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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello pumpkins! Hope ya had a great start to your school and/or work week! Mine was very busy filled with 2 classes, 1 lecture, & 1 lab, and tonight I have to study all night for my Microbiology test tomorrow!

But before I shower and study tonight I think I will take the time to write this post for you all ;)
Last night for a snack I had another Creamy Chocolate Milkshake! This one was extra yummy because I frooze it at home for a few hours and then let it defrost so it tasted like a nice cold milkshake ;)This morning for breaky I had a blueberry yog mess with Blueberry Brown Cow yogurt and Kashi Heart to Heart Oat Flakes Wild Blueberry Clusters mixed with PB & Co. DCD peanut butter with milk on the side. 'Twas a delicious mess!My morning snack was a Vanilla Boost and an Almond & Apricot Kind Bar. These bars are really good! I tried this flavor for the first time and again did not let me down. This flavor had almonds and aprictos obviously! But what I loved about this bar was the pieces of coconut it had it in. The coconut took this bar to a whole other level!

On Mondays lunch is eaten during lecture...kinda awkward but hey it's what I gotta do!
I had a turkey & swiss wheat wrap with milk.Along with an apple and a bag of pretzels.

As you can see by my notes I have been spending every second I have today studying!
While studying I had a snack, a Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif Bar. This was my first time trying this bar and it was delish! It had a nice coating of icing on top and was filled with peanuts and pieces of toffee! Mmmm. I could really taste the peanut butter and the toffee :)

Then before I knew it it was already time for dinner :/ I have been having a really hard time at school with dinner and when I eat it. At home I usually eat dinner around 7pm but at school my girls usually go as early as 5! It is just really early for me because typically while I am home I don't even have my afternoon snack til like 4 or 4:30ish! So going to dinner this early at school is hard for me because it just seems like I had my afternoon snack :/ But none the less I do go to dinner with my girls despite what time it is because no matter what time it is I am going to have to have dinner eventually, so the time shouldn't even matter!
Dinner tonight was Mahi Mahi with green beans with mint, ginger rice, and an artisan panini roll with milk.

Today was just another Monday for me but I was feeling kind of blah today and I was letting ED get to me a lot :/ This past weekend I did pretty well while at home. I was glad I went home because I truly feel I do better at home and I knew I couldn't afford to slip so I thought going home would keep me in line and it did! I had no trouble eating and I did not let ED get to me. I like when I am at home I have the freedom to eat my meals and snacks when I want and spread them out evenly through the day which causes less stress for me. But while at school with classes and friends, my eating schedule is not always how I would like it to be, sometimes I have to eat my snack closer to my meal etc. This causes a little more stress on me because I would like to spread out my snacks and meals through the day so it does not seem like I am constantly eating. So that is one issue I am trying to deal with.

My Microbiology test is not gonna like me tomorrow morning if I don't study tonight so I gotta go shower and then study study study!!

Night loves :)



Anonymous said...

good luck on your test girly! Fuel up with some pop corn and candy mixed in with it (that was always my fav study snack when I was in college) I usually liked kettle corn with resses peices. mmm mmm good!


Anonymous said...

Mmm that peanut toffee sounds delish!! Good luck on your test, girl!!!!

Katie said...

I tried to put my new blog title in, but my computer keeps stalling.
Anyway, sorry it was cut off, but hopefully you got my reply.

Katie (livinglifeandlovin said...

First I want to say it is so refreshing to read posts from you that seem very genuine, and sound like you-please don't take this the wrong way, but it was obvious when you were struggling and no one says you have to say it, but even little blurbs like tonight (and in recent posts though I haven't commented), really speak to the fact that you are, I don't know...working really hard to be in a different space.

ANYWAY, about the snacks/meals while at school-my best advice is to contact your nutritionist and see how you can add to your meals and maybe spread your snacks out on certain days, what I mean is take a snack and add those exchanges into a couple meals. This might be hard because you don't cook for yourself, but it might be a good challenge also. PLEASE ASK YOUR NUTRITIONIST about this (sorry for the caps, but this is something you and your nutrish should work out). It might also be as easy as asking her about adding some fats to your fats to other meals or something (like butter on your roll at dinner, or even a mayo at lunch-you don't seem to get any, if at all fat) and you could ask more dense things like granola. You don't want to try things without asking her-you don't want to compromise your progress. Talk to her though-I'm sure you can call her and even ask for a phone appointment, especially since going back to school was so -well you fought to get back to school so just ask her and not the blogworld.
Hang in there.

One other thing you can ask her about is

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that milkshake looks delicious! I know what you mean about dinner. Our cafeteria closes at 7 and I usually get done running around 4:30 or 5 and I'm not hungry yet. But I have to go before it closes. Good luck on your test and stay strong girl!! Show ED who is boss! Have a great night!

*Andrea* said...

that milk shake idea sounds good!! my myschool sells chocolate odwalla drinks, i may try it with that. i also love those kind bars..i ate through the giveaway i won on your blog of the kindbars in like 3 days :)

good luck readjusting to school. you can do it! try experimenting.. maybe have your snack after dinner instead of before since it's so close time-wise? or try having half before dinner and half after? just some ideas that i have to play around with at school too. i love a routine though so i feel your pain. have a great week! monday's almost over ;)

Gabriela. said...

Awww, lovie - I´m glad you´re still fighting.
I´m so proud of you!
I know it´s hard. But remeber - you can do it!
Have a terrific week, and good luck on your test!
Brazilian XOXO´s,

Katie said...

I think, if I know Jennas meal plan it is Breakie, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack....so I agree w/ Katie and talk to your nutritionist and see how you can change up your exchanges, make things a little more dense. When I was in treatment I found that as I increased my intake it helped to condense things-like for breakfast I had granola/yog/pb/fruit and an egg on toast-play around w/ the exchanges w/ your nutritionist -and you can make it work. And you will FEEL good.
Keep going.

Katie said...

I just wrote a comment w/ my own name in it-Clearly TIRED!

Hang in there Jenna.

(blog should be working by tomorrow, hopefully you will join it)

Julie said...

Talk to your nutritionist and see if you how you can add exchanges in throughout the day-you don't have any fats at lunch or dinner -talk to your team. You can do it.


Molly said...

good luck on your test and way to push through your ED thoughts today.. you are on the right track Jenna! love the yogurt mess! mm blueberries

Janetha said...

looks like it was a good monday! have a great week babe!

Anonymous said...

hey girl- keep on challenging yourself!! you are going to be great :) and def talk to your friends so maybe sometimes u can eat at a later time with them & other days u eat earlier with them- compromise, u know?

Anonymous said...

I used to think that eating at school is harder too with classes and stuff but now that I have my own place and not relying on the opening and closing times of the dorm cafeterias makes it kind of easier.

Good luck on your exams and stuff and try not to led ED get to you. You're doing well!

PS.I haven't had chocolate milk in forever. It sounds so good.

Hedda said...

Oh, I do know that feeling of constantly eating- but you know that is what you must do now in order to heal your body and mind. It is what you need, no matter how uncomfortable it might seem right now.
I eat 7 times a day, it was very hard in the beginning, but you get used to it. It is not such a high price to pay for getting your life back, or what do you think?

Rachel said...

I think the Anons are trying to help, although they are a tad blunt.
Anyway, maybe try to switch up your lunch a bit. I think someone mentioned mayo or some butter on your roll at dinner. I do think more calories are needed here, fats especially.

Jenna, I too have a problem, so I do know what you're going through. It's certaintly not easy.
Keep up the good work.

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

keep up the good work jenna, i think with ED we rely so much on patterns and sticking to a schedule, its hard to let go of those feelings that are screaming "its not time to eat yet!!!!!!".. maybe at 5, eat your nighttime snack and then its two snacks in a row and then a bigger meal later on, then you can skip the other snack, so you still get it all in, just at different times.. but anyway, repeating what everyone is saying, speak to your nutrish about it- that is definitely what she is there for!!!

Tricia said...

hope your test went well!

Jenna said...

Next week when I meet with my nutritionist while on easter break i am definitely going to see if we can move around some stuff on days when i eat dinner early!

Jenna said...

Shelley- I defs think that is a great idea. I should compromise with my girls on when we eat dinner!

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