The final two weeks

Friday, December 4, 2009

In less than two weeks I will be HOME again for Christmas Break! I can't hardly wait. But before that time comes I had TONS of studying and work to do :( I am pretty sure the end of the semester is always the craziest and most busy time of the year. I swear all the professors cram in everything in the last final weeks of the semester. I totally agree with Jenny and how are professors are out to get us ;)

My goals for the next two weeks are NOT to get stressed out and to stay calm. I hope I will be able to achieve these goals.

Friday's eats.

Breakfast:Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, sliced banana, and Teddie's pb with milk on the side.

Lunch: Smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with swiss cheese, tomatoes, and romaine lettuce, Red Delicious, pretzels, and milk.

Dinner: Broiled chicken, mixed veggies, Harvest dinner roll, and milk.

Today during classes this morning my mind was going in all different directions and I was beginning to think about all the work I have to do and when it is due. So right when I got back to my room I immediately made a TO DO LIST! I love making lists because I know what I need to do and I like to be organized. I feel so accomplished once I finished the task so I can cross it off the list ;)

I decided to get started on all my work I have to complete since I had some free time. My afternoon consisted of watching a movie on-line for my Philosophy paper I have to write and took some stellar notes.

Well I am off for a relaxing Friday night!


Anonymous said...

No offense, but I'm brought back to Burger King "Where's the Beef?"-Girl? That is NOT a serving of chicken. I think most of us eat five times that for a protein serving at a meal, to maintain (again have you seen yorr nutrit?) I would think you would need 4 oz protein at dinner and that chicken, well it looked like you needed to add a good two pb sandwitches to it. You need to add every day-rather, add and stay consistent.

Anonymous said...

iagree- todo lists are soo helpful!! good luck w/ all your studying- i know how that can be!
just wondering- do you eat snacks? i think it is importnat you do :)


Jess said...

Love the eats today girl--keep on pushing yourself :) You can do it!

Yogurt messes are SO yummmyyy!
<3 jess

Jenna said...

hi anon,
i appreciate all of your anonymous comments but that is indeed a serving of chicken, you can talk to my dining service if you think it is not!
i am not sure who you are talking about when you say most people eat 5 times that much protein at one meal...that would be roughly 15 oz of protein at one meal just to let you know. if someone you know eats that much protein i would love to know.
and yes i see a nutritionist and i am required to eat 3 oz. of protein for dinner.
i am sorry to sound so harsh but that is my meal plan that i am to follow!

Anonymous said...

honey i really don't think you're doing this honesty thing for real. there seems to be no change. im sorry to be so harsh (because i honestly feel your pain i have been there! like so many girls in the blogworld)

it really makes me sad to read your blog nowadays :(

please talk to your nutritionist and believe that all of us out here just want you to do okay, even if these comments sound mean!


Jenna said...

hey kate! i am sorry you think i am not being honest. i would like you to continue reading my blog as i try to stay strong through these tough times! i think i am making small changes! although they might not seem big changes for you but for me they are baby steps!
i appreciate all your advice and i already have another nutritionist appointment scheduled for when i go home :)

Anonymous said...

agree with anonymous 1 and 2. :(

switching from a wrap to bread is not a change, love. you're fooling yourself! i can tell you aren't eating snacks and it worries me to see you post these tiny meals and think that they are sufficient fuel for someone who is "trying to gain weight". it's not fair for all of your readers who are looking to you for support and encouragement. this looks like a diet blog, not a recovery/health blog. you need to be honest with yourself.

Anonymous said...

that is really good to hear :) i think you will see fewer comments from people with concern when (or if) you choose to post more of your eats like you've said before about snacks!
and i will continue to read because i know you will be okay you have so much potential! best of luck with these last few weeks of school, WOO HOO for winter break :)

Jenna said...

hey andshesoff,
for me, switching from a wrap to whole bread is a change for me since i have a WRAP everyday. i know it is not a HUGE change but i think it was definitely a start.
and some of my snacks during the day are:
AM: boost, nuts
PM: gatorade, type of bar (power, luna, clif)
Night: another boost


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're having snacks, girl. i really am. i think sometimes we all just worry because we NEVER see them. you understand? i just want to see you overcome this - i've been there and i promise it's better on the other side!!!!

Jenna said...

hey alyssa!
thanks for commenting, i am reading your blog right now actually ;)
i think one of these days i am going to post EVERYTHING i eat instead of just my meals.
i think everyone will appreciate that a lot!! do you agree?

Anonymous said...

definitely agree. :) it's not that we are trying to hurt you or blame you, WE JUST CARE! we want to see you thrive and overcome this. i know you've got it in you! xoxo

Jenna said...

alyssa! it is just sooo hard. i feel like i have ups and then downs and i just keep going in a circle :/
do you know what i mean?

Anonymous said...

can i e-mail you?

Jenna said...

alyssa of course you can email me :)

Anonymous said...

AMEN girl-these 2 weeks are crazy! actually i only have 1 week left (exams) but it does get stressful..make sure you dont take your stress out on restricting (ive done that before, it happens before you even know it) but i have no doubt youll get it all DONE! keep challenging yourself (foodwise!) youll be so glad!

Anonymous said...

I'm the first anon and I just wanted to say I didn't think that looked like three ounces of protein. Three to four ounces of protein is definitely standard and thats what I was trying to say. It might be a serving in your dining hall but it just doesn't look like a three ounce piece of chicken. This is coming from concern as with the other comments. Maybe not five times that for protein for a meal but more then that for a meal-fats, etc. Again, it was out of concern and trying to help you see things honestly. Good luck. Hope you can see your nutritionist. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

P.S. (first Anon again)-I've been there Jenna, and I know it is painful and I do commend you for putting yourself out there in the blog world but you have to be honest with your readers. We are offering support because we have been, and are there.
Here's to a new day.

Jo Stockton said...

I know what you mean about the last two weeks! We'll push through though, and then we get to enjoy the holidays. What movie did you watch for your class?

Sana said...

I read all the comments that you have been getting. Everyday is a different and a challenge but you can do it.

I am pretty sure no one blogs everything they eat.
I don't.

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