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Sunday, January 17, 2010

First of all let me say I love each and every one of you beautiful bloggers for all of your comments on my post yesterday! I appreciate all the support you are giving me, it means the world to me! I am so blessed to have such great people in my blog life who care about me!

Yesterday was definitely a very emotional day for me but I must say I am doing a lot better today! Although I didn't get a good nights sleep last night because I was stressed out thinking about everything, today has been great thus far. Since I was awake most of last night I got a lot of thinking done and decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am sick and tired of this eating disorder ruining everything in my life and I am ready to finally get over this disease. I can't take it anymore! I am going to fight this til the end!
I totally took a 360 turn today and something clicked in my mind today. I woke up rather earlier this morning ready to conquer the day and beat this eating disorder for good and I was starting today. I made a mission to follow my meal plan to a tee today...no exceptions!

I decided to stop skimping and restricting my food intake from here on out and follow my meal plan. I jumped out of bed and stormed in the kitchen to tell my mom I am going to beat this ED and that was that! I told her I was sick of this ED ruining my life! I then proceeded to make myself the REAL yogurt mess without skimping on anything. I had Plain Brown Cow yogurt yogurt, Barbara's Original Puffins, a banana, and Crazy Richard's creamy peanut butter along with a glass of milk on the side. Twas a great breakfast to start my Sunday!

I showered and then got ready for the day and then next up was snack time a few hours later :/ Even though I absolutely HATE having snacks because it seems like I am eating every hour, I had my snack because it is what I have to do. I had a Vanilla Boost along with a side of peanuts while reading up on all my gossip mags ;)I then went out with my mom to pick up my lil sis at lax prac then went to my other sis' lax game! You could say my day was filled with lacrosse, and we have more tomorrow as well! Then we came home and again it was time to eat again. It was lunch time and Mr. George Foreman was callin my name. Hello panini maker, long time no see! It was great to be reunited again. I made myself a panini with turkey, american cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes along with a sliced pear and pretzels with a glass of milk.Then it was time for grocery shopping! My favorite time of the day ;) I got some major goods.

Let's take a lookie... We got some apples, pears, whole wheat bread, almonds, Kashi Go Lean, Brown Cow yogurts, Boost, and Clif bars. Great purchases if I say so myself!And yes that would be BUTTER PECAN Boost my mom scored! Go mom! So exctied to try this flavor! Have any of you ever seen this before because I sure haven't!

Seven different Clif Bars to try :) What's your favorite flavor?
After grocery shopping I helped mom make lasagna! We made half with meat, spinach, and cheese and then other half just cheese slong with some stuffed shells. While baking I had an Apricot Clif bar for an afternoon snack. I got seven different flavors and I am excited to try them all. I have had the Apricot flavor before and it was good! Nice chewy texture which tasted just like apricots!

For dinner we brought the lasagnas and stuffed shells over to my cousins house with my Grammy. Now lasagna is definitely one of my fear foods. But I knew I had to eat it and I did. I had a decent size piece (with the meat and spinach) with a glass of milk and I don't regret any delicious bite of it. I must say my mom's lasagna is so good and this time she made it with spinach which made it even better. I just get so anxious and nervous thinking about eating it before but when I finally start eating it I am fine. But I do notice I eat rather quicky when I am not comfortable with what I m eating just to get it over with. I definitely rushed through this meal just so it would be over, that is something I have to work on. It was a great dinner and when push comes to shove and I know I have to do something I can do it!

I spent the remainder of the night spending quality time talking with my mom, aunt, and Grammy about my current situation and what I plan on doing in these next few weeks. It was so nice to talk to them and they all love me so much and are great supporters.

To finish off the night I had a Strawberry Boost on the car ride home!
Now I am off to bed on this Sunday night since I am waking up early to go to my sis' lacrosse tourney all day tomorrow.
Oh yeah I also had my telephone intake this afternoon for Walden. I will not be able to start start in-patient treatment until Tuesday morning! So up until then I have a lot of thinking to do but I will let you all know what I plan on doing! Have a great night :)



Jess said...

I am so proud of you!! I am so glad you woke up and felt this way. Enough IS enough!

Fabulous grocery haul! I love Clif Bars!
<3 jess

Anonymous said...

hey love. so proud of you. sometimes we have to hit rock bottom in order to go up. enough IS enough, you are so dang right. you have way too much ahead of you, life is too good! praying for you.

LOVE CLIF BARS! i <3 the chocolate mint, white chocoa macadamia nut, and pumpkin pie!

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

congrates girl! Your meals looked delish today!
I am so going to make a version of lasagna, since your photo looks so tasty.
amzing food finds too. Good luck tommorow, you can do it.

Anonymous said...

tuesday morning will be here soon, i'm glad you'll be getting the help you need in just a couple days! so proud of you for getting a jump start on your recovery, it's great that you challenged yourself with your eats today! take care of yourself hun!

Anonymous said...

aww jenna i'm so happy for you that you are turning things around for you! you deserve this so much!
and well done for eating the lasagne! it's probably my favorite food ;)

Gabriela said...

Great job on eating your snacks and following your meal plan girl! You can do this :)

Gabriela. said...

Hey, Jenna!
Let me be the first to tell you: CONGRATULATIONS.
It´s awesome that you decided to get better on your own. I´m sure you can do it :)
You took the first step. Just don´t give up ;)
Brazilian kisses,

Nutritious is Delicious said...

You go girl! You, and you alone, must make the decision to truly change things and I am so glad that you are going at it full force!

Butter Pecan Boost? I have never had Boost, but I love Butter Pecan Ice cream! haha I wonder if it tastes anything like that...

Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of your Jenna! Keep up the good work. and if ED ever gets in your head, tell it what you're eatings is HEALTHY! because it is! There isnt a single thing you are putting in your body taht will drag it down...its only good stuff! So Im very very proud of you! That food witll give you energy and make your skin and hair glow...it will make you even more beautiful than you already are (which, who knew that was possible, because you are already gorgeous!)

You're amazing and IM thinkin about ya!

xo- Molly

Jenna said...

Well I have never heard of or had butter pecan boost before but I am gonna try it tonight so I will let ya know how it is :)

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Jenna! Your mindset sounds so good right now! Glad to see food again on the blog and full plates annnd amazing yogurt messes!! You are amazing, girl!!

Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you! keep it up! i say whenever youre down and you feel like you may slip up you should look at this post and see you can do it! i havent seen you post like this in so long...so real, honest and motivated. keep it up girl :)

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you have decided to start to turn things around on your own, but I hope this doesn't mean you aren't going for your intake today and starting at Walden. Ed can be very tricky. Honestly, you know that and starting your meal plan before going to walden is the best thing you can do. Good luck at your assessment today-you need to be IP, and I personally can't support this blog if you don't do what you need to do.

Best of luck, I hope you haven't swayed for THE decision that is best for YOU not your Ed.

Anonymous said...

way to go woman! what a great stride to have made.

i can't seem to find the brown cow greek yogs in my area. do you like?

Krista said...

Sounds like you had a very promising day. Be proud! Aren't Clif Bars great? My fave is def Maple Nut.

Jenna said...

Ya I love Greek yogurt! Especialy brown cow and thy were on sale this week for only 99 cents! Score!
And yes I am in love with clif bars! I bought the maple nut and I have heard all good things about it so I can't wait to try it :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you still plan on going to Walden on Tuesday, this is a great start and you should feel empowered but be honest and go get the help and support you deserve.
Get those bags packed girl.

Anonymous said...

i am so glad that you are eating better..that is so amazing :) you are going to do GREAT at walden!


Mari said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better =)

that panini looks so delish

katecooks said...

thanks so much for checking out my blog! i've been reading yours and am very happy to see you taking the right steps to make your body super healthy!! all that food you bought sounds delicious :)

Jocelyn said...

hey girl..looks like you are giving it your all..the in patient treatment is only going to give you that much more sucess!

You deserve to be healthy

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