A lil change never hurt anyone, right?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taylor Swift doesn't think so either, a lil change never hurt her!

Did you all see what she looks like with her hair straightened? Or should I say did you even recognize her, because I sure did not! She looks so different but obviuosly still b-e-a-utiful and is an amazing singer despite what Kanye had to say ;)

Ok so enough reminiscing about T-Swift and her a change in her new haircut, let's move onto a lil change that has happened in my life!

Studying all night Reading blogs and twittering all night made me a tired girl so I hoped into bed to get a good night's sleep. I believe sleep is so important!

This morning for breakfast I thought a warm breakfast of oatmeal was perfect since the weather is frigid here. I think the high for todays is only 30 degress! Brrr.

So I had some Kashi Heart to Heart Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal topped with a sliced banana and a dollop of Teddie's pb on top with milk on the side to fuel me up before my first final. It was a perfect warm breakfast to start my Saturday off in this chilly weather.Aren't these lil guys just so cute? Just a lil water and one minute in the micro and your good to go! Super simple.Pretty breakfast, eh? I think not! I obviously made my breakfast look prettier than that ;)With the addition of a sliced banana and Teddie's peanut butter on top.Much prettier and tastier (is that a word?) now!This breakfast of mine almost looked too perfect to eat but I could not wait to dig in for that first bite and let me tell you it tasted even better in my mouth (TWSS).

A lil pb close up action. I definitely used more peanut butter this morning on my oatmeal than I did yesterday in my yogurt mess. I did manage to eat it all though! I find it very helpful for me to mix the peanut butter up either in my oats or yogurt mess so it is not starring at me on top. Plus when I mixed it up I am guaranteed a lil taste of peanut butter in every bite ;) This breakfast kept me full a lot longer than my usual yogurt mess usually does. I just need to make sure since I did use more peanut butter at breakfast not to skimp or cut back on something else during the day :/

To let you all now, my first final in Biblical Theology went very well and I just hope the rest of them will be the same! 1 down and 4 more to go.

Well I am off to relax for a bit and then to a lil Christmas party my lacrosse team is having. We are doing an underwear swap :) Can't wait to show you all what I get!

Do you have any Christmas parties to go to this weekend?



Anonymous said...

that's not Taylor Swift

ktbwood said...

wow i cant believe that hair cut!! your breakfast is TOO pretty, yay for oats! im actually going to a bday partayy tonight..have fun at your swap!

Katey said...

OH MY GOSH! I didn't even recognize her! That's crazy! and isn't oatmeal just the best?! It keeps me full so much longer than anything else! YAY for having extra PB! I love swirling it around and mixing it in too :)

findinghappinessandhealth said...

please don't skimp out jenna..it's great that you ate the peanut butter!! have fun at the christmas party :)


Jil said...

The straight hair definitely makes her look more grown up. But she's pretty with curly or straight hair haha. The breakfast looks yummy! and good to hear that your final went well!!

Jenna said...

i know right! isn't that crazy, she doesn't even look like herself! but i love the straight hair on her.

Nutritious is Delicious said...

woooo hooo! Keep rockin those finals girl!

I TOTALLY did not recognize T. Swift at allll!

Oh and I have the exact same bowls...ahh the glorious life of a college student!

Jess said...

I did not know Taylor Swift changed her look! Neat!

Love your switched up breakfast. Mmm! You go girl!
<3 jess

Jocelyn said...

Your breakfast does look pretty...and so does TSwifts hair ;) Glad your biblical theory final went well! Good luck with all the rest!

Melinda said...

Wow- I didn't even recognize her!! And I love your breakfast oats- so pretty and they look yummy :D

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