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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello my lil snow bunnies! Yes, it is snowing here...again! Hope your first Saturday of the New Year is going well.

Yesterday Claire and I went down to Legacy Place with her parents to walk around for the afternoon and do some shopping! Her dad heard of this new place and he wanted to check it out...so that is what we did!

Legacy Place is an open-air shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. There is a wide variety of great stores and is still in the process of making, some of the stores are opening soon! I absolutely loved this new plaza and I can't wait to go back soon. Despite the cold temperatures, it was a great afternoon!

We went into as many stores as we could while there, Urban Outfitters, H & M, Lululemon athletica, Victoria's Secret, Anthropologie, L.L. Bean, Whole Foods, and a few more. I wish we could have went into all of them, but that is what next time is for ;) Am I right?!

I got a few pics from my iPhone I snapped while shopping around. Lululemon athletica.

Anthropologie. A cool pic of an ostrich made out of newspapers!

Then we went into WHOLE FOODS!!! As soon as I found out there was a Whole Foods in the plaza I knew that was on the list of stores to go into :)I was super excited when walking in! I had no idea what to expect. I have only been into one Whole Foods before and that was a long time ago when I was not a blogger ;)

It was totally beyond what I was expecting! Claire goes to school in Washington and there are several stores around her campus, so she is fairly similar to Whole Foods. She says she goes to Whole Foods when she is sick of eating at her dining hall on campus. How lucky is she! I wish I could do that, but there isn't any Whole Foods nearby me at school :( So unfortunate!

Since she is familiar with Whole Foods she gave me a super quick tour of the store and showed me around. I wish we had more time to check it out because I could have spent hours in there, literally! But since we were in a time crunch we only spent a few minutes checking it out.

As I first walked in there I was speechless. There was the bakery, coffee bar, pizza oven, hot bar, salad bar, soup bar, deli bar, and the grab 'n go foods!

There was also a little area where you could sit down and enjoy your food. It was so cool, you could purchase your food and then sit down and enjoy your meal.
Next time I visit Whole Foods (which is very soon!) I will definitely be helping myself to the hot bar. It all looked fabulous!
Oh yes and there was make your own peanut butter! What what?! How cool is that?

I mean how could I go into Whole Foods for the first time and not purchase something...that would be crazy! Claire and I both bought some pre-made sushi to go for dinner later on and it was great!

If you can't already tell I LOVED my first trip to Whole Foods and I can't wait to go back soon :) Now I know what all you food bloggers were raving about! I can totally understand now what you were talking about!

What are you doing tonight? Any big plans?



Nutritious is Delicious said...

I went shopping today too...although, I was in shorts! haha

My big plans are to...watch football! What a rebel...

givinganythingbutup.wordpress.com said...

I try to stay away from whole foods, as much as I love it, just because I could spend my whole pay check x2 there! haha but I love their hot bar, and their sushi! ( I hope you liked it too) I havent made my own PB there, Im gonna have to give it a try! Glad you liked it, you should for sure stock up before you go back to school :)

Looks like you are having a fabulous break girly, cant wait to hear more about it!
xo- Molly

Jess said...

Totally jealous of Claire's accessibility to Whole Foods! I'd love to make my own PB. I made my own AB and it was pretty good!!

Glad you are having fun :)

<3 jess

moretolifethanlettuce said...

congrats on your first trip to whole foods, lol! i guess i totally take it for granted that there i have easy access to WF, i don't know how i'd survive without it!i love open air shopping centers, sounds like a fun day!

peaceluvmunchies said...

Whole foods sushi is bommmmb! Love it! They have brown, whole grain and white rice optionnnns! :)

ktbwood said...

ahhh LOVE WHOLE FOODS! never made my own nut butter tho-ull have to let me know how it is girl! your shopping trip sounds fab!

Lele said...

omg anthro and whole foods in the same place?! My wallet would be doomed but I would be soooo happy!

*Naomi* said...

how amazing is legacy place?!?!?! ahh its so great I still havent been to the new WF there but I cant wait to go!!

enjoy your sunday!

Meg said...

I spend WAY too much money in there! LOVE it though - glad you were able to make it there.

Love you!

monpetitpechemignon said...

I just stumbled on to your blog from honey nut lo's, and I love it! Also, small world, I work part-time at legacy place (at urban!) and i was def working the day you were there. craziness, no?
Can't wait to read more!

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