The Home stretch

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am happy to announce this week as "The Home stretch." That's right, this week is the last week of classes for the semester and then finals begin. I have my first final this Saturday. Yeah I know, I have my first final on a Saturday! Isn't that weird? But oh well I guess that is just how my school rolls ;)

Today is Monday so by now you should all know it is my day to see Karen for my weekly check-ins. My appointment went well and I also got the H1N1 shot! No flu for me this season...knock on wood ;)

So before my appointment I had a yogurt mess with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, sliced banana, and some Teddie's pb lovin' all mixed together (the way a yogurt mess should be) with milk on the side.

Since I did not have Biochemistry Lab this afternoon for two long hours, your girl Jenna only had two classes this morning, Philosophy and Nutrition! Hollah.

Ok so this morning I was feeling very brave for some weird reason and I actually snapped not 1, not 2, but 3 pics of my snack before my Nutrition class! I was very sneaky when I took the pics because I feel very weird when people see me taking pictures of my food. So with the flash off (obvs) I captured my mid-morning snack, a Kashi TLC Chewy Trail Mix Bar.This was my first time ever having these Kashi TLC bars because I usually have Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Trail Mix Bars. But since my dining hall sells these Kashi bars I might as well just get them there. Right? And plus they are Kashi, so why wouldn't I!Overall I enjoyed this bar. It reminded me a lot like Nature Valley Fruit & Nut bars that I typically eat. This bar was very soft and easy to break apart which I loved. The bar was filled with lots of roasted almonds, fruit, toasted sunflower seeds, and a touch of honey. 'Twas delicious and a perfect snack to hold me over until lunch.
Lunch today was a smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes, along with a Red pear, Food Should Taste Good Potato & Chive chips, and milk.
My dining hall also sells FSTG chips as well! I picked up a bag of these awhile ago and still have not gotten sround to eating them. Everyday as I reach for the pretzels for lunch I notice these chips just sitting there. I had every intention of trying them but I just did not now when but I am glad to tell you today was the day! I faught ED real hard and instead of going for the pretzel bag I grabbed these chips.
This was not the first time I had FSTG chips, the first time I tried them I believe I had the Multigrain flavor and they were great! The Potato & Chive flavor was like a potato chip but a cracker with a hint of chive. If you have never tried these chips you really need to because they are not a chip or a cracker! They are a mix between the two. But to completely understand what I am talking about you have to try them yourself.
Even though I was unable to finish the whole bag of chips I was still proud of myself for having something other than pretzels. I did have a decent amount of the chips, but just not the whole bag.

Red Pear just chillin'.

My whole afternoon was spent working on my study guide for Theology :( I shouldn't really be complaining because instead of having a quiz my professor is letting us create a study guide to pass in rather than taking the quiz, which is MUCH better!

I am currently watching Cake Boss and writing yet another paper for Philosophy. Have a great Monday night :)


Jess said...

Have I mentioned that you may possibly have the best food blogger-esque dining hall in all of America? :D

<3 jess

Jenna said...

haha jess! i have to agree with you on that one ;)
just hope you get a dining hall in college as great as mine!

Anonymous said...

YAY for being on the home stretch!! good luck sugar!! yes you are very blessed w. your dining hall..haha i cant eat at mine anymore.

Anonymous said...

my dining hall sounds those bars & chips too! i've never ahd that particular flavor, mabye i'll try them. good luck wiht your last week! i have a final on a saturday too :-\

Jil said...

Goood luck! So excited to have the end in sight! My school is pretty much on the same schedule, except our exams don't start until Monday...either way...I cannot wait! haha Glad to hear your appointment went well! Oh, and that wrap looks so good!

Jo Stockton said...

A Saturday final? That seems cruel! Then again, my school has weekday finals up until the 23rd, so maybe you're the lucky one here. Have fun writing your paper!

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

I've been meaning to try the trail mix bar.. hmm, perhaps today will be the day!

Good luck wtih finals, lovely lady

bec xo

Katie said...

hmmm, well well well, it seems someone has officially made me jealous with ALL their eats! Wanna come to Australia and make me some yummy food??

Does this mean you get to go on holidays?

Anonymous said...

Sooooo good to see your different food choices, i know i don't know you but from reading your blog daily i am so happy to see you fighting ED today :) Way to go girl!!!

ps you have the best dorm food ever, what the f, when i lived in the dorms at my school we never had good stuff like FSTG chips, only Lays and yuck like that!

Kate G.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are being true to yourself. I've been reading your blog for awhile and I've read the comments-I hope you will one day SOON write a post that is from the heart and that acknowledges what your readers are saying. I think you are losing your readers who genuinely will call you out on your ED behaviors, BUT will support you. I see more comments from people saying how great your "meals" are-your yogurt mess is half of what you should be having and though you say there is PB in it, I don't see it, and when you do show the PB it is on a spoon on top. You aren't fooling the readers who know, who've been there and are TRULY working at recovery. I think you should decide if you want this to be a recovery blog, a Jenna blog (where you are just you and you write honestly), or you want it to be an ed blog because right now you are writing like you want it to be a recovery blog but it is an insult and kind of triggering and disrespectful to those of us in recovery, and those working on recovery AND think about those girls reading your blog who aren't in recovery and see you eat the same thing, every day-if you even eat it. That isn't helpful. Sorry to be so blunt. I doubt I will help you because you will probably just get defensive, though I hope you see how much people are trying to reach out to you-and I've noticed there are fewer comments from the people who seemed to be trying to help you. I hope you can see you are more then-well....I think you know.

Jenna said...

hi anon!
i appreciate your comment on my blog! i am definitely being more honest with myself and my readers!
if i am struggling i will now let my readers know and instead of just pretending everything is going great!
i hope you will still continue to read my blog as i recover on my journey :)

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