First Day of the Year

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year eveyone! How is 2010 treatin ya so far?!

Well last night Claire and I went out to Osaka for Japanese food. I got sushi!! My new favorite food and I also got Claire addicted to it, she loves it now too! Then I went to a family friends party with the fam slam. There was tons of people and food. I had a really fun night with everyone!

As I reflect on 2009, the year was definitely filled with it's goods and bads. I learned a lot about life and myself and I hope the new year will bring great things to my life as well!

I must say my new year has started off well so far because I went to WHOLE FOODS for the first time while Claire and I were shopping this afternoon at a new shopping plaza which was also fab. But back to my first trip to Whole Foods, it was unbelievable! We could only stay for a few minutes because we had to go but she gave me a quick tour and I fell in love! I wish we could have stayed longer but I was glad we got to stop in! I am pretty sure I could have spent hours in there if we had the time. But that's what next time is for ;) I did pick up some sushi for dinner tonight though! I can't wait to go back! Are you a fan of Whole Foods?!

I did take some photos while there on my iPhone but I don't quite know how to upload then on to blogger! I have to fool around with it tonight!

How is your first day of the New Year going?!



eatingRD said...

Happy New Year to you! I saw you on the chic life and wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm a big fan of Whole Foods too and could just spend hours roaming the isles finding something new to try! I can't go there much because it's a bit too pricey for me, but it's so fun!
And I just love the look of your blog, it's so nice :)

Jess said...

Yay for whole foods!! I've never been there, but I'm so jealous.

Glad you had a good NYE!
<3 jess

ktbwood said...

oh my gosh whole foods is AMAZING and so is sushi!
my first day went great!! i WAS going to chill tonight but im hanging out with some friends instead..haha, atleast i get to sleep in tommo!

Jenna said...

Hey Kristen! Thanks for stopping by my blog and i am glad you like it!!
Can't wait to read yours!!

peaceluvmunchies said...

We recently got a Osaka in my hometown...but was SOOO disappointed to see that they don't do sushi at this one!! booo (although they make killer crab rangoon). I looove Whole Foods...but boooy is it dangerous! So expensive! I like to go for specialty stuff...I can't afford to do all of my shopping there (although I wish I could!)

- Jil

moretolifethanlettuce said...

I have definitely spent hours in whole foods before, frickin love that place :)!!!! so glad you finally got to live the good life, hope you get to go back soon!

Diana said...

Oh yes, I LOVE whole foods! :)

sabrina said...

Hi! I havent been to your blog for awhile, hope you remember me? I've read alot aboiut Whole Foods on blogs and it does sound like a very ethical/healthy supermarket. If I ever get to go America one day, I'll definitely make a point to stop by! :D Happy new year

Missy said...

Happy New Year! Yay for sushi and Whole Foods! You probably know from reading the blog that I am obsessed with WF! Next time get the salad bar if you have more time!

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