My Friday afternoon

Friday, January 8, 2010

TGIF beauties! The weekend has finally arrived after the first full week after the Holidays! How was everyones week?! It seemed like it went by soo slow!

My Friday was spent working my 5 hour shift this morning at the mall followed by some of this...

InTouch and People,along with some repeats of Jersey Shore ;) Gotta love Snooki! Haha. Who is your favorite person on Jersey shore?

Was a perfect Friday afternoon after a day at work!

Then I thought I would show ya all my cool iPhone covers I got last week. I have a total of 5 (counting the Ed Hardy one I already have on my iPhone!)

So there ya have it, a very short short post of what my Friday afternoon looked like. Pretty exciting, eh?!

For dinner tonight I had a Cedarlane Couscous & Vegetable Veggie wrap. This was my first time trying a Cedarlane product and it did not disappoint!Have you ever tried any of their products before? The wrap was filled with mozzarella, zucchini, olives, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and green chilis topped with the perfect amount of seasoning! I will definitely be buying more of these in the future. To go with my wrap I had a side of rice mixed with veggies and a glass of milk. It was a nice healthy Mexican dinner :)

What are your plans for tonight?
I think I am laying low tonight, but who knows what I will end up doing! Have a great fun Friday night :)



Anonymous said...

ah I LOVE those iphone covers! and I do love the jersey shore :) I just watched it on my computer and it had me laughing out loud. The situation is rediculous. I might like Vinny the best or Ronnie, they seem the nicest and most genuine.. (HATE the situation!)

Im going out tonight and Im rather excited! Its been a while since Ive seen the downtown scene :) have a good friday night girly :)

xo- Molly

Anonymous said...

Mmmm I love Cedarlane! I buy their burritos/wraps sometimes when I'm at school and am too lazy to make dinner. Never had the couscous/veg wrap before though- sounds super loaded with fabulous veggies!

Anonymous said...

My plans are to laaay low. I wish I had your tabloid mags to read! I haven't bought any in a while...hmmm...last minute run to the grocery store?? haha

Jess said...

Cute phone covers! I don't really watch Jersey shore, it seems like quite the crazy show ;)

Sounds like a lovely Mexican dinner!
<3 jess

homecookedem said...

Hey Jenna! Thanks for entering my giveaway!! I love that cedarlane couscous wrap!! So tasty!! :) Have a great night!!

Missy said...

Cute phone covers! I'm a huge Jersey Shore fan! Your dinner sounds good! I'll have to try that! Not doing anything tonight..had too much of a party night last night lol.

Danielle (Coffee Run) said...

I've tried Cedarlane products, they're good! I refuse to watch Jersey Shore lol. Only because I know once I do...I'll be hooked ;)

Anonymous said...

wow that's a lot of iPhone covers!! i only have one, and it's ripping...time to invest in a new one! hope you have a great night, wahtever you end up doing

Anonymous said...

i just got back from hanging out with some friends and a bball game!! its almost 1am.. i need to go to bed!! gota watch the new jersey shore.. ive had the cedarlane pizza wrap and it was GOOD :)

Anonymous said...

have a great weekend, love! cedarlane makes great products

Anonymous said...

i love me some jersey shore! such a guilty pleasure. snooki is by far my fav :)

hope you are having a good weekend!

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