a big fan of oatmeal. Well I guess I was sort of lying to you guys because I absolutely loved it this morning!
I had a nice bowl of Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal topped with a huge ripe banana and a blob of Natural Skippy peanut butter with a glass of milk on the side :) It was OMG foodgasm in my mouth! Oh and of course with a side of the daily newspaper. I gotta keep up with everything that's going on ;)

I think the previous times when I had oatmeal and didn't like it was because I used plain old oats (like the ones you use for cooking) and they had no flavor whatsoever. They were total BLAH! I didn't know this until after I finished them when my mom told me NOT to use those and to try the Instant Oatmeal packets! Whoops! I had no clue what I was doing. Thank god for my mom ;)

So that is what I used this morning and they were soo good! I can't wait to try the other oatmeal flavors in the future as I can promise you I will be having oatmeal more often ;) And also I was excited to see that my cousin's had a nearly empty pb jar that I can't wait to use for OATS IN A JAR tomorrow morning when I have to babysit again! Hollah!

So I am off to enjoy my first day of summer vaca but then I am headed back over to get the cousins off the bus and babysit some more! I guess you could call me a "nanny" for the summer ;)

What is your favorite flavor oatmeal?!

Ta ta for now my loves! For those of you who are still in school, good luck with finals and for those on you already on vaca, enjoyyy!


Birthday Recap

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey! So the last time I posted was last Thursday on my birthday and I just wanna give ya a lil recap ;)I received lots of balloons, flowers, and cards from my family and friends at school. They even tied a balloon to my chair in the dining hall at dinner! Oh how I love them all!Then we celebrated my birthday by going to a lil concert with Matt Nathanson & Justin DeRulo at my school, no biggie. To put it simple, it was amazing! Afterwards, my girls and I went to the bonfire on campus for a bit which was fun! Overall, I had a great 20th Birthday :)

Just a few pics of some of my eats...
Typical yogurt messes with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, banana, and PB & Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter. A cute smiley breakfast ;) A plain bagel, half with peanut butter and the other half with jam along with a banana.Yoplait Strawberry yog & Kellogg's Granola with raisins.yogurt & granola mess. Holy yum! I am in love with granola now and will defs be using it more and more ;)

The weather this past week has definitely felt not like spring, but summer! The temps have been in the 70's and 80's and I am lovin' it! I love how the weather is so strange, I swear it goes from winter to summer with only a few days that actually feel like spring!
Since the weather has been so HOT lately I have been drinking lots of water for hydration, gatorade for electrolytes, and also adding a lil something extra into my meal plan through out the day. A Banana Strawberry Smoothie that I sometimes get during the day for a cool refreshing drink!

Before I peace out I can't forget to tell you all who won my Justin's giveaway! Drum roll please...and the winner is # 54 Christen! Congrats and please e-mail me ASAP and if I don't hear from you soon I will have to pick a new winner and I am sure you don't want that to happen (or at least I wouldn't). So e-mail me soon to claim those lil packets of pb ;)

Oh yes and I forgot to tell you I went home for a bit this weekend because it was my birthday last week and my cousin's first communion Saturday. So I went home Friday evening and then came back up early Sunday morning because it was Funday Sunday here at my school and I definitely did not want to miss it and I am glad I didn't because it was wicked fun :)

Well I think I am gonna go relax and begin studying for finals that begin this week?! We shall see!