Girl Interrupted

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Girl Interrupted

Hey Hey Hey everyone! Sunday is coming to an end but I hope everyone had a fab weekend despite the rain and coldness today :/ But anyways onto more better things. So last night me and the girls had a movie night because we just didn't feel like going out and we watched GIRL INTERRUPTED! I must say I really enjoyed this movie and I would definitely recommend watching it sometime! It is a very serious and in-depth movie but I think the reason why I enjoyed it so much was because I could relate to it a lot since I spent time in a hospital for my ED this past year.

My friends fell asleep like half way through the movie but I just had to finish I did then I went to bed.

Oh yeah last night for dinner I had a piece of broiled chicken, asparagus, and a Rosemary dinner roll along with milk. This was the first time I have tried Rosemary bread and I liked it! It had a nice sweet taste to it ;)
I woke up this morning to 4 text messages, I know so popular you don't have to tell me ;) One from Carly wondering where I went and she was like why didn't you just stay over. I really didn't even think about that til this morning, I probs just should have, but oh well next time I will! Then another text was from my coach saying practice was cancelled for this morning because it was too wet out! I was both happy and upset at the same time because today was one of the two days this week I was allowed to practice!This morning for my eats I had Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, a sliced banana, and 1 tbsp. Teddie's peanut butter with milk.

Notice how I have been having Teddie's every morning now? I think it is growing on me ;)

all mixed up!

I was just thinking today about the days before I have ever had a yogurt mess and I just don't know I survived before without them! Because now I love for them :)

When I woke up this morning I had a brilliant idea! I decided I was going to do my laundry before everyone else started to put theirs in so I didn't have to wait all day like I had to last time! Not cool. So I got my breaky ready and then put my loads of laundry in before anyone else!
While doing laundry and homework I had a Strawberry Boost with a serving of nuts.

After all my laundry was done I was ready for some lunch so I went to the caf to grab me a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes along with pretzels, and a HONEYCRISP apple with milk. I think I found a new favorite apple and I am pretty sure it is honeycrisp. They are so soft to bite into and wicked white inside and not to sweet either! Loved them.

Tonight for dinner I went out to dinner with some girlfriends to Tapei Tokyo! I ordered the Buddahpest Sesame Tofu. It was a mix of veggies with pieces of tofu on top with a ginger spice on the side. I had absolutely NO idea what to order! I was really hesitant about actually going out to eat but I knew I could find something on the menu I would feel comfortable I went and I was happy I did because we had a lot of fun :)

I am off to do some studying and then watch The Amazing Race premier tonight! I really like this show and it would be wicked cool one day if I could be on it! The fall is so stressful with all these new shows coming on again. Why do they all have to premier in the fall?!

I hope you all have a nice relaxing Sunday night!


Holly said...

yay for dinner with daddio - that budapest tofu looks sooooo good! and you know i love a good yog mess too! and honeycrisp apples!

hope you had a good weekend!

Leianna said...

I want to be on the Amazing Race too, it would be so awesome!
Love Honeycrisp apples so much to, especially since they were born in my home state:)
Your out to dinner meals sounds good, never had tofu before!

Jenny said...

ackkk I've only seen girl interrupted once and couldn't finish it, it just irks me!

glad you are growing more fond of the teddies and enjoyed a fun night out with the gals!

Lindsay said...

Sorry about your practice getting canceled. That stinks! :(

burpandslurp said...

Lol, glad you got your laundry in on time...I do mine on Fridays or Thursdays.

What is your opinion on boost? I used to drink Ensure and they make me sick.

Jocelyn said...

Iv never seen that movie but I must be on the look out for it :) Sounds like you had a day of yummy eats! I`v never had a honeycrisp apple either! must try! I`m looking forward to the hills premier this week. I know it`s such a silly and drama filled show but I love it lol guilty pleasure!

brandi said...

honeycrisp are DEFINITELY one of my favorites. so good.

jac said...

i'm still waiting on honeycrisp in malaysia!

Nicole said...

My biggest annoyance about living in the dorms was waiting for a washing machine!!!!! One time I waited for like two hours to even put a load in!

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