I won I won I won!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I won I won I won!!!

Yeah you heard me I WON by first giveaway :) Check it out at Missy Maintains! I was super excited when I found out the big news. Such a great way to start the weekend!

Last night was spent typing away on the computer. But I was not typing for blogging, checking fb, or sending e-mails...I was writing a Philsophy paper :( Ugh. But I must say I got write down to business and did not get distracted all that much. Although when Grey's Anatomy was on for the season premiere I did turn the tv on to watch it ;) I have watched a few episodes of Grey's before and I really enjoyed it so I decided since it was the season two hour premiere and I am now a Nursing major it was totally necessary for me to watch it! I always liked watching the medical shows like E.R.
Teddie's Peanut Butter!
Yesterday I finally decided to make the big step and open my new jar of Teddie's peanut butter. I bought this back home to bring to school with me but I just opened it! I wanted to finish off my other jar before opening another but I said hey why not! I was excited to try some new peanut butter. I have seen this on other bloggers like Jenny! Honestly go to this girl if you want to know anything about pb, she's your girl!
Now I bought Teddie's Usalted Smooth peanut butter. I thought overall this peanut butter was okay. I don't know if I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would because it was unsalted or what. But it does not have the same taste as I am used to with PB & Co. Smooth Operator. Teddie's was very smooth and real easy to scoop! The taste was really nutty but I enjoyed something different!The yogurt mess with Stonyfield Organic yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, sliced banana, and Teddie's peanut butter with milk.blurry close up
Turned in my philosphy paper and went to Nutrition class and my classes were over and the weekend began! I would say it was a pretty easy day. I had some lunch and then headed off to practice this afternoon.

Lunch was smoked roasted turkey with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes on a wheat wrap with pretzels, a granny smith apple, and milk. The caf was all out of my red apples so I had to get a green apple:/ Not cool! Altough I did not HAVE to get a green apple, that is just my ED voice talking to me. I could have gotten some nice strawberries or grapes to go along with my lunch! But I just always have apples or peaches with my lunch I am still afraid to stray from the norm. That is still an area I am currently working on. It will come one day...I know it will!

The weekend is here and I have the day off from practice tomorrow and my dad is coming to visit! Me and him are going to the football game tomorrow afternoon. Nice lil daddy daughter date ;)

Have a nice Friday night everyone!


K from ksgoodeats said...

Congrats on your win!! I'm pretty jealous ;)

I love how the teddy bear is posing like a stud on that PB jar! Aww, yay for your dad coming tomorrow! That's exciting!

Have a great night!

lizzy said...

WAHOOOO for winning chica!! so exciting! It sounds like your going to have a great weekend...no practice and Football..what could be better!?!?? I'm going to a football game tomorrow with my papa too! I hope you have soooo much fun this weekend, and thanks for the Teddy PB review!

Abby said...

I like your blog Jenna! PS.. that peanut butter is so freaking cute with the teddy bear! I gotta get me some! :)

Abby said...

I enjoy your blog Jenna!! PS. How freaking cute is the PB with the teddy bear on it?? I gotta get me some :) Happy Friday.

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Yay for winning!! Isn't the blog world just the best--giveaways, great people, yummy food! Speaking of yummy food, I have never seen that PB before! Need to look for it stat :-)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

Congrats on winning!!!

Lindsay said...

Congrats on your win!

Enjoy your time with your Dad!

kasondra said...

Congrats!!!!! i understand how you feel. it can be tough when you have a plan for something (like a red apple) and life thows you a curve (green apple). security blanket gone!!! i just reming myself that i am in the drivers seat not ED and i am the maker of my life. there is nothing to fear but fear itself!!!

anutritionisteats said...

I have never seen Teddy's PB - is it different than others?? Must be an East Coast thing :)

Jenny said...

congrats on the giveaway girl! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Zevia -- i am addicted!

sorry you didn't love the Teddies as much as I did! I rarely get unsalted Pb, it just aint the same! I always go for the Teddies salted chunky which is crazy good if you're willing to give teddies another shot :)

Tasty Health Food said...

I remember when I won a giveaway for the first time like last month or something. xD it was awesome! And Zevia as well, but I was just a runner up.

It's great that you're thinking about challenging ED with a different fruit at lunch. Why not, I say?

Jess said...

Sorry you didn't fall in love with Teddy's PB! YAY for Pb and Company! :)

Is the bowl you eat most of your greek yog messes in from Target? If so, I might have the same one!
<3 jess

Lo said...

congrats miss jenna! i love teddie's Super Chunky (with salt) because its like a healthier version of Chunky Pb and Co. or Jiff....way too good to be true. Loved Grey's! If you watch Gossip Girl, its a must see too!


Devan Geselle. N said...

i know what you mean about strawing away from the norm. its scary. but you an do it. I am learning to "stray" as well..
together? we can :D

told yeah you won! :D
haha. sorry for spoiling :(
PSS. very jelous

burpandslurp said...

hahaha! you're SO cute how happy you are! I was the same way with my first win, too! I hope you get to say the same thing as me to some other girl...more giveaway wins are headed your way, hopefully! ;-)

Green apple, red apple, what does it matter? just stupid ED trying to restict you in any way he can! Here's a tip to work on it: Just get something TOTALLY different. Not baby steps, but WHAM him good with a complete change! That will whack ED into a coma for good...don't tickle him, KNOCK him off senseless! :D

Julia said...

And you know what? You WILL get there one day...! That's the spirit! (And believe me, those things aren't as scary as you think they will be)

Enjoy your weekend!
xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

jjhampton said...

Cute blog. Loving the eats! Never seen that pb before. Have fun with your dad and congrats on liking brussel sprouts. They are quite possibly my favorite veggie ever :)


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