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Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was rather boring, I mean unless you think studying is exciting! But something that is exciting is how Christmas is in 11 days!

First of all I would like to say I have 2 finals down and now 3 more to go and then HOME on Thursday!
You may ask what I made for breakfast with a pita, banana, Teddie's, yogurt, and milk...and I will tell you what!First I made a peanut butter and banana sandwich on a pita for the first time EVER. I would like to tell you this is my THIRD day in a row switching up my breakfast meals! I thought about heating this bad boy up in the micro for a few seconds but that involved going downstairs in the kitchen and I really did not have the time, but next time for sure! Then I paired my pb & banana sandwich with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt and a glass of milk. I don't know why my mom never made me these when I was younger, they are delicious, it was always PB & J or PB & fluff. Let's be real mom ;)

This was the perfect breakfast that kept full and focused through my Philosophy Final, which I am so glad I am done with forever!

My mid-morning snack was a Kashi Trail Mix bar I ate while doing some studying blogging, checking my e-mail, facebook, etc...you know the drill. Hah.

Then lunch later on was the usual, turkey sandwich, pretzels, Red Delicious, and milk and now studying for the rest of the afternoon and night!



Anonymous said...

keep it up!!!! so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

keep it up girl! so proud of you.

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

PB and banana is so, SO good.. I haven't had it on pita in FOREVER!!

I hope you're having a marvelous monday, lovely lady!
bec xo

Eleanor said...

Your breakfast looks a-maaaah-zing.
I don't even like bananas and that just looks so up my alley!

Congratulations on mixing up your breakfast! Doing something different can be a real challenge, and you've done such a good job in showing ED who's boss.

Eleanor. xo

katie anne said...

sooo proud of you! good luck! u;ll ace em'!
katie anne

Anonymous said...

Soo good that you are switching up your breakfasts. Its important to ahve variety in your diet, not only for normalcy, but also to keep things interesting.

And I looooove PB+B sandwiches. They are a gift from the foodie gods I think ;)

Good luck with studying girlie! Make sure you take lots of breaks though to keep your brain somewhat rested.

Anonymous said...

I'm finally done with finals, and it feels so good! I feel like so many of us going through college and trying to live healthy do the exact same things. I always take studying breaks to surf the blog world and snack on something to keep my fueled up.

Anonymous said...

jenna- i'm really glad you switched your breakfast up. i think about myself before ED and i realize that i nEVER stuck to routines. i used to eat whatever i could get, whatever sounded good, or whatever i thought would keep me motivated. and i wasn't overweight. but ED takes over and we just feel restricted to certain foods because they are comfortable and we know how our body reacts to them. Honestly, i used to enjoy some eggs, bacon, & toast and now the though tof it kind of makes my heart race. not to mention something unhealthy like pop tarts or sugar cereals...b ut anyways, enough of my ranting..the point is, if you keep taking baby steps i really think you will be able to heal. also recognize though, that the sandwich, though a change, is still only a very small one and try to pus yourself every day to make big changes :) that is what i have been attemping to do... and i fail at it soo often, but every now & then i'll go order a 'healthy-ish' pizza & i just feel so accomplished afterwards! i know you can do it too. i have faith in you and truly love your blog. (seriously- i've read it for a lot longer than you might think :]) & although at times i wish you'd swtich things up, i think you are a great person & enjoy reaidng what you ahve to say!

sorry that comment was long but just wnated you to know i'm thinking of you and care more than you know! =) just want what is best for oyu girl


Jess said...

You go, Jenna! Way to switch up your breakfasts. And they are all so delicious!! Love that wrap you made. Mmmm!

Thanks so much for the award, love!!
<3 jess

Anonymous said...

That pita breakfast looks SO good! I need to give that a try!

Anonymous said...

HOLAAAAAAAAA FOR SWTICHIN UP YO BREAKFASTS!! you da bomb!! and LOVE the pita combo.. i am obsessed with pitas at the moment..keep on breaking the routine girl!!


Carly in Wonderland said...

you are my hero

Anonymous said...

Congrats on switching up your breakfast! I know hoe hard this can be.. I constantly struggle with trying to change my meals. Your pita looks AMAZING - I think it would be even better on the grill :o

Keep up the amazing progress!

Hannah said...

I have to agree with Shelly that it is good you are taking steps to change things up a little but the pita is very small. I have two slices of toast w/ pb and banana everynight as a snack. When you see your nutritionist talk to her about exchanges. The pita is probably only half a grain and though it is good you changed things up, it seems like it is less then the cereal-and definitely less then what you need. Keep working at it. I just had eggs on toast-you should try it. Very good, nice and warm and gets your protein and grains in. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, that pita looks amazing! I love PB & Bananas...I used to have it all the time as a kid...hmm, might just have to bring that one back into my life!! Great job on switching up your breakfasts!!

<3 Jil

Jenna said...

yeah i wasn't sure how much exactly a pita would be. because i know an english muffin is one serving but a pita is quite thinner. so i will definitely ask my nutritionist about more food exchanges!
thanks hannah for the advice :)

katie said...

Peanut Butter + Banana = HEAVEN!

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