It's BRITNI b!tch

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's BRITINI B!tch
Yeah yeah I know how to spell! I know it is Britney Spears...duh! Don't all come attacking me at once. But today I got a new roommate Britini :) She is actually a freshmen girl from my lacrosse team. She is super sweet and I felt really bad for her because she was having issues with her old roommate and since I was living in a double by myself I did not even hesitate by saying yes!! So now I have a roommate.
A pic of last nights dinner. Broiled chicken, broccolini, whole wheat dinner roll with milk. Can I just say...I LOVE BROCCOLI! Ok I said it.
So moving on to today...I knew she was moving in soon (like maybe this weekend) but I had no idea that she was moving in TODAY! So this morning when I got her text I made the room like sparklin' clean for her...after of course I had some breakfast ;)

My morning yogurt mess consisting of Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, banana, and a dollop of Teddie's pb with milk.
Today I had two quick classes Philosophy and Nutrition class. Then Britini came and moved in! I didn't want to be there when she was moving all of her stuff in so I decided to give her and her dad some time alone to get all of her stuff settled in. So listen to this...I went to the library for FOUR hours. Can you believe that? Because I sure can't! I am pretty sure that is the longest time I have ever been there, so kudos to me ;)
Okay so note to self. NEVER EAT LUNCH IN A LIBRARY! It is extremely awkward to say the least. I will NEVER be doing that again, that's for sure. Oh well I learned from experience, that's the only way you will know if something will work out! And in this didn't!
My awkward lunch in the library was a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with pretzels, a Red Delicious apple, with milk.

So since I got all of my homework done that is due for tomorrow I am going to relax and enjoy my night while hanging out with my new roomie and catching up on blogs since I was out all day! I love when I have been busy all day and then I can come back to my room and catch up on all your lovely blogs ;)

Catch ya'll on the flip side!
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And then there were none

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And then there were none

...flu shots!!! So today Health Services was giving flu shots for all the students and faculty. I of course was planning on getting a shot...until they ran out! There was no debating whether or not to get the shot! Since I am in college and in tight living quarters with other students it is very important for me to get one! I had three classes this morning, starting at 8:30 and I didn't get out until 12:45. I was planning on getting the shot after my classes were over but then I heard they ran out :( SO of course what do you think I did? Called my mom to see what to do! Is anyone else like me where you always call your mom for advice? Because I always do because mom's know best ;)

My school said they might be getting more but me and my friends didn't take any chances so we went to Walgreens where we made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon! Now I can take a breather knowing I WILL be getting a flu shot.

Now yesterday when I went for my appoinment with Karen she said they usually always have enough leftover and this year they even ordered more because of the whole swine flu! So I really wasn't worrying about not getting one. But I guess I thought wrong!

My Tuesday morning was very busy! I had a Sociology test and then a Biblical Theology quiz right after and then I had Biochemistry. I am glad the school day is over and those tests are done with. Last night I was up past midnight studying (which I usually never do!) So you know what that time to read blogs :( But that is what I am doing now!

Breakfast this morning was a yogurt mess! Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, sliced banana, and a dollop of Teddie's peanut butter with milk.
After three classes this morning then running around town to find a flu shot it was after 2pm and I was hungry for some lunch. I got a smoked turkey wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with pretzels, a HONEYCRISP apple, and milk. Can ya tell I love honecrisp apples ;)

This afternoon will be spent relaxing and doing some reading!

Tonight is an amazing t.v. night! I trust you I am not a t.v. junkie, I swear! I do have a life. But anyways tonight is The Biggester Loser and then the season premiers of THE HILLS and THE CITY :) Sooo pumped!

Remember these things

Monday, September 28, 2009

Remember these things
Hola amigos ;) Hope everyone if off to a great start to the week! My day has been bueno! My breakfast started off with a nice yogurt mess, Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, sliced banana, and a dollop of Teddie's peanut butter with milk.
Today is Monday and you know what that means...Gossip Girl. Well obviuosly, but more importantly my weekly check-ins with Karen at Health Services. My appoinment went well, my weight and vitals seem to be stable and going in the right direction so she is giving me the OKAY to practice twice this week!
It was also Karen's birthday today so I want to give a lil shout out to her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN ;)
After my appoinment I went to go check my campus mail and I got a lil card from momma :) She is so sweet! In the return address she wrote MOM with a heart next to it and drew a flower on the back of the envelope. She was an art major in college so she is so artsy (but I didn't get any of her artisitc ability whatsoever, my lil sister did!)Rememer these things-
you are talented,
you are needed,
you are valued,
you are loved.
She wrote a wicked nice letter in the card and I began to tear up a bit. I love my mom <3
This morning for class I had Philiosophy and Nutrition then grabbed some lunch before heading off the Biochemistry Lab for the afternoon.
I had a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, pretzels, a Red Delicious, and milk.

Tomorrow I have a test in Sociology followed by a quiz in Biblical Theology. So tonight I have some studying to do but I can't miss Gossip Girl tonight, no no! I already studied for Philosophy this afternoon so after dinner I am going to spend the majority of my night re-reading all of my Sociology notes! Wish me luck.

Have a great Monday night amigos :)

Girl Interrupted

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Girl Interrupted

Hey Hey Hey everyone! Sunday is coming to an end but I hope everyone had a fab weekend despite the rain and coldness today :/ But anyways onto more better things. So last night me and the girls had a movie night because we just didn't feel like going out and we watched GIRL INTERRUPTED! I must say I really enjoyed this movie and I would definitely recommend watching it sometime! It is a very serious and in-depth movie but I think the reason why I enjoyed it so much was because I could relate to it a lot since I spent time in a hospital for my ED this past year.

My friends fell asleep like half way through the movie but I just had to finish I did then I went to bed.

Oh yeah last night for dinner I had a piece of broiled chicken, asparagus, and a Rosemary dinner roll along with milk. This was the first time I have tried Rosemary bread and I liked it! It had a nice sweet taste to it ;)
I woke up this morning to 4 text messages, I know so popular you don't have to tell me ;) One from Carly wondering where I went and she was like why didn't you just stay over. I really didn't even think about that til this morning, I probs just should have, but oh well next time I will! Then another text was from my coach saying practice was cancelled for this morning because it was too wet out! I was both happy and upset at the same time because today was one of the two days this week I was allowed to practice!This morning for my eats I had Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, a sliced banana, and 1 tbsp. Teddie's peanut butter with milk.

Notice how I have been having Teddie's every morning now? I think it is growing on me ;)

all mixed up!

I was just thinking today about the days before I have ever had a yogurt mess and I just don't know I survived before without them! Because now I love for them :)

When I woke up this morning I had a brilliant idea! I decided I was going to do my laundry before everyone else started to put theirs in so I didn't have to wait all day like I had to last time! Not cool. So I got my breaky ready and then put my loads of laundry in before anyone else!
While doing laundry and homework I had a Strawberry Boost with a serving of nuts.

After all my laundry was done I was ready for some lunch so I went to the caf to grab me a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes along with pretzels, and a HONEYCRISP apple with milk. I think I found a new favorite apple and I am pretty sure it is honeycrisp. They are so soft to bite into and wicked white inside and not to sweet either! Loved them.

Tonight for dinner I went out to dinner with some girlfriends to Tapei Tokyo! I ordered the Buddahpest Sesame Tofu. It was a mix of veggies with pieces of tofu on top with a ginger spice on the side. I had absolutely NO idea what to order! I was really hesitant about actually going out to eat but I knew I could find something on the menu I would feel comfortable I went and I was happy I did because we had a lot of fun :)

I am off to do some studying and then watch The Amazing Race premier tonight! I really like this show and it would be wicked cool one day if I could be on it! The fall is so stressful with all these new shows coming on again. Why do they all have to premier in the fall?!

I hope you all have a nice relaxing Sunday night!

Daddy Daughter Date

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

Hello everyone! I sure hope you all are enjoying the first weekend of the fall!
Last night I went out with my girlfriends, it was an okay night and it was freezing. I didn't bring a jacket and I thought I would be fine but I wasn't :/ So Jenna was a lil bit cold. But then I got back to my dorm in the wee hours of the night and snuggled up in my comfy bed. I really love my bed at school, it is so comfy :) I am so going to need my electric blanket up here at school especially in the winter! It gets sooo cold at night.
This morning I didn't wake up until 9:30, which for me is really late! But I guess I just need my sleep especially if I stay out real late. I had a lovely yogurt mess with Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, a sliced banana, and 1 tbsp. Teddie's peanut butter.
Now I know the other day I said I wasn't a big fan of Teddie'sbut that did NOT mean I hated it. Of course I liked it because I continue eating it each day ;) What I meant to say is it just tastes different from what I am used not that it was bad. But I think the other reason why it wasn't awesome was probs because I got the unsalted peanut butter which may cause it to taste a little funky! So next time I will make sure to try the other kinds. I am sure enjoying the start to fall! This afternoon my dad came up to visit me at school :) I was so happy to see my dad and it was really nice we could spend some time together. We went to the football game, although my college team lost it was a close high scoring game. During halftime I grabbed up some lunch from the caf. for the both of us. I got a turkey wheat wrap and a Red Delicious for me and a tuna wheat wrap for my dad. He commented on his lunch saying it was really good! I told you my school cafeteria is BOMB ;) Oh yeah I forgot to tell you they now sell FSTG Chips! Can you believe that?! It is soo awesome. I haven't gotten some yet but you know I will.
It was a great afternoon with my dad and I was glad he took the day off from work to visit his fav daughter at school;) He also brought me some stuff from home and slipped me a few 20 dollah bills...cha-ching! Gotta love my daddio :)
I am currently blogging right now (obvs) but I might go do some homework later and then grab some dinner before going out tonight!

I was also wondering if any of you take any daily supplements? Or are you opposed to them? Every since I went into the hospital for my ED I have taken daily supplements every day. I had to start taken them because a lot of my levels in my body were off so supplements helped me out. Now I still take them each and every day :)

I won I won I won!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I won I won I won!!!

Yeah you heard me I WON by first giveaway :) Check it out at Missy Maintains! I was super excited when I found out the big news. Such a great way to start the weekend!

Last night was spent typing away on the computer. But I was not typing for blogging, checking fb, or sending e-mails...I was writing a Philsophy paper :( Ugh. But I must say I got write down to business and did not get distracted all that much. Although when Grey's Anatomy was on for the season premiere I did turn the tv on to watch it ;) I have watched a few episodes of Grey's before and I really enjoyed it so I decided since it was the season two hour premiere and I am now a Nursing major it was totally necessary for me to watch it! I always liked watching the medical shows like E.R.
Teddie's Peanut Butter!
Yesterday I finally decided to make the big step and open my new jar of Teddie's peanut butter. I bought this back home to bring to school with me but I just opened it! I wanted to finish off my other jar before opening another but I said hey why not! I was excited to try some new peanut butter. I have seen this on other bloggers like Jenny! Honestly go to this girl if you want to know anything about pb, she's your girl!
Now I bought Teddie's Usalted Smooth peanut butter. I thought overall this peanut butter was okay. I don't know if I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would because it was unsalted or what. But it does not have the same taste as I am used to with PB & Co. Smooth Operator. Teddie's was very smooth and real easy to scoop! The taste was really nutty but I enjoyed something different!The yogurt mess with Stonyfield Organic yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, sliced banana, and Teddie's peanut butter with milk.blurry close up
Turned in my philosphy paper and went to Nutrition class and my classes were over and the weekend began! I would say it was a pretty easy day. I had some lunch and then headed off to practice this afternoon.

Lunch was smoked roasted turkey with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes on a wheat wrap with pretzels, a granny smith apple, and milk. The caf was all out of my red apples so I had to get a green apple:/ Not cool! Altough I did not HAVE to get a green apple, that is just my ED voice talking to me. I could have gotten some nice strawberries or grapes to go along with my lunch! But I just always have apples or peaches with my lunch I am still afraid to stray from the norm. That is still an area I am currently working on. It will come one day...I know it will!

The weekend is here and I have the day off from practice tomorrow and my dad is coming to visit! Me and him are going to the football game tomorrow afternoon. Nice lil daddy daughter date ;)

Have a nice Friday night everyone!

What a late night

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a late night
Wow it is late! A lil past midnight and your girl Jenna is still up on a school night. Not like me!I usually go to bed soon and get a good night's sleep! Well this is gonna be a short and quicky post becaue I am soo tired. I spent all night writing my Philosophy essay and I am so releived I finally finished it now I can get me some sleep. Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend starts :)Dinner last night was broiled chicken, mixed veggies, and a Multi Grain dinner roll with milk.This morning was a yogurt mess with some new peanut butter ;) I had Vanilla Brown Cow Greek yogurt with Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana, and a dollop of TEDDIE'S peanut butter with milk!

I decided this morning to open up the new peanut butter jar! Tomorrow I will show you some picks and give you my review on it ;) Promise! Because right now all I want to do is go to sleep.

Lunch was a smoked turkey wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with pretzels, a Red Delicious, and milk.

Today was a long day of classes and then I had practice and dinner with the team. Then I had to write my three page Philosophy paper :/ no fun! It took me all night. I just sat down at my computer and wrote the paper.

Oh yeah I somehow managed to eat dinner in between writing my essay. I had a piece of broiled chicken with broccoli florets, a Multi Grain roll with milk.
I am off to get some beauty sleep ;) Sorry to be sooo boring and quick. I promise tomorrow I will have a much better post for you all to read because I won't have any homework to do because it is Friday and I only have two classes!

I never thought I would say this...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I never thought I would say this...
Hello everyone! Today is Hump Day. woot woot :) This week seems to be going by quickly, anyone else think so or is it just me?
So yeah you are probs thinking I have some BIG NEWS (hence my post title) but don't get your hopes up! It was last night when I tried something I have never had before...Brussel Sprouts! Can you believe that?! I have seen them on other blogs and they looked very good so as I soon as I saw them in the caf last night I knew I had to try them!
So I thought I would never say this but...I LIKE BRUSSEL SPROUTS :)They were really good and have a nice taste to them! I ate them plain but I have seen people cut them up and grill them and have them with ketchup...yummm. Sounds delish, maybe next time I shall tried that out.

Last night I watched of course The Biggest Loser and did some homework since I am overloaded with it!

Breakfast this morning was a yogurt mess with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt with Kashi Go Lean, a banana, and my last packet of Almond Barney Butter with milk. This almond butter is so hard to squeeze out so I have to cut open the little guy and scrap all the yummy goodness. That is the only downside of the mini packets of pb, the peanut butter gets very hard and does not have the same texture if it were in a jar. So I guess next time I will just have to get a nice jar of pb ;) Sounds good to me!

See how the peanut butter is very hard :/ Not very smooth and creamy the way I like it. But after mixing it all up it was some what better!
Lunch was a smoked turkey wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes with some pretzels, a nice cold Red Delicious apple along with some milk.

This afternoon I had an appointment with the other Karen at Health Services. Ya I know it is kind of confusing, they are both named Karen, hah. But anways I meet with her today and it went well. I enjoy talking to her every other week as just a little check in to make sure I am doing well and to talk about anything and everything.
I just went to TARGET with the girls (obviously, since we go there multiple times a week!) Tonight I am doing some more reading and watching the premiere of the new show MERCY! Has anyone else seen the commercials for it? It looks really good, it looks kind of like Grey's Anatomy and E.R. Can't wait to watch it. I love medical shows and since your girl Jenna is now a Nursing Major I love them even more!

Autumn begins

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn begins
Hope you all are having a nice start to the new season! Fall officially begins at 5:18pm today. So random, right?!
This morning is one of my early days so I got up and showered then enjoed some nice breakfast before heading off to three classes in a row! But I really don't mind it that much because I am done for the day at 12:45 :) So I really can't complain!
I had Stonyfield Organic yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, a banana, and a dollop of PB & Co. Smooth Operator with milk.

Classes went by fairly quickly but now I have a ton of homework to do :/ To fuel me up for the afternoon to get some work done I got some lunch. I had a smoked turkey wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with pretzels, a super sweet green apple, and milk.

Now I usually have Red apples with my lunch. My favorites are Red Delicious, Gala, and Fuji apples. I was never a fan of green apples and today I remembered why I dislike them! Green apples are way too sweet for my liking. I really did not enjoy this apple and had to throw it away half way through eating it :( Next time I will make sure to always get red apples which I love. I had to get a green apple because they didn't have any red apples!

This afternoon I am going to do all of my homework, go to dinner with the girls, and then watch my Tuesday t.v. line up while doing some more homework!

Happy Autumn!

Great start to the week

Monday, September 21, 2009

Great start to the week

Good evening!! Sorry for blogging later than usual but I was busy doing homework...duh! I hope everyone had a lovely Monday and a nice start to the week because I sure did :) Not all Mondays are horrible, I mean yeah they can be since they are the start of yet another long week. But today was an exceptionally well Monday morning because I got some good news! And besides Gossip Girl is on tonight, so Mondays are already good ;)
Every Monday (as you may or may not know) I go see Karen from Health Services for my weekly check up where she weighs me and does my vitals. She makes sure everything is going well and to check in to see how I am doing! I have seen her four times since school has started (today was my fourth). Every week I have been doing well and she said just to keep it up.
Last Monday she told me if everything keeps going in the right direction than I would be able to get back to playing lacrosse in probably three more weeks, so that was exciting. But this morning after she weighed me and checked my vital signs she asked what I have been doing at lacrosse practices and I told her I have been just shooting and passing (nothing strenuous). I thought she was asking me because I may have lost weight and she was asking me what I do at practice because maybe it was too much. But she actually was asking me what I would do when I got back to playing and I told her I would start off slow and just take what my body could handle at first and to not overdue it! So she told me I could start practicing THIS WEEK!!! I was in total shock since last Monday she told me I probably had three more weeks left! So for her to tell me I could start this week was very unexpected! Karen told me I could practice 2 out of the 4 days we have pratice this week. I was soo excited to hear this news and it totally made my day. Right when I heard this news I knew today would be a great Monday :) This morning for breakfast before I heard the great news I had a yogurt mess in my dorm room. I was kind of nervous for this weigh in because I kind of felt like I have been slacking this past week?!
I had a Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt with Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana with 1 tbsp. PB & Co. Smooth Operator peanut butter with milk.

The past two days my Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt has been very soupy and not thick at all :( This has never happened to me before. At home Brown Cow is always thick and yummy. I don't really know why because the temperature in my fridge is up all of the ways and everything else in my fridge is staying cold! The Stonyfield yogurts are staying thick so I don't know whats up. I would rather have my greek yogurt nice and thick but I guess I will deal with it!

This morning I had my first Nutrition Test and it went pretty well:) Then I came back to my room to eat a quick lunch before heading off to my Biochemistry Lab for two hours. For some reason lab this year goes my MUCH faster than last years Biology Lab. Maybe because I enjoy this lab because it is a required class for Nursing Majors and that it is in the afternoon. Rather than last year I had Biology Lab at 8 in the morning on Thursdays and it was not my favorite subject!

For lunch I had a smoked turkey wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, along with pretzels and a very sweet apple with milk.

This afternoon was spent doing homework and then I just had dinner with the girls. I had some delicious grilled swordfish with green beans with mint, a dinner roll with flax, and a glass of milk.

Tonight I will be watching GOSSIP GIRL with the chicas and then maybe doing some more biochem homework! Good night lovies <3

We are the Champions

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are the Champions
Good Afternoon lovies! I hope everyone had a nice day as the weekend comes to an end. Sad to say but it is Sunday and tomorrow is the start of yet another school/work week. My day was pretty good, the weather was gorgeous and I had a lacrosse tournament all day up at my school and not to mention we won all 4 of our games ;) So you could say We are the Champions! The only bad part about today was when I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and sore throat :( Please don't tell me I am getting sick. That is the LAST thing I need to deal with right now!
But anyways last night I grabbed some dinner from the coffee shop. I had a grilled marinated chicken breast sandwich on toasted wheat bread with a yummy fruit cup and milk.
Last night the girls and I just layed low. Carly and I went to Hannaford's and Stop & Shop so she could grab a few items. The one thing I loved she got was PB & Co. CINNAMON RAISIN SWIRL peanut butter!! It looks really good and I was so going to take a spoonful home with me to have for breakfast this morning... but I forgot :(I absolutely LOVE these fruit cups!! They are always so fresh and good.
This morning I had of course a yogurt mess. I must be boring the he!! out of you guys with my yogurt messes everyday :( But hey what can I say I can't get enough of them! Well to tell you the truth, the reason I have yogurt messes every single day is because they are easy, I feel comfortable eating them, and because I LOVE THEM! I feel as I have been recovering from my ED having this breakfast works for me and I am scared if I have something new then it won't work for me?! Does that make any sense? But I have been trying to change stuff up in my messes like using different yogurts and cereals! I also like to make BREAKFAST cookies, and as a matter of fact I might just have to make one this week!

So this morning the mess was Brown Cow Vanilla Greek yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, a banana, 1 tbsp. PB & Co. Smooth Operator pb and milk.

Lunch today was on the go as I was at the field alllll day long. But I did have a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, pretzels, a Red Delicious, and milk.

After a long day out in the sun I am a bit tired but there is no time to waste as I have my first Nutrition test tomorrow so I have to study! But right now I just showered and I am watching the PATRIOTS game and then going to the coffee shop with the girls for dinner later! So I will probably study a bit before and after dinner.

Have a nice Sunday night everyone :)

Campus Open House

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Campus Open House
Good Afternoon! I hope the weekend is going well so far. is a bit chilly up at school! It is very nice out except for it is very windy. Today here at my college we are having Open House so there is people everywhereee. It is crazy!
So last night before I went out with the girls to the movies I ate some dinner in my room that I got to go from the caf. I had broiled chicken, broccoli, wheat roll with flax, and milk.Oh yeahh I did eat some of the broc before I snapped the pic ;) It was just too good looking, I couldn't help it. I really LOVE broccoli now...Is that weird?!Now my caf has wheat rolls with flax! I know pretty cool, ehh? I always get these dinner rolls whenever they have them and if not I just have the whole wheat rolls, they are still god! But everytime I have these rolls I can never tell what the little orange piece are! Any one know?!
So last night I found another special lil treat at the caf. I spotted BLACK CHERRY Stonyfield Organic Yogurt. I have never heard of this flavor before so I knew I had to try it!
Last night as I told you me and my girls went to see LOVE HAPPENS! It was a pretty good movie, kind of sad! After the movie, I was very tired and right when I got back into my room I crashed for the night and got a good nights sleep!

This morning I had practice at 10 so I had plenty of time to sleep in and enjoy my breakfast before heading out!
I had the Black Cherry Stonyfield Organic yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, a banana, 1 tbsp. PB & Co. Smooth Operator peanut butter with some milk.
This morning I tried not cutting up my banana, but then once I started eating my mess I decided I HAD to cut it to make sure I got banana in every single yummy bite!

Lunch was a smoked turkey wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomoatoes with pretzels, a Red Delicious apple, and milk. Now some readers have been asking if I just LOVE turkey wraps or if they are just one of my SAFE foods!

Now my answer would be BOTH! I love turkey wraps AND they are definitely my "safe" food. I absolutely love turkey wraps, they are so good! But ever since I developed an Eating Disorder I have a lot of "safe" foods that I enjoy eating while I still fear lots of foods. But I have noticed as I have been recovering from my ED I have been more willing to try new foods :) I have learned eating different foods and trying new foods is much more enjoyable!

So I already told you all my caf sells Brown Cow Greek Yogurt. But for the past week they only had Strawberry :/ I mean don't get me wrong I like the Strawberry but I am getting sick of yogurts with the fruit on the bottoms. So I was happy to see they had the VANILLA flavor because it is my all time favorite flavor! Of course on the day we have an Open House here at school the caf puts out all the flavors for our guests ;) So as soon as I saw they had Vanilla I immediatley snagged a few of them!

Well I am off to do lots of homework this afternoon. I don't know what the plans are for tonight but I am sure there will be some! I will keep you all posted ;)

Love Happens

Friday, September 18, 2009

Love Happens
No I am not in love if that was what you were thinking! Although i wish I was ;) But tonight I am going to see the movie Love Happens with my girls.
This morning I tried my free sample of Kashi Honey Sunshine :)I loved the Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal! It had a nice touch of honey to it and had just enough crunch to it. I will definitely buy this again, perhaps I will use my coupon on a large box of this ;) I mixed it on top of Stonyfield Organic yogurt and topped it with a banana and a dollop of PB & Co. Smooth Operator peanut butter and made it into a nice yogurt mess along with some milk :)I love Fridays because I only have two classes. It is a great way to start the weekend off right! I had lacrosse practice this afternoon but before hand I had some lunch.

I had a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with some pretzels, an apple, and milk.

This semester I am taking a Nutrition class if you did not already now. I absolutely love this class and I am learning a lot! Today we were talking about foods containing pesticides and chemicals. They are also known as the "dirty dozen" and one of the most common fruits on the list are apples! Check it out on-line, it is actually pretty intersting stuff. So I would suggest washing all your fruits and veggies before or even better buy foods that are Organic :)

Well I am off to grab some dinner to go tonight and then do some homework. Yes I know it is Friday and I am going to do homework, but I have a lot of work to do this weekend. This upcoming school week I have a lot due and I want to get a head start on all of it. I have most of tomorrow to get work done but on Sunday I have a lacrosse tournament here at my college so that day is gone! But don't worry your girl Jenna is not staying in all night. Like I said before me and some of my gals are headin' to the movies tonight way later on!