First of the season

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well I could not be any more excited to say this but today marks the first snow sighting of the season! Around noontime today I saw the first snowflakes of the season and it made my day. The snow just makes it feels more like Christmas and winter :)

This morning I wasn't really feeling a yogurt mess, can ya believe I actually said that? This morning I was in the mood for a change so I decided to try the last of my Kay's Naturals Protein Cereals! I had the Apple Cinnamon Protein cereal topped with a sliced banana and milk.

The Apple Cinnamon flavor was very good, it was light and airy cereal and had a great cinnamon taste although I did not really taste the apple but overall it was great. The cinnamon flavor reminded me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. After having all three different cereal flavors I must say my favorite was the French Vanilla followed by the Apple Cinnamon and the Honey Almond. All three cereal flavors were great and I will definitely buy these in the future! Thanks so much for the samples Kay's Naturals.
Shortly after breakfast we had a lacrosse team lift at the gym for awhile. Then the rest of my day was fairly unproductive :/ I should have gotten some work done but that is what Sundays are for, right?!
Lunch today was smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes, with a Red Delicious apple and pretzels with milk on the side.Close up blurry pics of my wrap. I must say my dining hall makes great sandwiches and wraps!

Dinner tonight was broiled chicken, green beans & tomatoes, and a Harvest dinner roll with milk.

Have a great Saturday night everyone!

Is it snowing where you live?


Jess said...

Those cereals sound really yummy!

Love your wraps!! I just love turkey wraps :)

<3 jess

Diana said...

Nope, no snow here! We usually don't get a lot here in the south. :) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

start being true-for your own sake and your readers.

wishing you the best. I've been where you are (I'm a new reader by the way)-I found your blog through blogs that I follow, and that really help me and I have to tell you that you sound like me when I'm not "real"-and I read some of your old posts, I hope those wraps were only part of what you ate. The wrap you show now looks like what I eat. Its not easy but I do agree, its obvious if you arent being real. I'm sorry, I'm new but I dont think for a second you have snacks. I am only saying it because it seems people care about you and well, just stop. I started reading your blog and it didn't take too many times for me to feel what ppl are saying. I hope you are ok. Truly -L

Jo Stockton said...

It snowed here for the first time today, too! It usually comes much sooner in the season so I totally geeked out when I saw it start happening. Pleasant surprise. And don't worry about being unproductive--like you said, it's why we have Sundays!

Anonymous said...

girl thanks so much for letting me know that.. im gona edit that!! im follwing you back now!! yay!!!

happy saturday!! hope you did something somewhat fun before exams! i tried to get all my socializing in tonight! haha

Katey said...

YES! it's snowing here and I absolutely love it :) The ski hills are making snow.. i can't wait for winter break!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay so I looked at your cereal, and its only 100 calories how is that a big enough breakfast for someone who is working out and more than that gaining weight. You are eating it looks like less than 1000 calories come on girl, REALITY CHECK!!! your not healthy.

*One Step at a Time* said...

Hi Jenna!
I can't believe it's snowing! For a little while, I thought we were going to get away with no snow til christmas! Haha!
Anyways, I was just wondering if you always get your lunch and dinner to go? I remember a lot of my fun at saint a's was eating dinner and lunch in Davidson with my friends! Enjoy it while you can because soon you won't have a meal plan anymore! :)

JW said...

HI! I emailed you!

Jenna said...

thank you anon for you kind comment.
if you didn't see the other pictures or read that part of the blog i had a turkey wrap with an apple, pretzels, and milk!
what made you seem like the wrap was all i had?

Anonymous said...

jenna you keep dancing around everyone's anonymous posts like how you say that you "have snacks and don't post them" and not answering why the cereal was only 100 calories...instead of fighting back at all the Anonymous posters maybe you should try changing it up a bit? fighting back is ED fighting back, not you.

keep it up girl <3

Jenna said...

i agree with you that i am dancing around these comments by these anonymous readers!
that is why my post to come features some of my snacks :)

Anonymous said...

STILL 100 calorie cereal? Please tell us that your not exercising. I do not believe that your eating snacks, I am sorry.

Jenna said...

girl, i do believe i can have cereal, can't i?!

Anonymous said...

we just had our first snow!!!


april said...

That cereal sounds yummy! Especially the protein content!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anonymous meant that you can't have cereal. I think they were questioning why you are only having 100 calories worth of cereal and not balancing it out with something substantial.

Jenna said...

i agree! but the cereal i had was one serving of cereal despite the calories in it! but i probably should have had something more now that i look back at it!

Anonymous said...

yes since that was breakfast, sometimes one serving is not enough. Your meals look like someones on a diet, not a exerciser who is gaining weight. To be honest i dont think you should be exercising if your still underweight? How is that logical? And by know means cereal is good to eat but eat more sweetie.
Girl you know what you need to eat , DO IT!!! Hey you used to post your snacks (boosts? and such but yyouve stopped, and I believe its because you dont do have snacks, prove me wrong!!!!

Jenna said...

anon, just to make it clear i do not exercise everyday!
annd i will prove you wrong to show you i will fight ED and win ;)
wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna,

I don't want this to sound harsh but I'm just very interested as to why you have a blog. I know that individuals like to post things that they eat but your eats are the same everyday. For someone going through stuggles, like yourself, does the focus on a "food" blog makes things worse for you? Would it be better to just have a blog focusing on toher aspect of your life? I'm very interested in your response and look forward to reading it. Take care.


Jenna said...

i am sorry to hear you don't like reading my blog :(
i try to switch up my eats as much as possible and i love blogging :)

Kiersten said...

You've sounded very defensive in your comments in the past couple posts. I know you've had a lot of comments about what you eat/don't eat/your honesty with your readers (and I would like to think we aren't readers but supporters). You sound like you are defending Ed, to be truthful. I think you are getting so many anonymous comments because people don't want to upset you but really can't hold back any longer-about your wraps not being wraps, about your portion sizes looking SO small, about snacks, about your exercising. Your replies back have been -I don't know, not receptive but defensive. I agree that your blog reads as more of a dieting or an Ed blog. And I completely agree w/ the anons -I wish you the best but you aren't being true to you. You can scream at us, but it isn't changing what you know. We are telling you this because WE HAVE BEEN THERE and some of us are there. I also agree HUGELY with Sarah, I think maybe you shouldn't make this be a "food blog" because as far as a food blog goes, it is all the same. I think your readers will stay if you make it more about YOU. Stop defending what you know isnt true. Start being you. I was wondering where the Boosts/etc have gone also. AND for the record, and I think WE ALL AGREE no one is putting you down for not having snacks or struggling!!!! IT's the opposite, we keep reaching out and commenting (whether as ourselves or anon) because we care and want to help you but clearly see you are struggling. You aren't letting anyone down but yourself. Be true for you, as someone said. You will ONLY get support. It is clear to all of us you aren't doing ok so please, PLEASE admit it to yourself. I know it is scary.
I hope you can accept the support and be honest, even if you are struggling-you will have support.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Sarah said she didn't like your blog, but you don't have a food blog. Your blog is the same pictures of the same foods. I agree, perhaps you should blog about other things AND keep your eats in-we aren't going away, and will support you and it might give you a distraction and help you also try new foods. I have to agree with everyone, I used to see your snacks and if you add pics now of snakcs I will just think you are adding pictures. And your wraps, they look "real" now but I doubt you are eating them, but I hope you are. Changing from an apple to a pear or a wrap to bread isn't changing and if is THAT hard for you then I recommend you go back to treatment at the place you were (though I think I know people from your state and I would recommend Laurel Hill). I think you have to look at the big picture. Do you REALLY want to keep living this way? You are chained down and it isn't fun, that I know. Go get the help you need. THEN you will have a recovery blog-you've made strides but I, personally, think you need more support right now and I will be honest when I say a residential program like that one in your state, Laurel Hill-would be perfect.

I'll keep reading. I hope you put you and your life first.


Jenna said...

hey kiersten,
i agree with you and i do think i was a little harsh on some of these anon comments but i guess i was just so frustrated! i felt like i was letting my readers down and they were getting mad at me :(
i think i need to recognize their comments as help and advice!
and i definitely believe i should be true to myself!!

Jenna said...

I would NOT post food on my blog that i don't eat. i would never post food i would not eat...never.
and what would make you think i don't eat all of my turkey wraps? they are too delicious not to eat!
and i will continue to blog and i will try to switch up my eats as much as possible :)

Kiersten said...

Jenna, this is YOUR blog-your aren't letting ANYONE down. The only way you are going to piss off people, and this is an AMAZING group of ladies (sorry if there are some men here) is not being true-and being true to YOU. You are being given more positive feedback when you would get at any group at Walden, and more support. I know it is hard. Hell I know. We all know. I'm chicken and started a blog but I think made one post. (Jenny will get me on that). Don't be defensive, know that these comments are challenging your ED and your ED is going to be defensive but you have the benefit of going back to reread them, the positive comments, the challenging comments over and OVER and can tell ED to shut the F up. You have it in you to succeed. you WILL succeed. You need to just pull a little more, be true to you. Be honest. You didn't see your nut at home, did you see your nut while you were home? You can email me through FB. you have a LOT of support but you have to trust and take steps-it's scary and it's ok for you to say that and tell us you dont' want to have a snack-I think I can speak for your other readers, we are commenting because we care and want to help you.
oh girl.


Jen said...

I think "K" meant that your wraps looked, well-thin for awhile.

I agree that maybe looking into extra support would be a good idea.

Keep it up-add more cereal!
We are here for you!

(I'm not new, just don't comment)

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