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Friday, December 11, 2009

Hey guys! You must all be excited it is finally Friday...or you could be like me dreading it is Friday. Well I mean I am happy it is Friday because the weekend begins but finals also start tomorrow :/ Today was Reading Day at my college which meant STUDYING all day. I have my first final tomorrow at 9am sharp in Biblical Theology!
This lil guy has been my best friend for the past 24 hours.
My morning started with a yogurt mess of Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, the last of my Kashi Go Lean with a sliced banana and a dollop of Teddie's Smooth peanut butter on top with milk on the side.
Now I know that is not exactly one tablespoon of peanut butter like I am supposed to be having but I am getting better each day at adding a little bit more. I just keep telling myself baby steps. Slow and steady wins the race ;) A mid-morning snack was definitely needed to keep my brain going so I could study! I love snacktime because I took a lil break from studying to eat my snack and check my texts ;) Today I had an individual pack of peanuts, and yes that would be my study guide I made in the background.After spending practically all morning in the library studying I was ready to get back to my dorm and have me some lunch! I had a turkey wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce, and romaine lettuce along with some pretzels and a Red Delicious with milk. Just look at the crisp apple!
I decided I deserved a lil "Jenna" time since I studied all morning so I relaxed for a bit and watched some t.v. After a lil down time I got back to studying and then a little while later I snacked on a Honey Almond Flax Kashi bar.
This is my first time trying this particular flavor because the dining hall was out of my regular trail mix flavor :( But to tell you the truth they are very similiar to one another, this was was different because it did not have fruits but it had flax!I thought the Honey Alomnd Flax bar was a lil bit harder than the trail mix bar but it was very good. I definitely thought this bar would be PERFECT crumbled up in a yogurt, that would be a perfect snack. Perhaps in the near future? I think so!I like to break my bars up and eat them in lil pieces ;) Ya weird I know!Since I was very camera happy today and didn't want to get back to studying I was doing everything I could to keep me distracted. So I thought I would show you of all my eats I have in my dorm! Let's see, starting from the the green containers I have some snack bars, then we have some pb, Power Bars, pretzels, peanuts, granola, Kashi cereal, oatmeal, Original Puffins and bananas. I am always WELL stocked with food. Dinner tonight was broiled chicken, mixed veggies, and a Harvest dinner roll with milk. I am currently sippin on a Strawberry Boost as I write this post and stalk people on facebook ;) Ya know the usual.

Ok y'all so I hope you liked my post of my eats for the day. I thought it would be good to share with everyone what I eat on a typical day. I forgot to tell you how my nutritionist appointment went while I was at home during Thanksgiving Break. Well first I would like to say it was very much needed and helpful. After an hour of talking with her she answered ALL my questions I had. She worked so well with me to make a meal plan I could follow and would work well with me while at college. I also made an appointment to meet with her over winter break!

She gave me a bunch of stuff to work on, like adding a full tablespoon to breakfast, switch up my foods at meals and snacks (especially meals since I tend to have the same thing), and try to challenge myself whenever possible. But for my snacks I do mix it up a bit. My morning snacks tend to be trail mixes or nuts and I usually have a bar of some sort in the afternoon. I also always have the same thing as an evening snack, a Boost. She said I can and should switch it up and have something else at snacks as long as I am getting in the same amount of calories! Overall it was a relief to meet with her and I can't wait to see her again in a few weeks!

Whew that was probably the longest post I have ever written. But now I am off to watch Say Yes to the Dress all night and study!



Carly in Wonderland said...

yummm strawberry boost?? I bet that ones good. chocolate isnt for me!

Ive been reading the bible all day too.. typical at st a's!

it nice to see ALL your eats and not just your meals. I like this post!

I'm glad your nutritionist apt went well. Its good that you are trying to add pb in even if its not a full tbsp. Recovery is a process! right? I am really glad to see that there is pb though! pb is my FAVORITE. yumm!

Girl, also we need to make that stuff with the chocolate! Will you show how?

Im telling you that you ought to try SOY milk in your cereal and have yougurt on the side one day. It's so good jenna! :) it would be a small tiny little switch up but a huge step!

love you!! and girl i love you and i love your new signature! <3

KT said...

Kudos on the post, but don't believe your nutritionist ok's this, and was so vague. And, sadly I don't believe you drink Boost. It's HARD to drink-you've been struggling and told us, so this just sounds like you are writing what you think we want to hear. I don't want to hear how your "sippin' on boost"-boost sucks. You aren't drinking boost. Just stop the facade. I'm glad I'm not the only one saying it. See, all your efforts are lost when you try and -oh I give up.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will think about seeing a nutritionist who will give you a SOLID plan. Sounds like things are too much in your court-and I don't know, you've been struggling, I don't find snacks easy (or meals) so I guess I don't know if I believe you. I want to but, well only you know.

katie said...

I think you are trying too hard to please the people reading your blog. Just be you. You've been struggling and that is ok-don't write what isn't the case. I personally couldn't go from where you were a few days ago, worrying about adding pb to breakfast to eating snacks and boost. I guess I'm realizing what the other readers are saying.
Girl, this is about YOU and YOUR health.

april said...

Your lunch looks delicious! I had a wrap for lunch!

ktbwood said...

haha i LOVE fb stalking and say yes to the dress! some of those brides are crazy!!

great job with the PB..keep pushing up to a wont make ANY difference, only taste better :) its funny how things like that seriously dont make a difference-its all in our minds

you rock BEAUTIFUL!

Jess said...

I'm glad you got to talk to your nutritionist about things! I know how important that is!!

Yummy eats today! I love your wraps!

You can do this, love!
<3 jess

P.S Love the new blog!!

findinghappinessandhealth said...

i'm glad to see you are eating snacks, jenna! sorry people have been giving you a hard time, but know it is out of concern/care/etc. you have been struggling for too long hun :( u deserve more!! but wishing you the best :) school is almost overr


nutritionnut said...

I totally remember storing my food in my closet freshman year of college : )

~ Hillary @ Nutrition Nut on the Run

Jil said...

Good luck with your exam! I'm sure you'll rock it! Glad to hear your appointment when you were home was a positive one! :) Love the new layout, btw!!

Jo Stockton said...

The Honey Almond Flax bar is the best! I love the big chunks of almond in it. Good luck with your finals!

Jenna said...

i sure hope you all believe, this is TRULY what i ate all day yesterday, no exceptions!
i DO drink Boosts, i used to drink two a day but now i am allowed to drink one a day by my nurtitionist at night. i have been having them for sooo long they are one snack i am very comfortable with! i think liquids are much easier for me than solid foods and i truly do enjoy drinking them, they are quite tasty, but i do hope one day i will be able to switch to something else than a boost with the same caloric and nutritional needs :) hopefully some day soon!

Jenna said...

oh yeah i also forgot to mention this was what i ate with NO exercise whatsoever! just thought i should make that clear as well :)


Anonymous said...

Though I really admire your efforts today -- for some reason I just have trouble believing that you really did eat all of those snacks. As someone who has struggled, I know what it's like to "hide food" and to put on a facade. Trust me, I've been there! We've all been there. And that's why I don't think you realize that you're not fooling us. You were doing such an amazing job when you first began blogging and to be honest, I think you've gotten slightly obsessed with blogging. I think you've begun to care more about attracting readers and receiving more comments than you do about getting healthy and I think a lot of people commenting on here telling you that you're doing "great" and "your food looks so good" is just fueling your ED and making you feel as though you're doing what you need to be doing, when you know that you're not. A part of me almost feels as though your ED THRIVES on the negative comments, because they bring more comments to your blog. I know that deep down you are an amazing girl with a beautiful spirit, but I think through blogging you've attempted to "be like other bloggers" and in the process, have lost some of yourself. You put up a facade that everything is so much easier for you than it really is, and it's so frustrating to the readers (at least to myself) because we know it's not that easy. It's hard! It's painful! and you portraying recovery as something that comes to easily to you and as though you dont need our help is really just frustrating to me.

That being said, I think a little blogging hiatus would do wonders for you. Take a few days off, finish up your finals, go home, meet with your nutritionist, get back on track.. and then come back to blogworld. We will always be here, Jenna. But you really need to put yourself first.

praying for you <3
~ a concerned friend

Jess said...

"hopefully" you will switch it up one day? You say it like you are waiting for it to just happen. YOU need to make it happen.

And I would really hope that you ate those meals with no exercise. It's too little as it is.

That is not even enough for someone who needs to lose weight.

*Naomi* said...

so glad you got a chance to talk to your nutritionist about things, and came up with a plan that works for you! your lunch looks delicious! I always stored my food under my dorm bed in college and had a little fridge that was saaweeeetttt :)

enjoy your weekend Jenna!

Jenna said...

dear anonmymous comment 14,
i totally agree with you, and i definitely think i have become a tad bit obsessed with blogging! i feel as though i MUST post everyday or else my readers will be upset, ya know?
i really appreciate your comment and i think i should no be so obsessed with blogging every single thing i eat every single day!
thanks so much for the advice ;)

Kiersten said...

I have to second EVERYTHING that was said by anon, "a concerned friend". Please take those words to heart. I think she said what a lot of us have been trying to say, I know I've been trying to say. And she said it gently and with kindness and genuine compassion.
with love and concern,

Kiersten said...

Jenna, I just saw your comment to what anon 14 said-I think you should re-read her comment, I at least think you might have missed what she was saying. I don't think she was talking about you posting every single thing you eat-but to be honest about what you do and don't eat-to focus on your recovery and to be hoenst with yourself. Irregardless I think you missed what she was saying. and that saddens me.

I hope you see it.

Someone else who cares

Jenna said...

oh i totally understood what she was saying and i totally agree with her! she put it in such a nice simple manner and i really appreciated her comment!
i should be honest with myself on the foods i eat and not just to impress my readers! honesty is key to recovery :)

bananasun said...

Happy to hear the meet with the nutritionist went well!!

I remember struggling with the 1 tbsp of peanut butter. But after a while, it became easier, and eventually just felt normal, I even lick the knife now after applying the yumminess that is PB (haha) Just keep at it girlie!

You can do it!!

hersweetcheeks said...

Hey girlie! All of your eats look great! I'm sure sometimes it is difficult to have a whole lot of variety of foods when you are living in a dorm, but I think you're doing a great job!

Hope you have a lovely weekend beautiful!

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