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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well HELLO BLOGGIES! How are you all doing these days? It seems like forever since I last posted...well that's because it was ;) But anyways I am back in action!

Finals are finally ALL over with, which went well, and I am officially on summer vacation! Wahooo :)

So yesterday morning I had my last final and then I packed up and headed on home.
My room went from looking like this...
to thisss :(

At the same time I am beyond happy and excited to be on summer break (because I definitely need it!) but I am also sad that school is over. But to look on the bright side I have a nice long 3 1/2 month long summer to enjoy and then it will be time to head back to school and plus I still have 3 more years of college ;)

Note this is just some of what my eats have looked like since I have been very busy lately with studying and all. Now that I am on summer break and will have lots more time I am hoping to be posting LOTS more of my eats! Stay tuned :)

Yogurt Messes in a Jar (YMIAJ). My lil own creation!Vanilla Brown Cow yog, Kashi Go Lean, banana, and the rest of Mighty Mapes pb! and of course more yog messes.
currently addicted to almonds, just sayin'.Typical lunches have been turkey wraps with fruit, apples, and milk. love me some sushi!Bow tie pasta with marinara sauce topped with sliced chicken. 'Twas a delicioso dinner!Last night I went out to dinner with my best friend at Panera Bread and I got the Salmon Meditteranean Salad with bread on the side. Now the first time I had this salad it was just okay but this time around it was much better! It was probably because last time I got it to go, but wo knows. I was so excited to see my bestie as we were able to catch up on each others lives!

This morning I had to get up at the crack of dawn to babysit and get my cousins of to school on the bus. Now of course I would have rather slept in since it was my first night back at home! But let's face it...this girl needs money, so I was up and at 'em!

But to look on the brighter side, my morning breakfast was something to look forward too! Now I know I have said this multiple times before that I was not a big fan of oatmeal. Well I guess I was sort of lying to you guys because I absolutely loved it this morning!
I had a nice bowl of Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal topped with a huge ripe banana and a blob of Natural Skippy peanut butter with a glass of milk on the side :) It was OMG foodgasm in my mouth! Oh and of course with a side of the daily newspaper. I gotta keep up with everything that's going on ;)

I think the previous times when I had oatmeal and didn't like it was because I used plain old oats (like the ones you use for cooking) and they had no flavor whatsoever. They were total BLAH! I didn't know this until after I finished them when my mom told me NOT to use those and to try the Instant Oatmeal packets! Whoops! I had no clue what I was doing. Thank god for my mom ;)

So that is what I used this morning and they were soo good! I can't wait to try the other oatmeal flavors in the future as I can promise you I will be having oatmeal more often ;) And also I was excited to see that my cousin's had a nearly empty pb jar that I can't wait to use for OATS IN A JAR tomorrow morning when I have to babysit again! Hollah!

So I am off to enjoy my first day of summer vaca but then I am headed back over to get the cousins off the bus and babysit some more! I guess you could call me a "nanny" for the summer ;)

What is your favorite flavor oatmeal?!

Ta ta for now my loves! For those of you who are still in school, good luck with finals and for those on you already on vaca, enjoyyy!



Ilana said...

I had that exact same combo of oatmeal for breakfast (oats, apples, cinnamon, banana, pb)! My favorite ever though is ... oats+banana+strawberries+cocoa powder+peanut butter+cinnamon. It's like a brownie...that's actually good for you...for breakfast! Amazing. And it gets my chocolate craving the hell outta the way.

When you do oats in a jar be careful if the jar is plastic! Theyre prone to melt...ha. Not that I would know or anything...

Have a great summer break missy!!

Gabriela said...

Congrats on being DONE! Doesn't it feel so great to be home?! Hope you're enjoying your first full day of summer girl!!

I like the regular unflavored oats, but with lots of toppings cooked in, like a banana, cocoa powder and PB! Delicious!

Missy said...

Congrats on being done for the year! I am jealous :) I love plain oats but I add in cinnamon, peanut butter, banana, granola, and whatever else I'm in the mood for!

tia @ dietcolagirl said...

I am not an oatmeal eater but maybe it's because Ive been having the rolled oats, just like you! I'll have to try the instant packets. Congrats on being done with exams!!! Enjoy your summer and I'm looking forward to more of your posts.

tia @ dietcolagirl

Cara said...

I love plain oats! I actually can't stand the flavored ones. They taste too sweet to me.

Yay for being done with school!

Anonymous said...

eeeh, I don't like flavored oatmeal. I just get the plain quick oats, cook it w/ cinnamon and milk and add PB and granola, so it tastes good that way!

Anonymous said...

Next time: try milk instead of water, so much better!

x Julia (Taste of Living)

Jenna said...

i am gonna have to try oats with cocoa powder! sounds delishhh!

Anonymous said...

Hi beautiful girl!!
CONGRATS on finishing the semester...and heck yes to SUMMERTIME!!! ahhhh! the eats look yummay!
I have to say that I love the classic banana and PB oats! my second fav are PB&J oats!
I hope youve been having a great week!

Amanda @ HopeHasAPlace said...

Hey thanks for the comment! I'm def following you. ;)

I use rolled oats to make oatmeal... the instant packets are just too sugary for my tastes. I just flavor up the oats on my own! A good dash of cinnamon, some ginger, honey or a bit of brown sugar... mashed banana, raisins, yogurt, pb or ab, jam... endless combinations and so much fun! (Never tried cocoa powder, but that's a brilliant idea!) Plus it's waaay cheaper to buy a big container of oats vs the packets, which is important in a college student's budget!

I'm also on an almond kick. My favorite nut everrr!

Anonymous said...

Jenna! Congratulation for finishing, you should be so proud of yourself.
This year has been a challenging one, but you have grown so much and promise me to take a more than well deserved break now, oki? :)
Heal your body and mind even more, and sky is the limit girlie.
We eat the same pretzels btw, pretzels for princesses, indeed, haha ;)

Becca said...

yay for summer vacation!! that picture of your dorm makes it look SO empty! haha. thank you for your honest, genuine comment on my blog the other day. i really do appreciate it.
your eats look yummy!! looking forward to seeing you posting more often :] <3

Amy said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I love yours!! Congratulations on being finished, my holidays are in just over a month, and I can't wait!!

My favourite flavour oatmeal would have to be oats with cinnamon and brown sugar. Simple but deeeelish (:

Amy xx

Emma said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You to have a great blog and I can't wait to read more. Yoghurt messes in a jar looks like a good idea! I hope you have a lovely holidays!

Megan said...

I am fan of plain jane oats. ;)

I'm glad to hear that you're finally done though! Summer vacation! yay!!

When do you find out your grades?

Kelsey said...

yay!! i missed you!!! hehe

LOVELY OATS!!! ur amazing!! my fav oatmeal is with walnuts and bananas.. ooO and cinnamon on top! hehe

Anonymous said...

welcome back girl and congrats on finishing!! i remember moving out of my was a bitter sweet moment. enjoy your summer!!

i like plain oats and i add things in it. flavored oats are good too but sometimes they taste funn depending on the flavor. the banana ones are always good. yum! i'll mix a packet of the flavor one with the plain one to balance things out.

love me some sushi too :)

Ilana said...

Hey Jenna! When I use cocoa powder in my oats, I usually use 2-3 tablespoons, and half of a mashed banana because I like to use unsweetened oats and this helps sweeten it up and make it really creamy. I really think it tastes kind of like chocolate cookie dough! I hope you try it! It's amazing!

Anonymous said...

mhmm I am currently addicted to yog messes and I think you are to thank/blame (hahaha). yay for being done school for the year!! it feels so good eh?
come check out my blog if you get a chance and have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said... it :)

Yeah for finals being done--it was always so hard to see my room at the dorm or sorority empty when I left!

You know, I have never tried oatmeal....

....perhaps on my list of things to try?

Natalie @ cinnamonbums said...

hi jenna! thanks for stopping by my blog, i appreciate it! i love this post because i'm moving out of my dorm room right now (as i write this, i'm taking a break) - and boy is it exhausting/overwhelming, but i can't wait until i am back home in california (tomorrow!).

my favorite flavor of oatmeal is pumpkin-almond butter... with bananas! yum

KCwhit said...

VANILLA OATS!!! I put a scoop of vanilla protein powder in my oats... yummmyyyyy. I like to put pb and banana with it too, heavenly!

Anonymous said...

it's always sad moving out; going home is hard!

Michal said...

Hi girl! Congratulations on being done for the summer yeay! I have 8 days of school left and I dont think that I can make it :( My favorite kind of oats? hmm.... i love banana brulee oats!

Karen said...

I do what KCwhit said:
"VANILLA OATS!!! I put a scoop of vanilla protein powder in my oats... yummmyyyyy. I like to put pb and banana with it too, heavenly"

I have eaten that everyday for several months now. They are so delicious and you can add anything.. on top of the above mentioned I also add cinnamon, flaxseeds and almond milk, it's filling and helps maintain my weight. I love it!

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