Happy 101 Award

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hey Sweet Friends! I hope your day has been muy bueno! I was busy today running errands with my dad all afternoon and then going to both of my sister's basketball games!

I thought we were only going to the phone store to reduce something from our phone bill and then we would be home shortly so I could eat lunch. But we ended up also going to
Trippi's to get him work socks, the phone store, an oil change for his car, the grocery store, and the bank. Had he told me we were going all around town I would have packed a lil snack for the ride! Come on dad ;)

By the time we got home it was nearly 3 o'clock and I was starving. For lunch I made myself a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with the fixings, pretzels, apple, and a glass of milk. I nearly had to scarf it down since we had to leave for my youngest sis basketball game. Both of their teams lost but they were both close games! Let's hope tomorrow they will both bring home two wins ;)

I have been honored by my girl Shelley for the Happy 101 Award :)

The rules for this award are to list
10 things that make me happy and then try to do at least one of them everyday. Then I also need to tag 10 bloggers who brighten my day! But I just want to let you all now that each and everyone of you beautiful bloggers brighten my day ;)
So without further ado, here goes nothing...

1. My family- I have a very wonderful close family whom I love dearly. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for them. We are very close and spend lots of time together. Even though we have our ups and downs, we are always there for one another.

2. My best friend- I am very blessed to have my best friend Claire who I have known since the second grade. She is my one friend who has been there by my side through thick and thin and I am proud to say she is my one true best friend.

3. Blogging- I am so glad I finally made my own blog this past year. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love the blogging community and all the wonderful benefits it has to offer.

4. Music- I love listening to music! It puts me in a great mood and I also love discovering new music and I must say I love iTunes.

5. Sudoku puzzles- Yeah call me a nerd, it's cool! But I will say I love solving sudoku puzzles. They could keep me busy all day, legit!

6. Vacations- I love going on vacations with my family and getting away from everything and spending time with them.

7. Yogurt Messes- I must say I have quite an obsession with yogurt messes (if you couldn't already tell) since I have one nearly every morning! Nothing beats a nice bowl of yogurt, cereal, and fruit topped with peanut butter!

8. Shopping- I love making money but I must say I also loveee spending it :)

9. Relaxing- Even though I like to be on the go and always be doing something, I really love down time and relaxing. I am a true home body at heart. I love snuggling up in my jammies under the blankets and taking a nap or watching a movie.

10. Reading- One thing I haven't done in awhile is read a good book. I mean I read enough trash magazines but I haven't actually sat down and read a good book since the summer when I went on a reading hiatus!

So there ya have it...10 things that make me happy!

Now I will pass this Happy 101 Award onto 10 more beautiful bloggers, even though you know I love you all :)

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday evening! See you tomorrow...FRIDAY :)



Anonymous said...

ah thank you thank you :)
I will for sure include my top 10 in my next post!
You're the best girly! I wish you sis lots of luck in her next games!
Have a good rest of your night :)

Anonymous said...

I agree no better way to start the day than with yogurt mess:)

Jess said...

Congrats on the award, babe! You definitely deserve it! You are always very positive :)

I love your happy list! It is very similar to mine, when I make mine, hehe!

Good luck to your sister! When I was in sixth grade, I was the starting point guard. I know EXACTLY how she feels!
<3 jess

Anonymous said...

great things love!! vacations make me SO happy too!! i wana go on vacation..NOW!

Anonymous said...

awww thank you jenna!! <3 you! great list, i love yogurt messes too lol. good luck with the bball games tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

great 10 things!! glad you did this :)

Anonymous said...

your list makes me want to go on vacation riiight now! somewhere warm! haha

Julie said...

i'm SO with you on sodoku puzzles! they are the perfect way to relaax!

thanks so much for the award girly :) enjoy your weekend!

Janetha said...

thanks for the tag, sweetie! it was so fun to read what makes you smile. your comments always put a grin on my face!

Missy said...

Thanks for the award! Yes I love your yogurt messes too!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

We could totally have a sudoku race. haha Yea, im a sudoku solving nerd too! :D

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